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  • True.. not being in control of what I'm eating (we are staying with my parents for three weeks and I've only managed to be allowed to cook one meal) is a total mind-kitten. I ended up buying breakfast ingredients and my mother had a meltdown but I decided I was going to eat one meal "normally". I made a lentil curry NY day…
  • Ditto. This was certainly a learning experience. I've learned heaps about my triggers, and what I need to keep out of my pantry!
  • Yep. Definitely. I stopped logging for a week (deliberately) but was careful with what I ate. Found myself mentally logging anyway! Looking forward to starting again at a deficit. Not weighing for a few weeks relationship with my scale is not a good one. If I see any "damage" I'll be disheartened. I'll weigh on…
  • It's NY Eve here. Hope everyone had a good Christmas, and here's to a new year of calorie counting, friendship, support and weightloss. Looking forward to success, new learnings and slow and steady loss.
  • Good thoughts. Love the planning ahead. I'm similar to most others here...banking all week, upping my exercise significantly so I can eat dessert. I've found I eat a lot less these days...I get full quickly so I'm not worried too much about over-indulging on quantity...but my mother is cooking which means rich food loaded…
  • @FitByFifty1970 congrats!
  • Persistence. Knowledge. Strategies. Strength. Hope.
  • @papayahed well done! Smart move to not have your favourite in the house first time. 😁😁
  • I get to watch my son play for his country as a senior for the first time tomorrow! Streamed, as we couldn't afford to go to DC, but very proud! Hopefully it's the first game of many for NZ.
  • Hope everything went smoothly @conniewilkins56
  • Having some health issues not weight related. My blood pressure is good, blood sugar is good and cholesterol good. So those markers are behaving 😁. I have developed an autoimmune issue which requires an MRI to start investigations off with. My father and sister both have different autoimmune problems so I guess our genes…
  • @tiffany80802017 I thought I was going to stay in the same size forever! Finally I'm seeing real changes. It's been almost 9 months...
  • It seemed to take forever to go down a size, I was over 20kg into my loss before I noticed clothes fitting differently. But now I'm down three sizes from where I started. Bought a new pair of trousers yesterday in a size I was wearing 12 years ago. Exciting times😁😁
  • Had a really nice day with my youngest son today. Went out of town to visit him as he's in the middle of a big training block. It was a gorgeous day so after he took me through a weights session at his gym we went to the beach. He still had some HIIT sessions, a ghosting session and a solo to do, so I went for a long walk.…
  • Ooops yes whanau means family. Sorry. Common word here. (Pronounced far-no). I guess my questions stem from the fact you don't have a long Xmas holiday like we do (school is out Dec 20-Jan 20) so Xmas is a major celebration here because everyone is on holiday and it's summer. Plus we don't have Thanksgiving. I wondered if…
  • The endless pool is book it for half an hour all by yourself! That's part of the appeal. The yoga is more that I still can't do all of the poses and my knee makes it hard to get up and down off the floor. I'm thinking that I will pay for 6 months and give it a go.
  • I've had this problem too. I've stopped weighing myself. I'm focussing on my exercise and how I feel. I'm keeping to my calorie deficit so I know I should be losing....I never took measurements so it's probably too late to start. I feel so much fitter. My clothes fit better and I'm in clothes that previously were too small…
  • Thinking about joining the gym. Trying to determine if I'll use it enough to justify the cost. It has a private endless pool you can book which is appealing because my knee is really bothering me at the moment and swimming might help. Unfortunately I get wicked eczema from chlorine so it will definitely affect me. But I…
  • The birds have discovered the bird bath I bought the other day and put out for them. Got woken at 6am by two blackbirds splashing around. Love it. I can look out the window and watch them. Hubby not impressed with the early wake up call though 😁
  • Question for all you Thanksgiving celebrators. Do you put the same emphasis on Christmas food as Thanksgiving? So you would have two major celebrations in two months? Or is Christmas dinner/lunch less of a "thing" because you've already celebrated Thanksgiving with all your extended family? Just wondering how it all works.…
  • Oh no! Hope it goes away quickly.
  • @merph518 do you go to the gym? I see your goal is strength training. I'm tossing up whether to join our local gym. They have an endless pool and I'm wondering if I brave the chlorine with my eczema because my knee is really bothering me at the moment. Think it doesn't like the squash I've started. So maybe strength…
  • We got our gift from the Board yesterday. It's all food. A heck of a lot of food but all junk food. And a bottle of wine. I don't drink. I don't eat chocolate biscuits and Rocky road and scorched almonds. Even before I was trying to lose weight I didn't eat them. I'm going to re-gift it all to the girl who is going to feed…
  • Our head girl gave a great speech on Saturday. About re-defining success. Deciding what success means to you not to other people. And celebrating success when it happens. So success to me, at this moment in time, is exercising as often as I can, keeping within my calories as often as I can and letting go of the times when…
  • It's summer here! But the weather has been tempestuous the last few days. Today is gorgeous though. The wind and rain have moved north. Lots of branches down, and yesterday on my walk for some reason all the ducks were off the water. I wonder if that means anything?
  • I've done a whole heap of new sports recently as part of my challenge myself strategy. Badminton, tennis, squash, table tennis. I've joined a social squash team. I'm eating more plant-based meals and loving it. I'm giving away my baking instead of eating it (both my boys are away from home at the moment ) and getting lots…
  • While we're grumbling I'm going to complain about the weather. It's been crazy hot here so I haven't walked for a couple of days. Now it's freaking raining cats and dogs. But I'm going to go out anyway. I'd rather be wet than sweltering and I need a really good long walk to blow away the cobwebs and get rid of some stress.
  • I think @NovusDies would probably tell you to maintain when you're not well. Are you on the mend?
  • @conniewilkins56 sorry you're feeling like that. Hope things are ok! I think it's a crazy busy time of year....I've barely had time to log my meals tbh. Think I've checked in yesterday and today and that's it for about a week. But I'm sure if you need any help people are here for you.