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  • I have a couple of ridiculously rare medical conditions and they completely changed my life. After trial and error with medications that lead to weight gain (think steroids) I figured I needed to control my weight because if I got larger then it would only exacerbate the medical conditions.
  • Going into settings and swapping the input from watch to phone and back again can also force the data through. My app has been updated for several weeks now and although it’s not as glitchy it’s still intermittent on the apple data transfer
  • Well done for fighting to make a success of your life and showing your daughter that no matter how many time life knocks you down there’s only up you can go. I wish you both all the best ❤️
  • When you go to the servings amount of the food change your input from fractions to decimals and then put 1.3 that would be the same as 130g for something that’s naturally registering as 100g serving
  • An iPad for the husband’s Father’s Day gift
  • Since my dashboard update my app has become pretty much unusable. It now crashes, closes itself, won’t register apple health exercise data unless I remove and re sync my watch. The user face is extremely slow to react and clunky. It has the potential to be good but for now I’ll use to app solely to log in and get my streak.
  • I’d suggest having a word with a Neuro. It could be something called hypnic headaches, for which coincidentally if they are you’re effectively self treating with caffeine before bed time. But nonetheless would still warrant a medical evaluation
  • I have a learning disabled child and have to effectively be alert and on guard throughout the night in case my child causes harm to themselves or siblings. I often have broken sleep and typically nap for the early part of the daytime hours when my husband takes over and does the morning school run and early day tasks.…
  • I’m in the uk and I don’t use pints at all. However, there’s no set way to specify pints on here. A lazy way is to say 550ml is a pint however the more accurate is 568ml, when you’re really honing in on the specifics of calories. If you really, really can’t be bothered to convert it or find a way around it. Just stop using…
  • I think the predominant issue is with seeing yourself as being on a diet as opposed to a new way of life. Effectively once your loss is achieved you return to a prior way of eating instead of eating in the reduced manner that lost the weight. It’s what a lot of people do and results in the constant loss and gain effect. I…
  • I make a habit of going to the website of the company or a supermarket so I can search for the items nutritional info, be it per portion for eating out or to cross reference accuracy against the database before logging it. As @AnnPT77 rightly says though, differing countries can have vastly different values for the same…
  • Coffee#1 nutritional information Latte semi skimmed milk regular = 84kcal Latte semi skimmed milk large = 96kcal Latte whole milk regular = 147kcal Latte whole milk large = 169kcal Guidance issued 6 April 2022
  • I have an autoimmune disease and am immunosuppressed in order to control it. I’m medically exempt from exercising because I have a separate condition whereby I’m severely allergic to exercise. I control my weight through diet alone. It takes longer and it can be more mentally draining because it feels like your life…
  • I take a drug called Topirimate (topamax), it’s not typically licensed as a product for weight loss though. It has some pretty nasty side effects and the weight loss benefit doesn’t outweigh them. I know it’s been mixed with something else and marketed as a magic pill to fight obesity, which has been licensed for use.
  • I’m predominantly a coffee drinker, however I like dandelion tea or the odd chamomile. I don’t add anything to tea drinks and only milk to coffee.
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  • I can’t stand gravy, my husband and kids all love things like chips (fries) and gravy, whereas it just makes me feel sick. I only eat plain/ready salted flavoured crisps (chips) because I can’t stand the smell of others
  • Weigh how much panko is put in the cup in grams. Then weigh the contents after you’ve finished. The missing amount is what’s been used. Apply the same method to the butter or any other aspect to a recipe. Granted it will take slightly longer however it would give more accurate results
  • Erm, I normally only kill zombies in video games, I’m gonna have to rely on/hide behind you DW 😀
  • All three of my kids have been vaccinated. Aged 16,11 and 9. None of them had any issues at all of even side effects beyond achey arm
  • Some is better than none. I don’t exercise at all now and I wish I did
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  • I’ve never upgraded and only use the free version. I’ve sent you a friend request
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  • Hiya, I’m Kerrie, I’ve sent you a friend request, I’m in Leeds. I have an autoimmune condition so I know the joys of being on and off steroids and other meds for periods of time
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  • Having enough patience not to quit. People don’t become overweight/obese overnight, don’t expect overnight results for losing weight
  • Mine is me However the amount of random spam profiles on here is crazy
  • Erm quite well to be honest, my goal isn’t to lose weight, just to maintain where I am. If I go up or down a few kgs it’s no big deal. How are you finding the beginning?
  • Hiya, I’m kerrie, I’m medically disqualified from exercise so I’m a diet only person. Good luck and just don’t stop on the hard days
  • Evening, I’ve sent a friend request, I’m in Leeds
  • I have autoimmune disease and have been immunosuppressed in order to control them for the past 5 years. I’m also allergic to exercise so I’m strictly diet only.