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  • Yeah, we chewed ice as kids constantly (mainly cuz mum said no), but now that I have had my 4 $$$$ crowns replaced for the 2nd time... I'm afraid to bite into an apple. I'll keep my $5,300 in my own pocket, thanks dentist with the 2nd boat.
  • Lol. Saw those birthing vids. I'm childless. There will be no procreation in this body in this lifetime, thank you.
  • Same. I've lived most of my life walking distance from one ocean or another, which is why all previous landlords are walkin' around with all my money. But, I need healing... which is an anathema to financial security.
  • If you wouldn't mind, let me know how you like that. I'm about to continue with Trapped, an IC thriller. There are 2 seasons & a 3rd is in the making. Very good, different story... if ya don't mind subtitles.
  • Reminder to myself...
  • I lived in IC for 1-yr as a kid. Hakarl is its national dish... putrified, rotten shark, fermented & dried for 4-5 mos. Disclaimer: Tread below at your own risk, where I graphically describe said dish. Traditionally, they buried it in the ground & just let nature take it's course... that's how I had it. It's often served…
  • Lol. Possibly old guy thinks he is on the HCM Trail? Either way, can ya find out what's in that fanny pack? I'm dying to know.
  • It must be nice to be out in the country... but, I'm single, work & being that isolated alone doesn't appeal to me. I have no idea what I'd do. In the city, I can easily commute to free summer events, museums, ballet, all on my own. If I had an SO, I'd like to someday move out of the city. Until then, everything I need is…
  • Chicken breast stuffed with turkey bacon/pepperoni, sundried tomatoes, onions. Turns out that blackened sundried tomatoes are my new fave thing. To be followed by a Sam Adams Wicked Hazy IPA.
  • TY, HH. Yes, I'm in Palm Harbor, 1-mi N of Tampa. Sorry to hear about your ex's dad. And, yes, FL crime has always been high, but like so many cities, it's getting worse... I've also lived in Boca Raton & near Panama City & both are crime ridden. Once I leave in Nov, I won't return to FL to live. And, that's a great idea.…
  • I'm a lifelong city girl, so any nature astounds me, like a little kid. Sometimes astounds = scares. Marsh rabbits love to surround my tiny patio. I've seen as many as 6 at a time, all sizes, like a mum, dad & babies. Have seen hide nor hair(re) of them (yuk, yuk, yuk) since this intense heat... then again, I've hardly…
  • A magnified crystal of ice cream. The background & glass shape are only manufactured to make it into a form of art, by Emily Byers (no relation to the Byer's Ice Cream fortune), who likes to magnify then make art pieces, snow globes & jewelry from ice cream, amongst other things. Interesting passion. Unfortunately, no…
  • Must be the beginning of dragonfly season... little helicopters peering in my windows all day makes me smile. Big ones, little ones, some that fly like an engine blew out on one side. I've only seen Army green ones so far... in Boston parks, I used to see blue, green, yellow, red, 100 at a time, on the sidewalk, resting in…
  • Mayonnaise is a great hair conditioner. With waist length hair at the time, slathered in mayo, it took 2-wks to wash the smell out of my hair. I was a teen. To this day, the smell of mayo makes me wretch.
  • Finally tackling the 2 long emails I've owed friends for months, putting final tweeks on my CVs (I have a creative one & biz one) so I can begin applying for jobs on Monday, while beginning to cook an early dinner. I'm a restless soul... I cannot do only 1 thing at a time. Have a good weekend, All.
  • This may help... Folex Instant Carpet Spot Removal spray. Long ago, a guy at Home Depot told me they use it to spot clean carpeting & remnants & it always worked, fast. I used to have a Big Green Machine & I like the concept of wet and/or hot spot cleaning, but it cleaned nothing, including car seats. Someone recommended…
  • Well, I attempted to conquer my fear of walking outside my apt complex yesterday afternoon. There's a sidewalk, but it runs adjacent to the highway & I had an incident about 3-wks ago where 2 guys raced at me to attempt to drag me into their car. I'd just begun my walk, so quickly ran back into my complex & home. Since…
  • I can't tell if that's a sleeping bag or a parka... & if you were trying to get into it or out of it. Did the process look anything like this?
  • Sharp Objects, an 8 Ep series, with Amy Adams.
  • Love the Monkees. I like to play them for days' long car trips. Screeching Last Train to Clarksville lyrics out of the window is awesome in the desert. And, Davy's sideways step in this song looks retro cool now.
  • Born in a coalmining town in the Poconos, but was wrenched away at 5. It used to be safe & friendly. Now it's drug addled & people lock their doors. Since then only lived in the largest cities in the world... 4 continents, 7 countries, 11-12 states. In the states, lived the longest in Boston. Stopped counting at move #30.…
  • Oldie but goodie from '95... Filter "Hey Man Nice Shot"
  • I thought it was Wednesday, so I bought a bunch of organic bananas & 2 baskets of blueberries for smoothies. When I realized it was Friday... oh, bloody boo... I'd trade all that in for a couple of IPAs.
  • No one took offense. Hey, some of my best friends are brunettes, too.
  • Wait... how many rocks do I need to throw at the cart to get it to move?
  • Yeah, it's scary. My curtains are open all day & blinds pulled up, cuz I live on the canal & the view is beautiful. I'm on the 1st floor & my entire apt is surrounded by floor to ceiling doors & windows. But... on occasion the landscapers are staring in my windows, while trimming the hedges outside or boys/men walk by &…