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  • I feel so understood! When my 4 year old thought I was all about the vegetables, I felt like maybe she didn't truly know the real me. I had been a heavy kid and yo-yo dieted pretty hard from my teenage years onward being 80lbs heavier at my highest weight. For me, I would say a lot of it is self-doubt. There's a part of me…
  • Cooked celery and eggs. I'll only eat them scrambled. Just the sight of runny eggs turns my stomach.
  • How loose skin on the belly can feel. My kid was sitting on my lap and I had to have her scoot over a smidge since her weight was pinching my lower abdominal skin. Sometimes I feel a weird pulling sensation when I lay on my side. Hopefully it'll go away with time.
  • My brain thing is a bit glitchy too. I could be way off the mark for you, but I'm about 10 lbs (maybe?) to goal. I've been heavy since I was 5 and have been watching my weight since 9. Sometimes I think "Who am I if I'm not trying to lose weight?" I've always been in the process of doing that and what happens when I…
  • 15grams net carbs per serving (4servings) ... I don't do keto, but I still like it
  • My mom is a very critical person (but also caring most times) as well. She thinks she "tells it like it is". I went on crash diets when I was younger based on what she or a classmate said. If I could go back in time I would give myself a hug and not to listen to all that noise. That's what you should try to do. If you want…
  • I saw these at the store and they were pretty tasty. Cons: the cake sticks to the wrapper a little and they were $3.50
  • Years ago I had a habit of going through the drive-thru after work. It was hard stopping at first, but now like the above said, I don't miss it too much. As someone that has a bit of a frugal streak, I like to look at the bill. I can make 3 or 4 meals with food from the store for the same price as a burger, fries, and…
  • My underwear was a bit loose but as a yo-yo dieter I've been really slow about buying a lot of new clothes. I get up before the sun comes up and put on underwear then yoga pants. After my gym session, I needed to be somewhere else. I changed into a skirt and as I'm walking I think these undies are quite loose. Crossing the…
  • I like the average pic... Looks like my hubby. In a certain light you can see a hint of v but no abs. I like a bit of softness!
  • I've found my people here on MFP! Unfortunately pre portioning or freezing certain desserts doesn't work for me. Once, I nearly broke my teeth on some frozen fudge. Bought a variety pack and convinced myself I could have one or two pieces a day. Finished a toddler sized shoe box full of fudge in 2 days. My dad is the same…
  • Thanks guys. I appreciate the responses. It's good to know it's a fairly common problem. I try to buy single serving things for this reason however no one seems to sell certain things I love like single slices of pecan pie lol. Yes, I will definitely log everything even though I'm not fond of over negative 1000 calorie…
  • Salmon with hoisin glaze, roasted asparagus, and white rice. Salmon from the pinch of yum blog
  • I know this is an old thread, but was wondering if anyone had continued success treating their psoriasis through diet. I have had eczema for years but these new plaques on my trunk now point to psoriasis. Before starting a biologic that can affect my immune system, I wanted to try to clean up my diet. I had been eating a…
  • Hi! I love to cook and am always on the lookout for meal ideas. Hope I can be of encouragement to you too!
  • I'm currently the smallest I've ever been in my life. The holidays have always been tough for me so I'm just going to focus on maintaining and getting stronger this month. My goal is to be able to do stand up paddle boarding. Tried awhile back and I wasn't strong enough to get on. I took advantage of some black Friday…
  • Yesterday my 3 year old and I were at the neighborhood playground. There was a big family with lots of kids (brothers, sisters, cousins). They all had to leave just as my daughter was having fun with them. She sat there at the top of the slide and said "Everyone has to leave. I guess I have to play by myself." Being an…
  • I love a salad with a light peanut dressing. This one's my fave.
  • You must feel amazing! Go you!
  • The other day I took my 3 year old to Urban Air kid's gym. I had dutifully hung out in the toddler section with her where she stayed for quite awhile. All of a sudden she makes a run for the older kids section. I chase her as she runs toward the ball pit marked for kids at least 42 inches. She fearlessly jumps in and I get…
  • I'm trying to figure out my sense of style as an older millenial (38). Maurice's and Loft are my favorites and fall styles are in (yay!). I like a slightly form fitting top with a cardigan and jeans. The cardigan hides the parts I'm working on. I buy online sometimes but women's sizes are so different between brands that…
  • Wow! You really do look great!
  • Sounds like you are doing so well. Don't stop! What are the latest games out these days? I confess I stopped at wii but I would be the lone adult trying to play Dance Dance Revolution at an arcade lol
  • My childhood experiences with food have been on my mind lately lately especially having a 3 year old and witnessing my mom trying to get my daughter to join the clean plate club. Perhaps this thread is the perfect place to unload. I never had food insecurity (my mom did growing up in the Philippines), but I do feel…
  • You look so healthy and happy! No doubt it took work to get where you are. Amazing job!
  • That's awesome! You look very healthy and happy!
  • Same! Collarbone sticks out so much too but the thighs won't slim down. I'm trying more squats to firm them up, but we have to work with what we are given. Sigh.
  • Love the colors on your tat! Beautiful!
  • I have Beach Body and I alternated between Cize and Country Heat when I first started working out. With both workouts they go over the dance moves prior to putting them all together. It's a little repetitive, but it's kind of satisfying putting the moves all together at the end. The name of the dance move and the workout…