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  • It will be yours indeed. Don't be too hard on yourself. Whatever we do in life is based on what the situation demands and what the circumstances allow so sometimes it goes the wrong way. Stay strong and keep yourself motivated. You will find a lot of people to support you. Hopefully you will find people that will help you…
  • Just a bit of tip that worked for me. Quicker metabolism burns more calories.. try pushing that up. Drink warm water every once a day and a bit of exercise.. i started with just plain old walking. That helped me a lot in the initial phase. I don't know if warm water relation to metabolic activity is scientifically…
  • Wow.. You have had a difficult journey. Your resolution and optimism is appreciable. I am in no position to advice you.. just wishes and prayers from my end! Good luck.
  • Except the 40 lbs part, I think almost everyone has that goal hahaha.. I am shooting for better strength and happiness too.. Good luck
  • I agree with you. It is about mentality and training your mind to make decisions that lead to better health. Every breath you take you are getting one breath closer to death but every bad choice or decision you make you just accelerate that process. Think what is sustainable in long term and train your body mind to follow…
  • Very nice. Accepting the situation is the first step in changing it. Keep at it, motivate yourself and persevere daily until you get where you want to. In my opinion, there is no better feeling than at the end of the day you are satisfied with yourself and you know that when you will wake up tomorrow you will be a better…
  • I think there is an old (probably inactive now) thread on Indian food. Not sure how close Indian food is to Pakistani food though.
  • Not a Punjabi, nor a Pakistani. Gujarati here. Do eat daal and also subji few times a week.Dont expect good recipes from me- Half the time my daal comes out overcooked
  • Hi, I was in a similar situation as yourself an year ago. 26 5'8 not short as yourself but still short . First attempt on weight loss .Haha.but decided moving my health in right direction during the pandemic SW 176 (Body fat - 29%) CW 146 (Body fat - 18%) GW 133 (Body fat < 15%) Just keeping a track what I eat and removing…
  • Nice to see that a lot of people are moving in right direction during the pandemic. First attempt SW 176 (Body fat - 29%) CW 146 (Body fat - 18%) GW 133 (Body fat < 15%) Good luck folks!
  • Hi ma'am, 85 days is good. you have some good consistency. That quality is very useful in weight loss goals haha. Please also focus on nutrition. In my opinion what you eat and how much you eat is more important than how much you move. For my case, my body's requirements are bout 1700 cal. I spend 1-1.5 hours to burn…
  • Hi Chris, nice to have you here. Get a food weighing scale and log every single grain you consume. That has helped me the most and so that is my tip/advice. Good luck with your fitness goals!
  • Middle aged women seems to be the most active group of people here in my opinion. You might be able to find more supportive community there. It is just an app so I think ultimately it would be only you who will keep yourself accountable. Anyhow, I think I fit your criteria lol. Feel free to add me and good luck!
  • OK. Sorry I misjudged.
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  • Namaste, tracking for over a year now. Single most effective habit I have formed for health improvement. Once start tracking, you will soon start analysing what choices are affecting you and then you will be able to work around those bad choices. Good luck with your goals!
  • You can go to "Friends" tab and click on top right corner. There you put the MFP user ID and send request to add
  • Hi dragonfit! Simply tracking your food will help you a lot. I personally think what you eat is more important than what you burn in the gym. Good luck!
  • I had similar motivations too. MFP really helped. Good luck on your goals! Feel free to add me
  • Hi, nice to meet you. What are your goals? Are you trying to lose weight or something else? Btw, NZ cricket team is doing well nowadays,lol.
  • Hi ma'am, I don't want to discourage you but i think you are targeting very high rate of weight loss. It is about 1.7 lbs per week. Most people keep it between 0.5 to 1.25 per week. I hope it works for you. Good luck!
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  • Hello, nice to meet you. You have taken the first step- to accept that things need to change to become healthier. You will find people here with all sorts of health issues. Search it in the search box and you will inputs from people on how they manage their condition and achieve weight loss. Good luck!
  • Hi ray,26 old here lol. There is a whole section for nutrition related chat/advice. You will find a lot of good info there. Good luck!
  • Neither a mum nor from UK, but I second her points. Premium doesn't really help much. And quality diet is helpful. Dont skimp on any of the macros. Have a balanced of everything with total calories deficit. Working for me about an year or so.
  • There is a group for that, sir. Try searching for "Keto diet"
  • That's not bad at all. I lost about 6 lbs in 2 months since I hit my plateau. So no worries. Any progress is better than no progress
  • Welcome Sue. You are correct, you have to take charge of yourself. Good luck in you journey back 9 stones. Feel free to join me
  • Welcome Safiyyah. There are a lot of groups here to help you
  • Feel free to add me. Been a vegetarian all my life.