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  • This is shocking isn't it!
  • Sending you big hugs @Sinisterbarbie1 🫂 It can't be easy for you. Super proud of you for staying sober throughout this difficult time. We are always here for you.
  • These look interesting. I've never seen them before need to check them out.
  • Hi @shrcpr so happy for you that you've found success with the Kate Bee programme ! Thanks for sharing it with us. It's good to know that this thread is helpful not only to those that post on it but others following it. I do like Kate Bee 🐝 I like her style.
  • That's awesome you stayed sober at the wedding @SunnyDays930 and that you still enjoyed yourself. Talking about books, Craig Beck has his book Alcohol Lied to Me which I really enjoyed plus he has a second book called Alcohol Lied to Me, Again. That might be worth checking out if your on the lookout for reading material.
  • I find myself in a similar position as @siberiantarragon as in that the new medication I've been prescribed means I should avoid alcohol. I also have to avoid caffeine and nicotine. They all reduce the effectiveness of the new anxiety medication (beta blockers). The doctor also increased my anti depressant medication. I've…
  • That last relapse was ugly. I seen my councillor this evening, that session did help me. But talking about the past and negative experiences and memories was very difficult for me. But ultimately I have to do it. It is helping me. But my councillor did say that this can be part of the process. Hitting lows. I have an…
  • I have relapsed. Dealing with a lot. I will return to sobriety. Practising self compassion.
  • ❣️❣️❣️
  • @SunnyDays930 if I have learnt one thing from set backs or relapses or slips, beating yourself up doesn't help at all. I know that you can feel disappointed, but don't be too hard on yourself. I'm glad you feel that with family visiting, it gives you the motivation to stay dry. 💪 Maybe go back to the drawing board. Think…
  • @Sinisterbarbie1 I think its so admirable that you help your relative the way you do. She is lucky to have you ❣️ It must be challenging though. I guess that's where the saying comes from that you have to look after yourself first in order to be there / help someone else. Your abstinence from alcohol surely helps you with…
  • For anyone reading this who suffers anxiety and depression. I would wholeheartedly recommend CBT. Cognitive behavioural therapy. My doctor (GP) sent me a link for a course. I completed it at home it was called Beating the Blues. (I am in the UK so unsure about what the course might be called in USA or other countries). It…
  • Thank you for sharing your experiences on here, @siberiantarragon. I think talking about mental health helps to end the stigma around it. Not talking is what causes a lot of the problems, I think. And there is a definite link between mental health and addiction. In my work, almost every single person we support, has at…
  • Thank you for the kind and supportive responses @Sinisterbarbie1 @SunnyDays930 @AR10at50 I really appreciate it ❣️ Unfortunately I have had to take time off my work. I have felt very tearful and cried and cried yesterday. But it had to come out. I was feeling very low yesterday but apparently with counselling it can get…
  • I found my counselling session very difficult this evening. Long story short I bought cigarettes. I felt so overwhelmed and I gave in to the urge to buy them. I have since spoke to my brother and OH and I'm feeling a little bit better. Was considering phoning in sick to work tomorrow but I guess all I would do is sit…
  • 😁🤗
  • Kate Bee video 🐝 7 minutes long
  • Don't think I would spend £60 for 'good quality' CBD gummies again. I would imagine that £60 would be better spent on some good quality organic food, or a day out, or towards a gym membership. I feel now that the gummies are a bit gimmicky....for me personally.
  • I had bought blueberries for the oats, but I have so much Greek yogurt I have decided to keep the berries for later after work and use some of the yogurt up.
  • Had a drinking and smoking dream last night! I was fighting the side of me that wants to give in, in the dream. Even in the dream I was like woah you dont want to do this! Glad it was only a dream. I had my overnight oats this morning, so filling! I feel really full. Tasty as well, I made chocolate chip oats with chia…
  • I was undecided but it only cost £15 so I'm glad I bought it.
  • Another big shift since going sober is that I have stepped up self care. I didn't even know what self care actually meant before. I would have most likely thought it was pouring myself a large glass of wine ! I have just added the jade facial roller to my self care routine. I store it in the fridge and use it after face…
  • Something I have noticed since becoming sober is big shifts in my music taste. Who knew I enjoyed rock music and indie rock music? 🎵 I certainly didn't 🤟😁 2 bands I'm particularly enjoying right now is Arcade Fire and Bring Me The Horizon. I wonder has anyone had big shifts happen in their life since going sober / having…
  • This is what I want to suffer from ~ JOMO
  • Sorry to hear about that SunnyDays930 such a sad story. I feel nothing but empathy and compassion for anyone who takes their own life. I have suffered these sort of thoughts myself. But for someone to actually go ahead with a completed suicide means they must have been in a black hole that they couldn't get out of. I cry…
  • I think regarding addiction and suicide there can be an element of self-centred behaviour / thinking / acts. But also desperation / lack of insight / self awareness going on. Also mental health issues depression, anxiety. People are behaving self-centred but I don't believe it's always a conscious decision on their part.…