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  • Another expert self appoint expert on my diet! I wasn't fasting at all when I lost the weight by cutting sugar. I also explained this before, if you fast but eat back the calories you missed, it isn't calories reduction. This is easy to do if I just skip supper, it is a bit harder when I skip breakfast since my supper is…
  • You are the one with the pessimistic view point! Your claim is that only calories matter, what a grim outlook. Under eating is the only way to lose weight in your view. That is pessimistic. Cutting refined sugar was easy. Living on reduced calories is much harder. I'm thankful that my body responds so positivity to cutting…
  • 49.3 kg @ 1.55m is a BMI of 20.5. Low ... but not 19.8.
  • So you have figured out what works for you. That is good, but it doesn't mean the same will work for someone else.
  • Life is a medical condition. We all have issues, even newborns.
  • Stair climbing 300 floors in a day? I've done over 200 but no where near 300. Wow!
  • Snacking wasn't common at least where I grew up. Supper was early and then nothing until breakfast. That was pretty standard. Everyone dose intermittent fasting to some degree, most of us just call it sleeping.
  • Keep mind too that the calories are just an estimate. It is an estimate of your RMR, and estimate of what is in the food, and exercise is a real estimate. If you are good a physics and calculate how much work you actually do, you might be surprised how few calories are actually needed.
  • I actually was consuming more calories because I added a lot of healthier foods to my diet, rather high in heathier fat. There isn't very many calories in sugar compared to fat. Also I added complex carbs at my doctor's request which have similar calories to sugar. I had started out to make a calorie deficit but decided…
  • Wow I never saw this before ... This is a great challenge!! More power to all that are giving up the snacking!
  • What you are saying has nothing to do with if exercise will help you lose weight. Often exercise leads to weight gain, even if you lose body fat. Lean mass is heavier. Conditioned muscles hold more glycogen. You generally consume and retain a lot more water if you exercise, etc, etc. Oh, please keep your poop to yourself!…
  • Trying on some smaller pants and finding out I still needed to go a size smaller. Next size down is what I worn in high school.
  • @abneyhakeem89 you really should see a doctor. Chest pain can be many different things but at your weight you are putting a serious stress on your heart. It is great that you are starting to take action. You have a lot of hard work ahead of you.
  • You can't really control how much energy your body uses or how your body uses your food. (No matter of how many games you make out it!) :smiley:
  • @KwonJiYong69 I don't think you find many people here that will accept what you saying at face value. Don't let it get to you. There are very wide variations between people and you have to figure out what really works for you. I was stalled and even gaining a little for two years and also suffering from horrible hunger. I…
  • Form the web it sounds like a calorie restriction diet. It moves a person away from sugar and more towards a low carb, higher fat diet. It basically really cuts carbs and a few other random things like coffee. Cutting sugar has been amazing helpful to me. For me added sugar drives hunger and makes me miserable. In May I…
  • Sleep can be a major problem. Too little sleep causes too much cortisol. Cortisol causes your liver to release glucose into your blood stream and that drives higher insulin levels. It really works against losing fat. However it sounds like you have lost a HUGE amount of weight. A month isn't that long, I bet your weight…
  • Don't push it on you? You did the posting storm. 3 or 4 post about one post?
  • In fact for about 5% of people that diet, calorie reduction seems to work well long term. Most of us have to struggle with it. You should count your self lucky instead of just implying that others are lazy gluttons. Well I only worked my pullups into the 40's, maybe if I was able to 100 or 200 pull-up that would have make…
  • I sure don't remember seeing you those two years. You simply have no clue what you are saying.
  • Why? Long term studies of diets show they don't work. In most cases people lose weight for about six months and have regained it within a year. Anyway argue with a medical doctor if you want. http://eatingacademy.com/nutrition/do-calories-matter Peter Attia, M.D. was doing massive amounts of exercise before he realized…
  • Sure if you sleep 12 hours a night. In the modern world, many people sleep less than 7 hours a night. That causes multiple problems. * It doesn't let your fasting levels of hormones get as low as they should be. * It greatly increases cortisol which in turn causes more insulin to be produced. Not enough sleep can…
  • Exercise doesn't prevent plateaus and in-fact you can gain weight from exercise pretty easily. I spent two years working out harder and harder. I got a bit slimmer but gained 2kg (5lbs) over those years. Many days I was doing 1000+ kc workouts. When you workout you build lean body mass and have a host of other changes in…
  • It is actual pretty easy to gain weight from exercising and in fact that happens when your body is working well and one is in reasonable shape. Additionally many people overeat using exercise as an excuse to eat more. Finally it takes an awful lot of exercise to equal a pound of fat. (Typically more than 10 hours of it for…
  • Did two more days but nothing close to the 256 I did yesterday. Awesome job @gw186! Day 23 (180s) - did 180s ... Day 24 (210s) - did 212s ... at least I held on for 2 extra seconds.
  • I think it is a real risk of using a calorie deficit diet. It probably depends a lot on the type of foods eaten but the ASD is pretty horrible if someone just reduces the calories. I'm really starting to lean towards believing that just eating all meals but fewer calories is dangerous for my health. There is a lot of…
  • I guess one thing bad about making moving a game is it tends to push the idea that all you have to do is move more. Exercise is important but it isn't always so great for weight loss.
  • Day 22 (180s) I did 256s in one plank. It seems doing a plank or two everyday is starting to help my planking. However, my middle was pretty sore for a few hours.
  • 9/1 - 16,702 9/2 - 15,808 9/3 - 22,188 9/4 - 20,362 9/5 - 21,555 9/6 - 25,072 9/7 - 15,709 9/8 - 22,636 9/9 - 19,764 9/10 - 23,104 9/11 - 12,730 ... I needed a break 9/12 - 21,089 9/13 - 20,018 9/14 - 20,179 9/15 - 13,496 ... Injured heel 9/16 - 18,910 9/17 - 12,290 ... Still hurting 9/18 - 19,440 9/19 - 1615 ... Giving my…
  • Hmmm ... I do it some, but it is just for the competition aspect. I don't see a problem with it because before I was doing that, I would make up my own games while exercising to help me through. Face it, some workouts aren't that exciting.