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  • When I am away home, no. In China on business for a month, yes. I don't eat anything close normally when I'm in China for a month. I have to weigh myself everyday to make sure I don't lose weight too fast. I can lose over 10 pounds in a month if I'm not careful. Even when I don't try to eat more I still end up losing too…
  • Just say no to any and all product specific taxes. All they do is create a huge black market. Always a very bad idea.
  • Hot peppers. Lots of hot peppers. Love Carolina Reapers. But then I seem to have developed a level of tolerance that would burn the average person gut.
  • I probably shouldn't reply because I'm not exactly a moderate swimmer. I'd say use swimming to help build overall endurance and breathing capacity. Swim as far as you can. Rest not more than a minute, start again. I can not run due to arthritis. But I can swim the equivalent of 2 Olympic marathon swims with just a few…
  • Held myself to 5 5km after work yesterday. Felt like I could do my full 6.6km but decided not to push it. Still 7.7km for the day. 2.2 km before work today. Back after work for second swim. I only swim during my last week of a trip. I don't want sore muscles for the flight back on Friday.
  • I can't say I disagree with any of that. Experience mist of the share violations in China. Though one time swimming at the Y, I got kicked 5 times be the guy ob the other side of the rope. Recently, one of the fast Chinese swimmers and I took a little revenge on a slow guy that pushed off to start slow breast stroke just…
  • 2.2km before work this morning. Had to take a full rest day yesterday, again. Lung congestion from allergies flared up again. Lots of mucus. I got a small taste of what my wife does through with bronchiactasis. When I swam Saturday, I felt weak. Couldn't do 4/5 strokes per breath. Felt better when I put on the Speedo…
  • Have to take another test day today. Lung congestion caused by Chinese pollen allergies wrecked me. Managed 2.2km before work yesterday but only made it to 3.3km after work. 5.5km total for the day. It is hard for me to just rest when I am in China. Almost as hard as it is to eat properly.
  • I thought I was going to take a rest day Sunday. Took a nap. Then I felt like fing to the gym. 5.5km swim. Watched a movie then went back for an hour of weight lifting. But then I'm in China on business and can only take so much of being cooped up in a tiny room.
  • MFP seems to make some adjustment automatically.
  • My wife has an autoimmune form of arthritis. Spondyloarthritis. Attacks the soft tissue in her joints. Once the right medication was found and she was able to move better she went back to deep water aerobics classes and learned to swim too. At age 60 no less. This helps build strength and endurance in the muscles…
  • This is one of the more humorous ones I put together. Let is from 1990. Can't tell but I was actively bulimic then. Right was my self image when i weighed 310# at the time.
  • Every day.
  • I'm with you on that, except that I love swimming 4 miles in the morning at 5AM weekdays when I'm home. When I worked at a company that had an on site weight room that was just steps from my cubicle, I hit that every day for 45 minutes. Yet I would never hit 10k steps or day.
  • 5.5km yesterday and today.
  • Anytime anyone asks "should X business do Y" the implication is always "should there be a gov't mandate." Why? Because that is always what follows. If restaurants "should accommodate" large people then why shouldn't they accommodate people of all shapes and sizes? That is how lawyers and lobbyists think. Then they get…
  • My own experience outweighs the opposite. Lots of whole eggs, sausage, pork, steak, etc. Lowered my cholesterol. Greatly improved my HDL to LDL ratio. Lowered triglycerides from over 300 down to 45. So I'll keep my eggs with Neeses sausage, and Carolina Reaper peppers for breakfast.
  • Ensures the product is consistent. Plus robots don't call in sick. Robots don't forget to wash after using the bathroom. Robots don't go on strike. Robots are what you get when the city council votes to raise minimum wage above the cost of a robot.
  • I swim a lot. The number one excuse I hear from others for not trying push themselves in swimming is that they'd get bored. When I swim, the only tech I have is my Garmin. No music player. Just the meditation of counting strokes. They only time my phone isn't in a locker when I'm exercising is when I'm making my own spin…
  • Seriously? Get gov't out of the nutrition business. Gov't has been funding and pushing fraudulent messages for decades, starting with the food pyramid. Gov't only funds outcomes. They wanted an outcome that would support a push to consume more newly subsidized grains. Anyone who thinks that gov't action is ever taken other…
  • Re:OP The question is phrased wrong. What you are really asking is "should restaurants be forced to accommodate all possible body shapes and sizes?" The answer to that is quite obvious. NO. My wife is tall with long legs. The typical restaurant chair has a seat bed that is too shallow for her to sit comfortably. But a seat…
  • Agree with the "be blunt. " Personally, I think Step challenges with prizes encourage cheating. Step counts are not that accurate. I wouldn't participate because I'm not supposed to walk long distances every day if I want to put off another for surgery. Most of my "steps" are actually conversions from swimming. One last…
  • Obesity started spiraling upward right after the government paid a doctor to write a report promoting overloading on carbs as "healthy." That was the food pyramid. The gov't only funded "research" that would back the food pyramid fraud. Big surprise, they commissioned the report right after the first grain subsidies…
  • In time it will no longer be much of an issue. I don't cramps very often now. When I do I know it is because I didn't drink my normal amount of water during the day.
  • I used to train in Tang Soo Do. Got to 2D before 3 doctors told me to retire from training. Degenerative osteoarthritis in my feet. Something I used to do was go through all the forms without any rest between. The hot my heartrate up and a good sweat on. I would also do drills building a horse stance and learning stance…
  • 8.8km yesterday. 2.2km morning 6.6km after work.
  • Using an electrolyte replacement during swimming can help. I use Propel powder in water or EFS depending on how long I am swimming. Bananas are rich in potassium and reduce cramps too. I really hate instep cramps. Because I have almost no cartilage in the big toe joints, the cramps just pull my big toe into the metatarsal.…
  • Tabata can be used in almost any group ex form. I have had spinning classes with a Tabata segment. Pretty intense. Got the power meter on the bike up to 600W. Not bad for an old guy.
  • It is probably trying to count laps. Also, you must have a push off where your tracker hand is reaching longer than when you are stroking. This can frustrate many who are new to using a tracker for swimming. Garmin is probably the best for swim tracking. I can't use any of the Fitbit products. Face is way too small to read…