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  • I knew I had been gaining weight my senior year of college, but really didnt care, and I was too stressed with finals/ internships/ job interviews/ planning my after-college move to devote too much worry to the weight gain. Also, my tits had grown quite a bit and I was enjoying that aspect :) It wasnt until looking at…
  • Hello, I am not well-versed on Weetabix and the PDF wont download, but from what you have written it sounds like weetabix is a diet product you have to buy special. I would recommend looking at some of the Stick-ied threads to learn about calorie counting /food choices. There is no need to follow arbitrary rules or buy…
  • Over the past 10 months Ive lost over 30 pounds and am now on maintenance/ recomp, and eating at a mexican restaraunt is a regular occurance for me (at least twice a month). I also drink lots of sugary margaritas while I'm there :) My strategy is to go easy on the chips, and share an entree with my boyfriend. We usually…
  • Agreed with all of the other comments on this thread. Strength training can transform your body and once you start to see results it can be addicting :) I would say start as soon as you can! I personally love strength training and do not enjoy running, so I do 3-4 weight-training exercise days per week, with some…
  • Same here. I weight lift as my main form of exercise, and through my research haven't came across a tracker that is useful for that. Ones that have wrist heart rate monitors are really only ideal for steady state cardio. I use a cheap waist pedometer in conjuction with a free phone app to track my steps.
  • If you are going to use it SOLELY as a step counter, I would recommend downloading a free app for your phone (Pacer syncs with MFP) or getting a cheap old fasion waist pedometer. Save yourself a ton of money. It just depends on what your purpose is.
  • I eat on average between 1500-1800 calories on week days, and estimated 2000-2500 on weekends (I log loosely on weekends) SW: 174 I in June 2015. CW: 143. It can be done :)
  • Am I misreading this? Are you saying you are reducing by 500 cals a day, or that you ONLY eat 500 a day? I hope it is not the latter. That is very unhealthy.
  • Yes. I would suggest weight training. Exercise is also super important for health, your body will thank you :) I was 174 and am now 144, and exercised throughout my weight loss (weight lifting and HIIT) it does wonders for your figure! Start soon :)
  • Instead of thinking about this as your 'diet' remember that this is your life. Sometimes in life you will do great, eat healthy things, and stay at your goals. Some days you will overindulge, have a little too much fun, and go over. As long as you hit your goals more days than not, no need to panic. In a year's time, an…
  • Meat - whatever is on sale (chicken breast, thighs, drumsticks. Ground turkey, pork loin or chops) Veggies-whatever is on sale. Also frozen veggies are great to keep on hand for when you are pressed for time. Even canned are okay for a rainy day. Fruit - ditto for what was said for veggies. Greek yogurt is great, just…
  • Wow we are twins.. SW 174 CW 146 GW 135-140
  • Took the dog on a 30 minute walk then worked in the yard and cleaned the house for about 2 hours
  • My SW was 174 and my CW is 146, at 5'5. I thought my goal would be 144, but now that I am so close I think I may lower it (my original goal was 154, and when I hit that I knew I wanted to keep going). After using some TDEE calculators (Scooby and IIFYM) I recently lowered my MFP goal to .5 pound a week, which puts my daily…
  • Diet and whiskey. Or vodka and water with lemon and lime. Once you get used to it, it's actually quite good.
  • What I do when I roast veggies is use about a half a tablespoon of olive oil, and the rest I supplement with Fit & Active brand fat free Italian dressing (from Aldi). There are only 15 calories for 2 tablespoons, and it gives the veggies some added flavor while keeping them from drying out.
  • For all those with this goal: In July I was wearing size 12 dress slacks and tight size 10 jeans. 6 months and 27 pounds later, I am comfortably wearing a size 6 in both. My advice is to be patient, consistent, and to weight train! It does wonders for your figure! Good luck and don't quit!
  • Haven't updated in awhile, but last night I drank for the first time since NYE (went way too hard that night). I had 4 draft beers. A lot for one night, but glad I held out for a week to do so. Going to practice moderation this weekend.
  • This thread was started September 1st. That gave people 4 months to lose 20 pounds, which is a pretty healthy and attainable goal. One month is not. If I were you, I would shoot for 5 pounds between now and New Years.
  • Well, I have been hovering around 149 for several weeks so I do not think I am going to make my goal, which is okay. My loss rate has slowed significantly as I am nearing my goal, plus I lift weights, so NSVs are becoming more and more important as I am more in a recomp phase right now. I think my revised goal for January…
  • Went out and got margs with the bf last night. Definitely felt it this morning.
  • Wearing my size 6 NY&CO dress pants today, and a shirt I used to wear my senior year of high school
  • AF tonight!
  • Not panicking over the scale gain from thanksgiving weekend. Instead focusing on success for the week: prepping food, packing lunches and gym bags, and putting the pedometer back on.
  • On Wednesday I was 147.8 (my lowest weigh in) and this morning I was 151. 8. Going to let any water weight settle before I start panicking lol that's what I get for all the beer this weekend
  • Name: Liz Age: 22 Height: 5' 5 Start Weight (1st December): 150 Goal Weight (1st January): 146 1st December: 150 8th December: 15th December: 22nd December: 29th December: 1st January: Weight lost/gained this week: Weight lost/gained this month: Successes/struggles this week:
  • Sober sally tonight. BF knew I was stressed and tried to pour me a glass of wine but I refrained. I got to eat the chips and salsa I had been craving instead
  • Def worth it! Fun for a few days, but not how I want to live 90% of the time