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  • Way to go AnnPT77!! I'm in my mid 60"s. I've always been active. We went camping a lot growing up & I water skied. I was active just raising 4 kids, I wasn't overweight then. We would all go walk the dogs together, ride bikes regularly together, play badminton regularly.As they got older, I took a tennis class & loved…
  • we don't have real cold winters where I live so I do walk my dogs every morning but they're getting older & can't walk the miles as before so I supplement my walk with "walk at home" with Leslie Sansone on you tube. it's fun & good exercise. Also have weights at home
  • swiss chard sauted in beef broth, I recently made red chard & it's SO good! I used different greens to make my green "juice" but wanted to eat them cooked too
  • a while back I asked how & if I can saute veggies without using oil/fat & ya'll said I can use broth. I want to thank you, I've been doing that & the red chard is especially delicious
  • did you mean 170? you look great
  • thank you all for the advice, I will try those today, the broth saute & the blanch & see which we like more. I'll add some baby bok choy I have too
  • I have some kale, spinach(love spinach) & red chard which I use as the base for my green "juice" I make in my nutribullit, but I'm wanting to cook them instead somehow. what is a good way without using too much oil to saute & are kale & red chard good tasting for this?
  • @swimmom_1 wow, that's awful, I'm glad you are on the mend. It's remarkable how a "small" fall can cause so much damage & sometimes bigger ones don't I once fell while walking my dogs flat on my face, it was a piece of blacktop coming out of the street I tripped on. I was using both my arms holding 4 leashes & went…
  • I went to the link you posted AnnPT77, thank you for sharing that. I haven't posted here for a while & not really regularly when I was but this is my favorite group & I do read through the posts & catch up now & then. I just havent been on mfp much besides logging & didn't even log for a while. I finally started losing a…
  • speaking about clothes...I still haven't lost the 17lbs I gained over the last year so I'm going to buy 2 new pants & will save the smaller sizes I have in hopes of them fitting again but I'm not going to stress over it. This may be the size I'll stay though I've been working on it for a while now
  • it's always good to discuss things with your kids, any family member really & keep an open dialog continuously making it "safe" to be able to discuss anything
  • I do hope she'll be home very soon @alteredsteve175 & stays well. It's always hot as hell during the summer here in central California. Fortunately this year it doen's feel too hot in our house. One of our sons put up new drywall in our kitchen last November & sprayed texture on it. It looks beautiful plus that part of the…
  • when I started using mfp, it really opened my eyes. I didn't think I could ever lose weight because: i didn't drink soda, very rarely ate fast food or eat out, rarely ate "junk food" or sweets at home, ate mostly chicken but also liked sausage, pork etc ate vegetables & rice, I loved potato chips & would get a bag every…
  • I love 0% plain greek yogurt & have it every day mixed with couple Tbl of cool whip then add low sugar hot cocoa mix & sometimes a serving of milk chocolate chips, or a serving of jam or some of the 0 claorie powder drink mixes, or protein powder, pb2 powder or nothing. Tastes like a mousse but I have to have it every night
  • Do any of you follow "half size me" on you tube? I find it very helpful
  • eating out (most places) is full of salt & fat & not good for you-very unpopular
  • The hot summer is here so I've been putting my dinner on a huge bowl of lettuce for dinner
  • I'm on the plain greek yogurt bandwagon
  • I have a friend who I walk our dogs with every weekend & her Dr told her since she had cancer to wear a mask at all times. I stated going back to the gym about 3 weeds ago which required masks but a few days ago it was no longer required so it was 50 50. I usually go when there's not many ppl anyway so I didn't wear a mask…
  • This year I've been losing & gaining the same 3 lbs. This time I'm determined to keep going. It's easier to track when I eat 1 ingredient foods like a ground turkey patty, piece of chicken & veggies but today I'm making chili verde in the crock pot ( weighing the pork will be easy) also making lentil stew. I did save it in…
  • I prayed for you & your wife as well Steve
  • Hello everyone, I've been away from this group for a while but I really missed yall & am back. I've maintained my 17lb weight gain for a year now since mfp gave me 1200/cal/day in order to lose 1lb/wk, which i couldn't live on & am barely getting back to exercising after some physical issues & also issues with my dog who…
  • It's too hot to cook this week, 109-112 degrees so I'll be defrosting the lean ground turkey patties I froze. I'll cook them in a pan(or air fryer) with a little olive oil, garlic, maybe onions & serve them up with veggies or make turkey burgers with some air fryer fries I might also make meat balls out of them
  • yes, from what I read over & over, you can add up how many calories you should eat in a week & eat within that amount. If you go to your home page & reports, it will show you how much you ate in a week. It's called weekly digest
  • Hello, I haven't posted on here for a long time, but recently came back to catch up on reading your posts. I've been "okay" family changes have been going on but everyone's settled & ok now. 2 of our sons & families had covid(we have 3 sons & 1 dtr), our dtr & her 4 kids moved out of state to live with her oldest brother,…
  • I've been getting friends requests where the person's picture is scantilly clad women in nasty positions. Got another one today. Glojilly, 2 of my kids live in Texas. I'm glad the ice is melting there
  • I usually have this sandwich every morning: english muffin with 3g butter, egg makers(3Tbl), slice of velveeta cheese & either 4 thin slices of ham lunchmeat, 2 jimmy dean turkey breakfast sausage patties or some bacon. I usually have a small snack for lunch...I eat breakfast at lunch & fills me up till dinner. For dinner…
  • you did a fantastic job!! also thank you for mentioning the optical part. I lost 50lbs & couldn't figure out why my eyesite changed, I'm guessing it's the weight loss
  • This dessert always fills me up: 170g plain non fat greek yogurt, (100 cal) 4 Tbl of cool whip(50 cal) & 1 packet of swiss miss hot cocoa mix(no sugar added) 60 cal oh, I also add some chocolate sprinkles on top
  • I believe the same as KHMcG, I was a hopeless alcoholic when Jesus came into my life & gave me hope & a new life and a different way of thinking so that no matter what, & I lived through some very disturbing & stressful circumstances, I always had hope at the tail end of despair. Life isn't easy but there's an underlying…