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  • This is indeed an amazing community. Unfortunately the "addiction" part of this community for me ended with the new forums. Its still good though due to my friends.
  • For lent, I will give up bad fooz in da name of cheeze-its
  • Replying to check it later. Could use the help!
  • For me its a preference thing. Different people have different grips that work for them better.
  • Deadlifts and squats are your best bet. Here is the video I would use for proper squat form https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnV7vEi7Sz8 Also, once you get the proper form, make sure you are lifting heavy.
  • Did you perhaps meant to post this in a group or something?
  • Its all about what you have available and what you have prepped in advance. I usually keep some marinated chicken that I freeze in case I know I wont have time to make a propper meal. I usually get some "tikka masala" or "shawarma spice" from local ethnic stores and mar8nate bonellllllless chicken cut into cubes and put…
  • Every food that you eat is going to be high on something. The question is, what do you get in return from the food group. Fruits in general are high in sugar. But that isn't such a bad thing. In fact, its a good thing. You get to have a sweet tooth fix and at the same time, get some decent amount of calories AND you get…
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  • Be stubborn. Be persistent. Be patient but don't give up.
  • Don't think of the final goal. I lost my 55 lbs by setting my goal 5 or 10 lbs at a time. Makes it much less stressful. Make small goals, log daily, think of your overall health rather than the scale.
  • There is an app for c25k. I downloaded it and use it. At first, I would walk the entire time, running when it tells you to but I could only run part of it. So I ran when I could but the rest I walked. Slowly built up the endurance and now I am running when it asks me to. You have to build yourself up for it. Stick to first…
  • I recently started c25k. I am the same way. You can push yourself as much as you are able to and next day, do the same routine again and don't move up till you got the first day down properly. I learned that with each day, my endurance have increased :) Good luck in your future adventures :)
  • http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/819055 Read this thread. Don't worry about macros for now, just check the calories and how much the calories should be. Focus on trying to be as exact about the measurements etc as you can. Experiment but stay on the track for at least 1 month before changing calories. I…
  • Is the picture on your profile page your current picture? If so, is losing 38 lbs more... realistic and perhaps not too much? Regardless, 38 lbs isn't a huge number, I would suggest taking it slow. You are on this site which means you have already tried the fast ways to lose weights and failed (like many of us). So please,…
  • Click on your profile page, click on "Edit your profile", in the "Your location" section, don't type anything for zip code and city. If you wish to hide your country/state location also, click on "settings" click on "privacy settings" and in the section for "My profile is viewable by" change it to who you would like your…
  • I agree with this person. Since you are concerned, I would just ask him whenever you are going to the gym to join you. If he says yes, great! If not, try again next time but don't nag.
  • While I realize you are trying to be helpful and funny, you are doing it wrong and possibly hurting people rather than helping. In order to lose weight, you don't need to "Get off your *kitten* and move." It would definitely help create a caloric deficit, but this isn't a requirement. Also, yes, the calories would matter.…
  • can you be a bit more elaborate? Did it published your location on your profile page, did they published it on facebook or someplace else? For further inquiries like this, you should go to the technical forum so they can check up on the issue and try to fix it.
  • While there are many pervs (men and women, mind you), you are kinda jumping to the conclusion and you are doing it poorly I am afraid. This site has like 90% females compared to males (just a number I pulled out, idk, lots of female here compared to men). So typically you will see more women than men here. Men like me who…
  • Hey man, welcome to the site. I think the big mistake that many of us make is that they think of fast food as evil. True, you get "more bang for your buck" in terms of calories and nutrition eating clean but nothing wrong with having a little once in a while. This is why I love to track my food intake. I was like you,…
  • I read online that Hitler was the last hope for white people and that since his failure, all hope for pure whites is doomed. You read many things online. Not all are worth considering seriously.
  • From personal experience, I have learned that the main reason you get cravings for food is not enough calories during the day. This forces me to overeat at night. Another problem is that when we start logging food and going on a caloric deficit, we just aren't used to eating "less food". For this purpose, I recommend for a…
  • I keep it bottled up also, which is why when I workout, I unleash it on the workout. Its kind of my therapy.
  • well, 2 lb fat gain would mean you consumed 7,000 calories MORE than your tdee (the amount of calories you used up. Typically 2,000). So if you think you ate 9,000 calories in that day, then yes, that is 2 lbs fat gain. If not, don't worry about it. Don't forget when you get food poisoning you vomit and defecate till your…
  • I have anger issues. It helps :)
  • Well, unfortunately it is an age thing. When elders offer you something to eat, they will always think of you as a kid and in their mind, they know best for you. I simply just take a bite and say thank you and tell them that I had a big lunch or you aren't feeling good or something. If its your peers telling you to eat up…
  • Let them make a few coins. Most of us are pretty much immune to internet ads anyways and instinctively skip them.