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  • If you're so full in the mornings, why are you forcing yourself to eat anything at all? Just wait and eat when you're hungry. Also eating nothing but a banana in the morning would have me ravenous within an hour.
  • Patience. You're not going to see results in 4 days. Also eating "clean" has nothing to do with it. You need to be in a calorie deficit. Are you accurately logging everything you eat into MFP?
  • This. Eat at maintenance for a bit, loosen your tracking for a bit if you need to. But don't waste your money on something like Thrive or any of the other MLM-snake-oil products out there. They won't make anything thinner except your wallet.
  • Oh, the irony.
  • This is not true. After we die, our bodies decompose and we continue to lose weight. Though bloating can be an issue in the beginning. Jk. OP, starvation mode is a myth. You will not halt weight loss by eating too few calories. If this were the case, then starving children in Africa would be a whole lot fatter. I agree…
  • You're way overthinking it. Just eat in a pattern that helps you stick to your calorie goal. Meal timing has zero effect on weight loss.
  • This is something that is determined by genetics and will vary greatly from person to person.
  • Where has anyone said "mean comments" to you? I didn't include your context because it was unnecessary. You've just been changing your statements slightly each time you comment to fit your narrative according to who you're responding to. I was just trying to get some clarification. If one is using the NEAT method, then not…
  • You went from this: To this: You keep flip-flopping your claims all over the place yet you're "not here to argue" (your words from a previous post). So what is it? Bigger deficit is better or bigger deficit isn't always better?
  • The people who have disagreed with you in this thread are also talking about average people trying to lose weight. If that overweight person on a treadmill is using MFP, then their calorie goal is based off of NEAT and they should be eating at least some of those exercise calories back. If you are worried about inaccurate…
  • If I ate as little as you do with that many dietary restrictions, I'd be constantly thinking about food, too.
  • Dude, no one is trolling you. People are trying to explain to you how the NEAT method works and how, when it comes to a calorie deficit, bigger does not always mean better. You also keep changing your claims every time you post, just enough to "prove" whoever you quoted wrong. MFP calculates your deficit based off of an…
  • This is not true. Generally speaking, you will not put on muscle in a deficit. Telling someone to abandon resistance training for more cardio is not the best advice.
  • Agreed. I do enjoy these types of threads because these are what helped me the most in the beginning. I learned so much from discussions like this one when I was just starting out. Nailed it.
  • @justinkimcentral You asked whether you would burn the same amount of fat eating mostly "clean" with the occasional "unclean" food as you would eating a totally "clean" diet. The way you worded your question made it seem like you genuinely didn't know and wanted to hear from experienced people who did know the answer. Now…
  • The booze thing happens to me, too. If I have a bit too much to drink one night I'm always a pound or two lighter the next day. Probably a combination of dehydration and the diuretic effects of alcohol.
  • We all bloat down here, Georgie! :D Sodium makes me bloat, so if I eat something high in sodium I expect a bit of an uptick on the scale the next day. Also it's hot af here in AL which causes me to retain more water than usual, too.
  • If you're accurately weighing and logging everything, the number on the scale should line up with the calorie deficit you're eating. With 36 pounds left to lose I would shoot for right around a lb a week. That's 500 calories per day less than mantenance. I agree with other posters that you shouldn't be eating less than…
  • 100% unnecessary and can be harmful. A calorie deficit is all you need.
  • It looks to me like you are losing weight at a perfectly acceptable rate. The first month you likely had a large drop in water weight, and now that has evened out and your fat loss is balancing out. The big woosh of water weight in the beginning is skewing the progress you've made. That's an average of 3kg/6.5 lbs per…
  • I tried having one years ago when I first tried to lose weight. I was under the silly impression that I had to cut out "bad" foods like bread and cookies and pizza. I decided to eat "good" foods all week (at 1200 calories, of course, because I had no idea what I was doing), and my cheat day turned into a…
  • Looks like a gimmick that is probably going to cause diarrhea and the loss of a bit of water weight. Why not just save your money by not buying this garbage and eating a reasonable calorie deficit instead?