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  • If I lay in bed all day, I would not lose weight on 1200. My maintenance with being active and having quite a bit to lose is just above that.
  • My husband is a restaurant manager and he co-signs this although increased wages play a role too. He does not control salaries though. The regional managers do. Here in California the minimum wage was recently increased and even before that, many entry level restaurant positions were hiring at $18 an hour. They are still…
  • Based on your step count, you are very active.
  • Restaurant food prices have increased dramatically. I’m sure that is due to a combination of reasons including increased transportation costs due to increased fuel prices, increased price of good, and increased wages.
  • How long have you been on the medications since you said you were recently diagnosed? They don’t work overnight. Give it several weeks to see if they are working. There are some things you can do to possible improve it and get off meds including quitting smoking if you do, reducing caffeine if you drink to excess, reducing…
  • My comments and opinions are based on evidence and scientific research. That’s where the medical community gets it’s standards. Promoting diets high in animal fat to someone wanting to lower their cholesterol is irresponsible.
  • You don’t have to do low carb if you are diabetic. The amounts of carbs eaten with other foods and the types of carbs matter though. I agree with others who recommended talking to your doctor and an RD. I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy recently and managed it with diet eating a higher carb diet. I found that…
  • I didn’t cite any studies. Generally speaking, eating oil is not filling for most I would bet. I never said olive oil is not healthy. I said it has no magic properties for weight loss. Usually, calorie dense foods like oil are not good for weight loss.
  • What i said is true for the majority of people, and to be honest, most people I have observed are eating tons of animal fat on keto and little fiber. Generally speaking, diets high in saturated fat are bad for managing LDL cholesterol. That is a fact and I stand by it along with the vast majority of the medical community.
  • Yes this is true.
  • Many of those sources you mentioned are plant based. I mentioned healthy fats as being beneficial in my initial post, and that includes fat from fish. I specifically mentioned saturated fats being bad for cholesterol. I’m not sure why you are trying to argue because you actually proved my point just now. Having beliefs…
  • Oil and butter are not filling at all, imo. Yes, your advice was bad because it has no basis in science. It is not rude to say that.
  • This post was specifically about LDL and no cardiologists are recommending diets high in animal fat for improving one’s numbers.
  • No one is saying all fat is bad. I love olive oil too but as a small person with a low calorie budget, I would not be full at all if I wasted 10% of my daily calories on a TBSP of oil. It has no magic properties for weight loss so your advice was bad.
  • Dr. Fung is a poor example as are the Frontline doctors who are in the news spreading bad information about covid. I mentioned evidence based research which is what my post was based on. The general opinion of the medical community based on research studies holds more weight than your opinion.
  • Advice from doctors is valuable because it is based on evidence based research. Just because someone loses weight on the Keto diet, it doesn’t make them healthier. There are many skinny people having heart attacks.
  • Cancer has claws.
  • This is the general consensus in the medical community and recommendations from cardiologists. Ask the vast majority of medical providers what they recommend to lower cholesterol and it will be to consume less animal fat, period. Yes, fat loss is helpful but some people can still harm their body consuming so much animal…
  • Dietary cholesterol does not increase your cholesterol. Saturated fat does.
  • I hope you don’t mind me chiming in. I work with a few cardiologists regularly and have asked them about this. They have told me that high HDL in women is excellent. If that’s the reason her total cholesterol is high, then she does not need medication as long as her LDL is within a good range.
  • Some foods known to decrease LDL are healthy fats like walnuts and foods with soluble fiber like oatmeal and apple with the skin on. Studies have been done on people who eat nuts daily, and they tend to have higher HDL and lower LDL than others. Just be careful because nuts are calorie dense. Try to eliminate animal fats…
  • 12 lbs a month is 3 lbs a week which is a massive loss. You need to adjust your expectations. This rate of loss is huge and not sustainable long term.
  • They will not help with weight loss in any way but they do have lots of nutrients. If you don’t eat many fruits and vegetables, juices and smoothies can be a good way to get those foods into your diet.
  • Congratulations on the great loss!
  • I just harvested a bunch of lettuces and broccoli. I have been eating a lot of salads lately.
  • Oh no! Where do you live? My husband and I set up a grow tent in our garage for marijuana. It is great. I think if I lived in a freezing climate I might do the same but for veggies and herbs.
  • Why? She is a small person. I weigh 20 lbs more than her and my goal to lose 1/2 lb a week is 1200 also.
  • Low carb doesn’t work for everyone. For some, eating a lot of protein is unappetizing and not filling. That way of eating tends to be lower in fiber too which can cause digestive problems for some.
  • I agree with the others who suggested that calorie burn for a 30 min walk is very inflated and likely inaccurate.