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  • I use 150g of cottage cheese and 1/2 serving of frozen fruit (I go by the label, but roughly 60g) in the blender to make a smoothie bowl. I then top with anything and everything. Current faves: cacao nibs, pepitas, hemp hearts, more fruit. It can be a little salty tasting which doesn't bother me, but you can get the low…
  • Re: PEDS. The weightlifter competes in USAW at an elite level and is on the national team. The body builder has competed in USAPL in 2017 at a local meet and nationals, and then at the 2018 Arnold. The powerlifter competes on the USAPL and I think is on the junior (20-23 year old) national team. The Crossfitter is a games…
  • One of the biggest things is to make sure you're bracing "out" instead of "down." Bearing down is a recipe for prolapse or the very least pooping on the floor at the gym. Another thing is to make sure you're maintaining a neutral pelvis when you're lifting. If you anteriorly tilt your pelvis when bracing you place your…
  • How are you determining that you haven't lost muscle? Do you have a source indicating excess protein damages the liver and kidneys in healthy individuals?
  • @hanlonsk Hi!!! I'm still around yes. Still lifting all the weights :smiley:
  • Is anyone going to talk about how bad that animated lady's deadlift form is? No wonder her back hurts.
  • Yes so much truth in here, but this is the worst. I've done 3 nationals and I still get crazy nerves until I've passed my first squat. PB&J is my go to meet day food along with gatorade/pedialyte oreos, and skittles, but I'm 6 on the inside.
  • Welcome! Feel free to post your training in the monthly chat thread.
  • Here is a powerpoint with some good info: If you do have access to a recumbent bike you can use the following protocol which includes strength and cardio: Of course as always listen to…
  • Do you have access to a stationary recumbent bike?
  • Not sure where you are, but in the US you can see a physical therapist for POTS treatment which is often pretty successful.
  • ml is a volume not a a weight
  • TBH it doesn't sound Dr. worthy, and I never thought I'd say that on MFP. To me it sounds more like your glutes are tight or spasming. If it's right along the iliac crest/ilum it's where your glutes attach (could be max/med.min depending on area). I agree to take a lax ball to the area and see if that helps. Also adding…
  • I don't bike anymore because I moved from a city in MI with super wide streets and plenty of room to a colonial city in PA with very narrow roads and angry drivers. I still occasionally hit up a rail trail with my friends, but I compete in powerlifting so most of my free time for exercise is taken up by that.
  • Unfortunately power lifting is anaerobic so you won't really adapt the way you would to all the cardio workouts people mentioned. For maximum performance in strength sports carbs are you friend, although obviously health is much more important! I only know one powerlifter of note (Mark Bell) who follows keto, and while I…
  • If someone is pulling 2-3x what they squat they're probably very novice lifters who haven't quite figured out the squat yet. Many people have an easier time with either the squat or the deadlift, but overall they're not usually that far apart % wise in raw lifting once a lifter is proficient with the lifts. According to…
  • It might just be your particular anatomy. While everyone's parts are in the same general area they can actually vary quite a bit, and you might be one of the unlucky ones where the nerve crosses where the barbell should go. Good luck with your butt!
  • Unsticky-ing 2017 thread. If you need it then it's here:
  • Just saw this! I think it was Tameko maybe who started it. She's not around anymore
  • Just to warn you it will probably take you 12-18 months to get back to previous levels of activity after a RTC repair so you can set your expectations correctly.
  • I'm not a big pod cast person, but I've listened to a couple of the Jugg Life podcasts and I found them interesting. I will note the ones I've listened to are more competition related which as a competitor I appreciated, but they might not be as exciting for others.
  • I'm 35 and I developed an almond and chia seed allergy last year in February. I used to eat almonds almost every day. :( My mouth and throat get itchy and swollen, and I have some difficulty swallowing. It only happens if I eat a lot of them, but I try to avoid both in general. So far it's just annoying and resolves in 20…
  • For best results for strength I would recommend continuing with the app which I think will move to 1x5 after stalling on each lift 3 times. After that you could move to Texas or Madcow which are pretty similar. If you're still interested in strength mainly after you've stalled on Madcow I'd recommend the TSA intermediate…
  • There's a difference between having intermediate lifts and being an intermediate lifter. Someone may be an "advanced" lifter with intermediate lifts or they may be a beginning lifter with elite lifts depending on technique, genetics/past athletic history/ etc. Rippetoe defines an intermediate lifter as anyone who cannot…
  • If your knee is only caving in when you add weight and doesn't during a bw squat it would point to a strength or neuro-muscular issue. For most people the issue would be with the glute max since it's the largest external rotator of the hip. I would try some glute activation drills as part of your warm-up and see if that…
  • I'm interested in reading it, but more because I feel all pumped to lift some heavy *kitten* weights after I read Wendler. I'm of the opinion that as long as you're following some kind of decently thought out program it doesn't matter overly much what it is as long as it's something you believe in and/or enjoy.
  • Fair enough. I was going by his recommendations in the original 5/3/1 since "Beyond" is more of a loose framework of different programming options and ideas. In the section I think you're talking about he says he added more warm up sets to his training (and gives the 135 base), but it's completely optional and something…
  • That makes complete sense, but Wendler suggests the following which falls in the middle of your two examples, and isn't what most would consider a extreme number of reps. 165x5 210x5 250 x3 350 x5 375 x3 21 reps 395x 1+ I would think accumulated fatigue and environmental factors (food, sleep, stress) would be a bigger…
  • Wendler suggests 3 warm up sets with 13 reps total. Unless you're considering the two working sets before the AMRAP a warm up? Even then it's 2 more sets with 6-10 reps depending on the week.