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  • Yesterday First thing: tea with milk Brunch: leftover rib eye sauteed in evoo with baby spinach and garlic, placed on buttered toast Dinner: a whole lot of juicy roasted chicken (8.5 oz) and sauteed baby spinach; 1 glass of white wine
  • I think protein helps reduce the amount of muscle that we lose while losing weight. There's a recommended amount to consume for that (x grams per pound or kilogram), but I don't recall offhand.
  • Wow, that surprises me. I would've guessed the opposite, that it affects blood cholesterol levels for most people. Interesting. Well done @kizanne2! I'm glad you found success with this. :)
  • Greek yogurt cheese sticks On days when I eat fish or chicken, I find it pretty easy to meet my protein. (But my goal's not that high.) I think it's helpful to use the flavors you love and incorporate them into high-protein snacks. For example, I like to mix Frank's hot sauce in ranch dressing. I dip leftover chicken…
  • I'm so happy for you and full of respect for what you accomplished. I enjoyed reading your post. You have a beautiful perspective on things. Wishes for continued success! :)
  • I was a pescetarian for about three years, went back to eating meat for a year, and then went back to being a pescetarian for another three years. During the year that I was eating meat, I gained some weight--senior year of college and way too much drinking & eating out that year. Probably even worse, senior year I'd gone…
  • Just gotta make sure that the additional calories don't wipe out your week's deficit. Edit: Sry, I should've read the thread first, as several people already said the same thing. :)
  • I think you'll find that if you make protein your primary goal and stay within your calories, bread won't be an issue (unless it's a trigger food for binging).
  • For me, weight gain is 80% lack of exercise. I'm a short female and don't need many calories. When I become less active and lose, say, the 200 calories a day I had been burning, that's when I gain weight. I've never gained weight while being even moderately active. For example, a 45 minute brisk walk a day is enough to…
  • Yesterday To start: tea with milk Brunch: tuna salad sandwich, oj, blueberries Dinner: baked cod, broccoli Dessert: 1 beer and veggie straws
  • I don't usually eat breakfast until 2 or 3 hours after I wake up, but I still consider it breakfast. Right when I wake up, I usually have tea. Today: about 2 oz of leftover rib eye sauteed with garlic and baby spinach in evoo and placed on buttered toast. The toast was Dave's Killer Bread. I've been hearing about the brand…
  • Btw, I'm sorry to hear what you went through in 2019! I'm glad you're starting to feel better. The fact that your trainer knows the gist of what happened and is still acting like you must do low carb is why I consider her a buffoon. Do what's right for you. :)
  • +1 Your trainer is a buffoon.
  • Sounds like a pretty good meal plan in your shoes, but my concern is those leftovers probably wouldn't be tasting all that great by day 4. I was going to mention that slowcooker idea, too. It really is so easy! You could just dump in some boneless skinless chicken thighs or breasts and a tasty teriyaki sauce. Microwave…