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  • You're the ideal weight for your height, so I'd just buy bigger shorts :)
  • Omelettes or noodles take literally 2 minutes. Throw some frozen broccoli in there and add a peanut butter sauce with fruit for dessert, a healthy meal. So many stews, casseroles, soups and pasta bakes can be refrigerated and eaten throughout the week (pasta's healthier reheated). I assume you don't live close by?
  • Billy Connolly does the blood type diet, the sort of thing I'd thought he'd mock. I'm waiting hopefully for the next shock scientific twist, that sugar's actually good for you, and vegetables are bad.
  • I hadn't seen my brother for a few months. Notice anything? I said. Er.... new haircut? No! I've lost 50 pounds. Oh, now you mention it... :D As you say, family are quick to notice when you've put it on. Tbf to my bro, he's the type that if I had a skinhead and wore a dayglo pink jumpsuit he probably wouldn't say anything.…
  • Getting older will sort out the male attention thing quicker than being fat, haha. Only downside I've noticed to losing weight is having a crepey tummy instead of a smooth one. "Your morning breath will be just horrific!" That got hundreds of likes, but it's not something I've noticed, and no evidence to back it up. Why…
  • Why would an ethical vegan want to discourage other people from going vegan? That's a first.
  • What are your goals? To look better? To go down a dress size? To be healthier? Fitter? Write down what they are and work towards that.
  • Not really sure what maintenance is, but after losing weight steadily for a year I seem to have plateaued, so maybe staying at this weight will be maintenance. It's a little heavier than I'd like, but in the middle of the healthy range (I'd like to be at the lower end but I'm not going to push it). It's been an interesting…
  • Pan, water, boil for 10 minutes, et voila! Not even joking, tried frying, roasting, but still prefer the simplest, lowest calorie method.
  • What's the benefit of doing 200 repetitions of anything? Isn't sometimes less more (said hopefully)? If I do 20 squats I feel like I'm doing a lot...
  • You must feel much healthier though? Being able to move, sit and get up comfortably compensates for loose skin surely?
  • I don't know what half of these are.
  • Building muscle is supposed to help.
  • I had to google clean eating and macros so yeah, I'd say you are over-complicating things! I don't know what you eat, but I've lost 4 stone mainly by slashing my sugar intake, so that's quite a simple diet. Sometimes trying new foods can help. I've got much more into cooking, and try new recipes instead of eating the same…
  • You've probably been suggested these sort of stretches already, but they really helped me when I put my back out. They were sort of miraculous at the time, as I could barely walk before I did them. That was acute back pain though, not chronic like yours. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/lower-back-pain-exercises/
  • Why are you "desperate" when your weight is fine for your height? The thinner and closer you get to your target weight, the harder it gets to lose weight, obviously. Even if you never lose any more weight from now on, would it really matter?
  • A lot of this food is quite unusual to me so it's funny that Americans would be puzzled by a hobnob. I believe most British diets are at least 50% hobnob.
  • What's PT? Can people add the time their workouts take out of interest? I'm sure some of these would take me 2 hours.
  • Recondition your mind to think of sugar as poison, like tobacco. I don't know if you're a smoker, but if not, look at and think of chocolate or sugar like cigarettes, just don't buy it, if you do buy it, bin it, and certainly don't have it in the house. If it is in the house, throw it out! I'd recommend going cold turkey…
  • I thought Elisa meant getting all the crap food out of the house.
  • I used to eat home made soup but people think that's weird for some reason... I never used to eat breakfast because I'm rarely very hungry in the morning, but then I fell for the you have to eat breakfast propaganda and now I've stopped now it's out of fashion again. Having full fat milk in your coffee or tea is supposedly…
  • I have no idea but here's some objective medical advice and they should know. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/constipation/
  • Thromboplastins
  • Don't have sugar, snacks, treats or junk food or sugary drinks in the house. If they're not there you can't binge on them. Good for your kids too, means it's harder for them to get into bad habits early on.
  • I'm surprised the majority say they are. I've always hated mine, even when I was young and skinny (I was TOO thin then). I remember Cindy Crawford saying the body part she hated was her knuckles. Imagine being so beautiful that you only have to worry about your knuckles, or even being aware of them at all!
  • Has anyone else lost a ton of weight just by giving up sugary drinks? Every time I do that I lose at least 30 pounds. But I do love those sugary drinks...
  • https://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2017/05/fitness-trackers-accurately-measure-heart-rate-but-not-calories-burned.html Fitness trackers don't measure calories burned so they're pointless in that respect. Anyway, by far the most important aspect in losing weight is what you eat and drink. So you'll have to learn to love…
  • The best tip is not to have any unhealthy snacks in the house. If you don't have great willpower as you admit you don't, you won't be able to resist them, no matter how "out of the way" you put them. So sugar, chocolate, sweets, crisps, cakes, biscuits, get rid of them all, then you can't have them. No sugary drinks…