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  • ^^sunnydays, thanks for posting that article. That is very interesting. Shocking. But interesting nonetheless.
  • Happy Saturday 😊 😃
  • @RubyRed427 glad your Florida trip went well 👍 👌 hope yous get home soon ! X 🏡 I will get another zoom meeting in later tonight. That's the plan anyway. I actually enjoy them. I do get some identification listening to the others talk. It's helping me to accept fully that I do have a problem with alcohol. And that I am not…
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  • @SunnyDays930 well done on your 9 days (10 days now?) AF streak 😊😊 ☕️☕️ I am 12 days 21 hours according to my AA app and 14 days according to my TRY DRY app even although I stopped on same day on both apps 🤷🏼‍♀️ lol
  • @SunnyDays930 I have swapped my cigarettes for food ! Plus after my latest bout of anxiety the medication lists *weight gain* as a common side effect. So I've got double trouble regarding weight. (I don't mind some weight gain, it can come off). I am actually annoyed cos where I live the subway station is covered from top…
  • In my short periods of sobriety, I can confirm this is true ! (I would have laughed at this, just a couple of years ago, believing that alcohol was a necessity to have fun or enjoy myself). Now I know the truth.
  • Had a fleeting thought about how 'nice' it would be to head to a pub this evening with my man, Friday, Sun was out. Basically my old recipe for *I am definitely drinking this evening* it was one of my idyllic drinking situations. I didn't fight it. I analysed it instead. I gave myself compassion for craving. I acknowledged…
  • Thanks for sharing that story ^^ @lloydrt
  • @SunnyDays930 your sobriety doesn't just benefit you, isn't it great that it benefits others, as well ? That's something I love about sobriety. It positively impacts others like a ripple effect. Your a good friend! I'm sure your friend will really appreciate having you there x
  • @Sinisterbarbie1 thanks for sharing that with us ❣️it is the sad reality of addiction 😢 I feel for her family. Im glad you got away from it xxx
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  • I don't enjoy 1 drink. That's the truth. That's why I have never made efforts to shoot for moderation. I don't enjoy moderate drinking at all. I drink to get drunk or at least tipsy. And once I'm tipsy, who knows where the night could end 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Hugs & love to you too @SunnyDays930 thank you for all your support 💖
  • @SunnyDays930 yep, I remember that picture. I can always remember it, too. It was a good representation of that alcohol monster whispering those words "Just have one drink. Just one won't hurt". When we all know it's the first 'one' drink that is the main problem!! It leads to all the rest. Once we cross that line, we are…
  • I believe this to be true as well.
  • @Xellercin I suppose another way to look at it is, literally anyone who consumes alcohol on a regular enough basis, is on the spectrum. They are all on a sliding scale. With the odds stacked against them. You could say that everyone is a 'normal drinker' (you did lol) Or you could say that everyone is an alcoholic or…
  • @Xellercin it is always good to have a balanced view. There is so much information now available, that simply wasn't available when AA began. They haven't changed much in all those years. I guess partly because what they do does work for so many. I respect that. I have my own views on certain things especially because I…
  • @Xellercin great post, well said. I respect your views and thoughts. AA definitely has its own philosophy and ideas, it's not for everyone! I'm just focusing on the parts that I think could work for me. I am intrigued. Anything that can keep me sober, I'm willing to give it a chance. Plus it's free !
  • Really enjoying the AA zoom meetings. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. It can be done from your own home, you don't have to say a word if you don't want to, you can set your zoom video to private. So you really can be annoymous if you wish. It's absolutely fantastic listening to people share their experience,…
  • Talking to the AA member who I work alongside at work today, asking him to explain the allergy theory. He makes an interesting point that, like an allergy, when an alcoholic takes a drink it causes a reaction in the body and the alcoholic craves more drink. I can relate to this cos when I drink 1 alcoholic drink, I…
  • Florida sounds lovely 😍 I hope you have a lovely trip, whatever you do. Sending positive vibes for you to stay sober 💖
  • Well I spoke at that zoom meeting (just a quick hello really) but I guess that was a big step for me. All I can say is that everyone I have seen on zoom and heard talk, are super nice folk. Very welcoming. Very willing and keen to help. I did feel slightly overwhelmed when I was offered to have my phone number passed onto…
  • I really enjoyed that book by Holly. I like her approach as well. I always keep meaning to look more into Tempest and what it's got to offer.
  • 3rd zoom meeting lined up for tonight. This time I will be on a meeting with my potential sponsor. She seems really nice. I'm willing to give it a go 🤷🏼‍♀️ maybe I will say hello on this meeting, I probably will say hello to my potential sponsor since we have been messaging for a couple of days. I better brush my hair lol…
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  • It might be worth while to investigate all the resources so that you dont have to do it alone. I like this thread as 1 resource. It's good to chat to like minded people. I have picked up so many tips and good advice and support from my fitness pal sober threads. I managed my longest sober streak of 134 days (4.5 months) by…
  • Thanks @Sinisterbarbie1 😊 AA is a resource. With a community and its own philosophy. I am good with much of the philosophy although there are other parts I'm taking my time to understand them. I am not a religious person but I am 100% spiritual person, that's the main draw for me. Why not let my 'higher power' which I…