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  • Ok, it was lunch, not dinner, but wow... so much more satisfying and colourful than a slice of bread with whatever...!
  • Good idea! I've actually reduced my loss to 200g a week (which means a 1300calorie allowance) because I actually lose more easily that way than when I'm aiming to lose faster because then I end up slipping up because it's so much harder...
  • 400g down... I hope I can keep it up!
  • 5lbs to lose here!
  • What an amazing transformation, inside and out! Really inspiring! I'm so glad you've found love with someone supporting who sees you for who you are :) !
  • Hi! I get so inspired by people like you because you have decided to put your health first. You're not beating yourself up but simply making a level headed decision and you're trying to get the right information to ensure you'll be successful. Nice one! I'm very new to all this myself, coming from a vegetarian, high carb…
  • Thanks so much for checking in, that means a lot! I ended up moving to roughly two meals a day, breaking my fast at 2pm, as I currently hang out with my 3 year old most days, making him food, spending lots of time at home, not being able to be distracted enough to keep to 1 meal a day... when I was at a course studying for…
  • Is your therapy helpful? Sometimes the type of therapy or therapist isn't the right one and it takes a while to find the one that genuinely helps you overcome your struggles. That's been my experience. Have you found that you have improved your wellbeing since being in therapy?
  • Yummmmm! Definitely making me hungry!
  • Don't despair! I've had days like that, in fact, I just let it all go yesterday and ate as much as wanted to whenever I wanted to. It wasn't great but some days you'll slip up... not giving yourself too hard a time and perhaps trying to get as many nutritious foods in there as possible and then resolving to start again…
  • You've got this!! Glass pebbles, what a great idea! With this attitude you'll certainly get there. Perhaps also keep a glass for the pebbles (weight) you get to remove or have already lost so that you are not just reminded of the work ahead but also of how far you've come!
  • THANK YOU! Just what I needed to start my day off with :)
  • Wow, that is fantastic, congrats!!
  • Welcome Keith!! I really admire the fact that you're committing to get yourself healthy. If I were you, I'd embed myself into this group and read posts constantly, perhaps start your own thread, so that you feel completely supported. I find that it helps on those days that it gets tough. Arm yourself with all the knowledge…
  • Great work! One day at a time :)
  • I'm at this exact spot... have been for about 3 years, since the birth of my son. Wise words by @SavedByGrace26356 ... I'm in a cycle of achieving a "perfect" day or two by using immense willpower, then losing it and going over or breaking my fast way early. Suffice to say I haven't gotten close to either of my January…
  • @vinyladdict I admire your efforts and success so much!! @blambo61 such a balanced and wise view... I've just upped my calories to 1310 instead of 1200 because I kept having one or two "perfect" days and then struggling immensely with hunger and splurging (on things like rice crackers and cheese, but still). The scales…
  • ^^ this exactly. If you don't feel like you deserve to be positive for your own happiness then do it just because it will make t much more likely you'll reach your goal of losing the amount of weight you'd like to lose. You're on the path already, you've already had success and are losing weight, focussing on the negative…
  • I'm with you! I had a splurge myself, ridiculous hunger.. lets kick those pounds to the curb!!!
  • I think even just counting calories for a few days/meals will give you an idea of whether you're doing ok or should decrease your intake. When I first started MFP and logged a meal I was completely suprised at the amount of calories all the foods contained. Even nutritious foods can really add up. I think logging your…
  • I'm with you,, it's sucks when you can feel you're not on as smooth a track as you'd like to be. Hang in there! I've got a lot of crappy days too at the moment..
  • Quite a bit, I thought, especially since I used to eat vegetarian food only, but now it's something I really crave. I've set my goal at 30% protein and probably hit it or just below that most days.
  • That's fantastic...!
  • Ai Ai Ai, very tough day today. I don't understand why I still have such frequent days where I really struggle to make it through my fast. Could I still not be gay-adapted..? I have a little soy milk in my morning coffee (20 calories) could that be the culprit? I have to say that what I crave when I'm hungry is not carbs…
  • How did you do? I still have so many days where it takes immense willpower to make it through my fast... waaaah!! You too?
  • Yes! People think it's so extreme to fast everyday but don't consider it extreme to be occupied by food and cravings all day long...
  • Woooow @dajoloehr ... what a result!! That bowls me over, great work!
  • Glad to hear I'm not the only one like that! And isn't it a relief now..? I also used to get incredibly irritable if I was "due" for a snack or meal, now I have that towards the end of my fasting window because I still find it hard some days... I wish they'd teach us about insulin and fat vs sugar burning in high school!!
  • That really IS an accomplishment!
  • Great results!! And now you're off the medication it's game on for continuing to kick butt!! ;) im glad to hear you're feeling better overall..