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  • Mine is me However the amount of random spam profiles on here is crazy
  • Erm quite well to be honest, my goal isn’t to lose weight, just to maintain where I am. If I go up or down a few kgs it’s no big deal. How are you finding the beginning?
  • Hiya, I’m kerrie, I’m medically disqualified from exercise so I’m a diet only person. Good luck and just don’t stop on the hard days
  • Evening, I’ve sent a friend request, I’m in Leeds
  • I have autoimmune disease and have been immunosuppressed in order to control them for the past 5 years. I’m also allergic to exercise so I’m strictly diet only.
  • My kids are a bit older now so ranging between eldest nearly 17 and the youngest is nearly 10. I’ll make a family meal, something like a cottage pie/lasagne and divide the meal into 6 portions. I use the recipe creator on here to put in the amount for each of the ingredients and 6 portions. In all honesty though the more…
  • Hiya, I used to be stupidly fit and healthy like you. Nearly a decade ago now my immune system malfunctioned and it’s caused me a whole host of issues. One of which being an allergy to exercise, yep exercising could quite literally kill me. Over the course of several years different medications and treatments have resulted…
  • Roughly 2015/2016 time, this is my second account. Someone (not sure if friend or a random) attempted to hack my social media and like an idiot I had them all linked. So I wiped everything, took a three month break and started again, now to build back up my 1200 day plus streak 😩
  • Erm I think we have a couple of weeks back, if we have Hi again 😀 if not Hi 😀
  • Hiya I’m Kerrie, 34, also a stay at home mum, but my kids are a few years older than yours 16, 11 and 9. I’m stay at home since one of my kids is autistic and doesn’t sleep well so I tend to pull the night shift with them and sleep during the day. I’ll send you a friend request
  • Hiya, I’m south Leeds area
  • Leeds
  • I’ve got another friend whose had the exact same issue, he’s recently joined and has had zero posts show up on his feed at all. He knows they’ve been posting because it shows on their individual page but his actual feed is blank
  • My gp’s (primary care doctors) have commented on my weight loss and asked how I’ve accomplished it and maintain it knowing I’m not able to exercise. They never had any comments or possible solutions when I broached my medical conditions and the subsequent weight gain it all causes.
  • I’m medically exempt from exercising, if anything most of my doctors/specialists advise against it. So for me diet is definitely more important.
  • Death is my fave character ever, he’s just amazing. Soul music is the best of his books, we go the easy way round and introduce the kids via the idea of the Wee Free Men for starting to read Pratchett because if you can’t fall in love with those little blue guys then all may as well be lost. Agreed Rincewind for me is just…
  • It seems really weird now so if your friends of friends then you can simply add them via the add friend button if they come up as having “liked” someone’s status, if not you have to type in their username to add them. It’s got so much more complicated now, I’ve read elsewhere that there’s supposedly a fix in the world to…
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  • Love Terry Pratchett, I’m about to dig out Unseen Academicals. I showed my two youngest kids his Going Postal and Colour of Magic works that had been made for tv over Xmas
  • Be more selfish, sounds harsh but I’ve spent my entire adult life as a parent, my eldest kid turns 17 this year and I’ve decided I no longer need to keep taking a step back and denying myself the stuff I want to do.
  • Gaining over a one day holiday shouldn’t reflect on the other days of the year, provided you have a consistent downward trend (it will spike, flatline and drop, not only drop) or lose what you’ve gained if you’re at maintenance weight then the holidays should be fine. Just eat at your allowance for the rest of the time and…
  • Chocolate coated rice cake
  • I’ve just had this arrive for me. I’m in the uk and take daily immunosuppressants. The idea is that if I get symptoms and subsequently test positive there’s treatments available to me that could aid me faster and keep me out of hospital, it has a barcode linked to my nhs number that will alert a dr to contact me within 24…
  • Thank you, I really appreciate it. I'm really struggling right now as it's getting closer to when I can tell my husband and it's not something I haven't thought through over and and over again. [/quote] Maybe book yourselves in for some relationship counselling as you go through the separation, it’ll hopefully allow you…
  • I was in the 1200’s on my last account before I deleted it. After a 3 month break and a new account I’m at day 7.
  • Stuck in the thought process of “if I fall asleep now I’ll get X amount of sleep before the kids wake up”, it’s currently 4.13am, my optimism is waning
  • I tend to crave fried or salty foods in direct link with an impending or active migraine. Thankfully I’ve never been one for a sweet tooth
  • Erm a fair bit but I’m female and play video games it’s like shooting fish in a barrel 😂 when I join a chat party you can quite literally hear the excitement that there’s a girl here. My husband would happily tell you I’m stupidly high maintenance and not worth the headache. I find it amusing when people try hit on him,…
  • I don’t think they always do it intentionally, as I said many characteristics of the relationship will still be deemed as viable or desirable, like having children in an otherwise stable and happy home. It could be that they don’t even realise that’s what they’ve been missing from their relationship until there’s a shift…