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  • Tracked logged and just made it had lunch with 2 good friends from high school who were back home visiting a struggle to stay under calories but I did. Did some rowing this evening but now I know it in my shoulder I hope I didn’t undo what was feeling better. Maybe better stick to spin and walking!
  • I have a walking buddy at work when I go to the office we usually walk at least 45 minutes and cover a little over 2.2 miles. Sometimes I walk alone and it is good to clear your head. Maybe I will make my own walking challenge this month where would I go in my are? Maybe I could walk to the camp ground we went to this…
  • Well done to all!
  • @jamcnewman take care Julie get all the rest you can and do only what you can you got this hang in there
  • The end of another month hopefully October will be a more productive month for me but overall I am pleased with how Sept has gone now to continue to move ahead.
  • Remember… we are all winners in our own way. Tracked logged and did more firewood stacking if it’s any indication of the coming winter then…
  • Snacking at night is also an issue since our kitchen is on the main floor and master bedroom upstairs I will often get a drink and go up and stay there unless the dogs need to go back out. Popcorn is a snack i prefer sometimes some nuts but that is usually afternoon. Good luck maybe incorporate into the days totals
  • @LazyBlondeChef Hope you feel better today I think we all have had similar days sometimes we just need it to re charge our bodies. @jjlbrick Pumpkins on a bike?? How many? Good for you to be able to get around on your bike I would love to but it would be a fast ride down and very long and slow to come home!
  • Accountability. Challenge yourself. Do you dare? I do, I have been a member of this challenge for a long time and the support advice and encouragement is astounding from this group of individuals. No matter where you are in your healthy journey this group is the place to be. I have lost a fair amount of weight before this…
  • A winner
  • Really nice lunch time walk a little slower as a good breeze coming around the bend of the race track but overall a nice fall day. I want to say that I do hope all of our UAC friends that live in the Florida area and now some other states on the coast are and will be ok we are pulling for you. Tracked logged and just made…
  • Busy day work and exercise did spin 2x functional attend work tai chi and meditation. Trying hard to make better choices I always feel the first couple of days to make good choices are the most difficult. Tracked and logged
  • Sounds good for me this month
  • Good day tracked logged did my spin and meditation. Waiting for Oct. challenge to post maybe I missed it
  • Definitely a sweet tooth especially candy by the way the jar and I came to an agreement…hubby helped eat some and I ate a little less. I try to have something sweet a day a protein bar some are rather healthy. Ice cream is another favorite but I have learned if it’s not in the house I won’t go out of my way to get it.…
  • Thanks all for the suggestions saw my new pcp today and we spent a fair amount of time on diet exercise and nutrition. I came away armed with new knowledge 1. I am shorter then I thought. She said most folks have an inaccurate height measurement due to how the measurement is done so with that said it puts me in a different…
  • Well fast approaching October I do hope to have a more productive month maybe I just need to look at what I accomplished not what I didn’t get accomplished. Let’s see my meditation still happens each morning, I still log and track my food and I have a new day to try again I guess I can’t ask for more than that but will be…
  • Most of my exercise is spinning or rowing so there is not much change the exception is the lunch time walk as it gets colder and snowier I find myself walking alone more. That’s good as it does give me time to think. There is still October which has been really nice here the last few years so hopefully a mt bike ride or…
  • @SummerSkier thanks I try to eat a variety of foods. @jmu1965 I log most of my data on my iPhone so I can share that way should they want to see. @LazyBlondeChef I also manipulate my calorie intake some times up some times down it works for the most part. Thanks for the suggestions I do weigh food about 25% of the time and…
  • I am beginning to think that I have reached my “maintenance ” weight a term I really don’t like for some reason. I guess I prefer “holding my own”but it’s seems that no matter what I try I stay between a cluster of 160-163 I would prefer the 155-159 range. Ideas? Things that worked for you? I have increased my spinning,…
  • Tracked logged stayed under much yard work since the weather is turning cooler I don’t want to say colder just yet. I try hard not to trash talk myself but sometimes one needs to be honest with one’s self and really look at their behavior in order to make changes.However the trash talk can’t go on for long periods of time…
  • ✅✅✅
  • @jancnewman Wising you the very best of luck!! I remember my mom doing that when I moved out years ago !!
  • @SummerSkier that was suppose to say presents not parent’s lol my finger is too big for my phone
  • The candy jar for those who saw the pic and I are fighting…I would like to think I am winning but not so sure at this point. I tracked and logged came in well under did some strength work and spinning twice today. Will be back to check in later for cheer leading
  • @SummerSkier I do hope that the booster parents no reactions other than a lumpy shoulder let us know
  • @Ralthor125 Awesome job!!! Such a wonderful feeling you must be so excited, keep up the great work and cherish each day spent with mom.
  • Nice walk at lunch a cool fall day. Candy jar still causing problems but almost empty. Tracked and logged
  • All three done and a lunch time walk
  • A good day exercise wise tracked my food could have made better choices but done for the day I think I have a m&m overload hopefully I can be able to keep my hand out of the candy jar!