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  • Nope. I mean it. Literally no one ever has ever burned calories moving in rhythm to music. It's weird - rhythmic, repetitive movement? Clearly exercise. Add music - calorie burn immediately stops. That's why they made chain gangs whistle while they work - it let them feed the prisoners less.
  • It is pretty different, and the way you're making your statement sounds like two different misunderstandings. 1. Starvation mode: this isn't a real thing. All calorie deficits will lower metabolic rate, slightly, not enough to prevent weight loss. The proper term is adaptive thermogensis, it won't actually cause fat…
  • You can also increase reward response by denying oneself something. What we think of the reward system chemical, dopamine, is more accurately thought of as the anticipation enhancement neurotransmitter - the more you desire and anticipate a thing, the more dopamine. Absence make the neurotransmitter grow fonder.
  • So like every other addiction, you've managed to detox and remove sugar from your system? I'd like to understand how you did that. OP, I honestly think labeling it an addiction is just a label to avoid dealing with it, and it is probably the worse way of trying to label and deal with it. Food isn't like alcohol, nicotine,…
  • Well, the "songs" are actually books on tape. You can easily burn 500 calories in Tuesdays with Morrie session.
  • 31 calories / pound of body fat / day is from Lyle McDonald doing the conversion from a study: Lyle's explanation: The study is the one you listed, which I believe works in joules and kg like good science does.
  • Your post title seems inaccurate. Given he's not losing weight, no, you're not controlling him, and that seems to be what's bothering you.
  • Well I thought I was, but now I realize I apparently am not. Thanks. It might have been embarrassing if I had answered yes to OP.
  • 500 calories in one dance? It looks like the routine is 25 minutes. There are some activities and intensities that could burn 500 calories in 25 minutes, but a dance routine isn't one of them.
  • Ah heck, I'll admit the truth and raise the average number in this thread. I've lost 120 pounds. I've also gained some muscles so I've lost more fat pounds than that, but that comes from strength training, not strictly calorie counting.
  • OP, don't listen to anyone of these people. The truth is below:
  • Over 1,000 posts and you haven't seen CICO chanted at least two dozen times? Do you just post but not read anyone else's posts?
  • Not fictitious at all, unless you're going to claim human beings are perpetual motion machines. Denying all diets involve CICO is making that claim. Bariatric surgery doesn't cure diabetes. The weight loss that accompanies most bariatric surgery no doubt helps treat diabetes, but that's different.
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