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  • So, this tells you that your Garmin is giving you good numbers. That's important to remember for maintenance - so that you actually eat back all (or 90% of) your exercise calories when you're trying to maintain. I'll assume for now that you're only losing slightly faster than predicted and that I therefore don't need to…
  • I am short, only 5 ft so I am eating at 1200. When I exercise it helps me cause I can eat about half of those calories back and do not have to be stuck eating 1200. Just be careful on how many calories you are estimating you are burning. I have a Garmin Vivosmart watch and I think its pretty close but I eat only 50 to 70…
  • Gosh, I hope you can get some peace with this. I have to say that if I am not careful, I can get pretty intense about it myself. I can see where it could get out of control for me too. I have to just make up my mind that I will NOT obsess over it. Not saying that its just that easy ... I know its hard. I hope you find some…
  • mine is always high but I drink lots and lots of water and it helps. I do not panic if my weight goes up because I know thats what it is and its gone in a few days usually. Hasnt affected my losing at all.
  • I eat "somewhat sometimes" clean lol. Some weeks its not clean at all and then I will get on a kick and prep everything and cook it myself. Just depends on my mood and how busy I am . You can add me, diary is open to friends!
  • I tried them and also a different protein shake and both of them made me seriously constipated. It probably doesnt do most people that way but I just cant drink them for that reason. I do better with just almond milk, fruit and cottage cheese as a shake. Just FYI.
  • I am 5'0 ft and mostly sedentary. 1200 is what my goal everyday is. My husband bought me an elliptical and had an old treadmill in the garage. I use both depending on my mood. I usually do 20 to 25 mins in the morning on the elliptical or 30 or 40 mins on the treadmill and I do that at least 4 times a week. In 9 weeks I…
  • I eat the same way most every day. I have a cup of coffee, when I get to work or on my way about 7 30 or 8 I eat almost a 200 cal breakfast, maybe fruit smoothie or english muffin or protein bar. At 10 everyday I eat a boiled egg. I might also have a handful of cucumbers or grape tomatoes if I still want something. I eat…
  • wow. I have no clue how you could quit a job you love because you thought it was causing you to gain weight. Just doesnt make alot of sense to me. You have made a grave mistake I think and will regret it. If you dont learn to eat differently nothing else will make the difference. Period.
  • in 8 weeks I have found that I dont really lose for 8 to 10 days or so, then one day I will drop like .8 or .9 lbs and the next I will drop maybe .3 or .4. Its been mostly a pattern like that since I started. Give it time. It could be water weight holding you up.
  • I dont like being in the gym for this very reason! I now have a treadmill and elliptical at home thank the lord. I dont have to go anymore and can be by myself in all my extreme sweatiness and belly flopping LOL.
  • my son is fascinated with how people make a living from youtube lol. He works in a warehouse but if he could do it, I am sure he would be doing it. Me, my official title is Economic Self Sufficiency Specialist but that doesnt really tell you what I do unless you google it. Soooo... basically I do case work for Food stamps,…
  • I actually have a squirrel... I raised him from 4 weeks old. He was in an attic that some friends of mine had to shut it off to keep his momma from chewing up their wires!! They are not a pet for everyone ... they are one person animals and its like having a toddler to chase after lol. It is alot of work. They are alot…
  • this week I bought a rotisserie chicken, took off the skin and portioned it out. Bought whole green beans, sprayed a baking pan with non stick, garlic salted them, shook them around and baked them. portioned the green beans with the chicken. I am DONE and it tastes pretty good. Mostly protein, no or low carbs and green…
  • cucumbers, tomatoes, I really like pretzels and they are filling for little calories, also fat free turkey is only like, 25 calories a slice.
  • I really like it. That it is cheap makes it so much better. If we based it off of what every animal eats, there is alot we wouldnt touch. Pigs for example eat alot of gross crap .... but I love bacon lol.
  • I just ate 2 Spicy Black bean burgers cut up in a salad with salsa. It was very good.
  • I use substitutes for everything I can. look on pinterest, lots of ideas. Also I eat very small healthy things between meals so that I am not starving and it helps me not crave stuff so bad.
  • if I am not weighing and logging, I dont lose. I just eat portions way to big no matter the food.
  • I am at 1200 before exercise, only 5 ft tall. Open diary to friends if you want to send a request or anyone who has similar stats or calorie goals as mine.
  • I just bought the same one and have had it a week. Honestly, I wonder how much of it is accurate because I have a hard time believing that I burn as many calories as it says I do. Its not outrageous or anything but seems a little high when I use the "walking" setting. I like the tracker but if its not accurate it defeats…
  • I usually do tilapia or grilled/rotisserie chicken for my meat and green beans, cabbage, cauliflower or squash for my veggie for lunch. I do them all in the oven or on my george foreman grill at once mostly.
  • my lunch preps are mostly tilapia or grilled chicken breast and cabbage, green beans, squash or cauliflower. I do 5 oz of meat and 5 or 6 oz of whatever veggie I cooked. I eat a boiled egg each morning at 10 between breakfast and lunch. keeps me from being hungry. so far thats what I have done the past 5 weeks.
  • they really help me, I wish I could drink them but they make me very constipated no matter what kind I drink. I have even tried just making my own with cottage cheese and it still does it to me.
  • I am probably telling you something you have already done since you lost that much weight but if you go to 1200 cals fill in the meals that you are most hungry with onions, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, green beans and stuff like that that you can eat alot of that has little calories. I am on 1200 and I have…
  • 5'0 SW: 189 (started trying to lose at) 38 yrs old CW: 179 Highest weight: 192, 38 yrs old Lowest weight: 117lbs 26 yrs old .... I weighed between this and 130 until 7 yrs ago
  • I have looked at these and I think I want the one with the HR monitor but I do not have any patience to wait on it lol. Of course, I am still waiting anyway because I too am too cheap to buy the others!!!
  • Most likely the protein! I have the same issue. I mean, it could be other things too but that would be my first guess only because I have that problem.
  • the exact same thing happens to me. If I eat anything with more than just a little sodium, I will retain water too, my body is very sensitive to sodium. I take what I have eaten into account when I see a unusual weight gain and within a few days it usually comes off.