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  • That will tell you what you need to know
  • ISFJ ~ Administrative Assistant, but aiming for higher. By the time I retire I want to be Project Manager :smile:
  • I moved away from friends and family so I don't see them often. The next time I will see the majority of my friends and family is this coming Christmas. I have not posted any new pictures of myself on Facebook so people have not seen the changes in my body. I am doing this for a reason. I can't wait for them to see my…
  • My house is always clean. My kids do chores every day to keep it that way. So when I go on a cleaning binge I wear my HRM and I CLEAN. I get down and scrub. I work up a good sweat. Those are the calories I count. Not the ones from making my bed or doing the dishes.
  • This used to be us but now our youngest is 7 and sleeps better. We still lock the bedroom door just in case Side note: my house does not look like that
  • I use a heart rate monitor (Polar FT4) with a chest strap and go by what that tells me. What MFP and my elliptical say I burned is usually more than what I actually burned using my HRM.
  • I gave WW up when I found MFP. I love MFP. The forums are great, the people are great, the site is easy to use, phone app is great also.
  • Yes I do! I do P90x 6 days a week and find something different for the 7th day. If we are camping and I can't do P90x I will golf, hike, swim, walk, anything. I do it for many reasons but mainly because I love to workout! I love the feeling afterwards
  • I don't let my period or PMS be an excuse. That is what got me here. I work through it. In the end I think the exercise helps with my cramps, bloating, and cravings, not my emotions though :cry:
  • I use a HRM and this morning I did CardioX. When I plug them into it gives me a calorie burn range of 431 (low) to 709 (high). My heart rate monitor (Polar ft4) gave me a burn of 277 calories. I was sweating hard and it was an excellant workout so be careful using that site. I recommend using a…
  • I exercise A LOT so that I am so tired I don't want to eat. After I work out I will have a snack but I don't usually want the icky snacks. I want protien and water
  • I have a desk job 7:45 am to 4:30 pm and I get up at 5:30 am to do my exercises (P90x right now). Then I walk on my lunch whenever possible. I figure that gives me enough exercise time. We all have cubicles because it is LEED standards (how the building is built). Because of the cubicles I don't have an office to exercise…
  • You look great! I get a tummy tuck when I reach my goal. That is the deal with my husband.
  • Bumping to read when I get home from work (Sorry for those who hate bumping but this is too long to get read without getting caught) :blushing:
  • I don't eat breakfast unless I want to and I am hungry. Otherwise I wait for my body to wake up and let me know when I should eat. On that note, I do not wait until I am starving. I listen to my body. If I eat before my body is ready then I feel hungry all day long. I find I cannot control it.
  • I ordered a Omron body fat analyzer from ebay. I think you can get them other places too but at the time I lived in a small town with not too many shops. This is the one that I have: I…
  • I joined the eat more to weigh less group when I was gaining and losing the same couple of pounds. I am steadily decreasing now that I upped my calories. You will hear a lot of different opinions on here and you need to choose what works for you. If you decide to try it make sure you stick with it for at least a month. I…
  • I hate that I read this because I find #3 to be a good idea and I am going to go home and fix the closet to be in rainbow order. My husband and kids will roll their eyes at me but I don't care
  • 1. I love animals. All animals. We have dogs and cats. If my kids catch bugs, frogs, anything they are not allowed to keep it. They have to let it go so it can go back to it's family. A frog died on the weekend when we were camping and I almost cried :sad: They can kill mosquitos though. 2. I love music. All except rap and…
  • I still have mine with 1 tbsp of half and half and 1 tbsp of sugar. One a day in the morning. I wouldn't give it up. I chose to have one in the morning and drop the rest.
  • Total. So it varies from day to day depending on what exercise I do. I never eat less than 1800 a day total
  • I was in the same boat. I am doing P90x and I was eating 1500 - 1600 a day. I finally joined the Eat More 2 Weigh Less group and I upped my calories. I now eat between 1900 - 2100 a day which is TDEE - 15% calorie reduction plus my exercise calories that I get from using my Polar FT4. Since doing this I am dropping almost…
  • Nope. I have my MFP support group and I love them all! I don't need anything more than that to get me through.
  • ^^This. If I am not actually stepping up to "exercise" then I don't log it. So today I have to take the stairs because the elevator is out of order I won't log it. I hate taking the stairs :blushing:
  • I eat back my exercise calories because when I set MFP up I set my calories to desk job with little exercise, 15% calorie reduction (using so no exercise at all is put in that calculation. Then I wear my HRM with a chest strap and I eat the calories I actually burn. It is…
  • I used to only like my eyes. Now I am liking the shape my arms are taking and when I looked in the mirror this morning I am kind of starting to like my butt and legs
  • I am doing it now, almost done. I follow the Eat More 2 Weigh Less groups guidelines for sedentary lifestyle and then I wear a heart rate monitor with a chest strap (PolarFT4) and I eat most of my exercise calories back. Since doing this the weight has been coming off. I have lost 24lbs in the 73/90 days I have been doing…
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  • Thank you for the post. I will have to look more closely when I get home from work