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  • my hair blows in the wind i feel like Pocahontas lol i realize that i just look like a homeless person but i can't help but start singing Colors if the Wind in my head!!
  • L1D6 done!! i'm a day behind but i was so busy yesterday i didn't have a chance :/ hope everyone else is sticking with this!!! I remeasured myself and I've already lost 1/2 in off my waist!! anyone else noticing changes?
  • L1D5 complete!! and because I was feeling brave I threw in L2 right after! it was crazy! I did real pushups today but i noticed i'm not giving everything i have to the ab workouts, which is the place where i need the most work :/ so maybe tomorrow i'll just do L1 twice and really focus on the abs?? also saw something about…
  • I'm glad someone finally said what i was thinking lol
  • congrats!!! you look so much younger!!
  • I would love to have thigh gaps! i think it mostly depends on you bone structure... like your hips... i've been doing little exercises I found in this article but i'm not holding my breath because i don't think i had them at my thinnest weight. be careful searching thigh gap information online, its easy to stumble on…
  • L1D4 done!! i could do all the push ups today!! I"m also less sore so i'm thinking tomorrow i'll be brave and try real pushups?? yikes! I don't want to fall behind! i'm enjoying the soreness because i know that means i'm pushing myself to the limit :) it might be my imagination, but i think my work pants fit better…
  • Hang in there!! you sound so upset!! I hate it for you that you spent all that money that can be so stressful! I deal with depression and that really affects my eating... perhaps you could speak with a dr who will discuss your diet and a counselor to work out emotional issues and things could start working out for you. I…
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  • I"m on day three and it hasn't bothered mine at all! its mostly just muscle soreness. you could also get a knee brace (my mom does when she works out)
  • can't handle fish oil! every time i burp i taste it (eww!) i take one a day women's multivitamin petites (2 a day). the regular sized ones get stuck in my throat lol
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  • woo! L1D3!! i"m sweating like crazy and i love it!! i've started yelling and grunting to motivate myself since this is the first day by myself and its so tempting to rest/cheat!! thanks for the accountability in this group!!
  • Rihanna!! love shaking my *kitten* to her beats lol
  • i would've taken mitol and some extra tampons!! i was crazy about the cute guy i went with but i was miserable the whole night!!
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  • oooooh i really need to do this!!! My bf gave up soda and i only drink it every now and then but chocolate??? tough stuff! I'm very inspired tho!!
  • L1D2 done! I didn't think i would get through it my legs were hurting so bad!! I did it with a buddy so we kept each other motivated. we also went out and bought a few workout things and I finally got real weights! about to do some yoga to relax and then hitting the shower before doing some fun workouts with the boyfriend…
  • try youtube! it would be a bummer to by it again!
  • AH!! I haven't sweated that much in years!! I loved it! I definitely used cans of soup for weights tho lol I'm excited to do it again tomorrow! its quick and seems to be very effective! Just took some before pics (ew) but i'm excited to compare them to the healthier me in 30 days!
  • so excited for this!!! I will post b4 and after pics when i feel better about myself lol my goal is to get rid of the nasty pooch/muffin top i have. in addition to this I will be doing at least 10 min of yoga a day. Age: 22 Height: 5'1 Bust: 38.5" Chest: 33" Waist: 32" Muffin Top/Pooch/Gross: 37.5 Hips: 40" Thighs: 22.5"…
  • I would love to start today!! hopefully i have it in time! the before and after pictures in some of the message boards really inspired me to check it out... then when i saw how cheap it was on i tunes I really had no excuse not to get it lol I'm excited other people are starting as well!!
  • haha so funny! I feel like I'm on a dating site now...whatever motivates people I guess!
  • I work at starbucks and all their water is triple filtered! I drink trinta cups of their water all day long! Sam's water tasted like plastic to me... I have a brita filter and I fill up a reusable water bottle for outside of work. i love fruit it it like lemons and oranges when i get bored with just water! I def wanna try…
  • HI! I just found MFP and I'm excited about it! I work full time and go to school full time so life is crazy right now! I'm an third year english major and work at a starbucks and a health club (ironic because i never use it lol) I love the idea of doing this with college girls who are going thought the same stuff and are…
  • Not really sure what i'm doing but would love weight-loss buddies!
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