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  • Hi, welcome to the board! I feel the same as you, I have right at 80 lbs to lose. i will add you asap! :)
  • I wouldn't go down to their level and I wouldn't leave the website, there are some amazingly motivational people on here. I know with thyroid problems and etc it is hard to get energy and the nerve to get up and go exercise and work on the eating habits.. but look at yourself in the mirror just as I have and reflect about…
  • Hi, I think it is better to add i on your own thant o dend on what is in the databse. I rather d that anyways and save to my favorites, especiallyif I eat it can also go to menus and etc from different food places to get a rough estimate if it is close to the same thing. Most of the time they list calories and…
  • Hi! First, how do you add friends on here? I am still new to this Second, I made a new goal and reward for my weight loss. I am thinking that if I can get the rest of the weight off of me..I may go back and get a tubal reversal and have another baby. My son is really wanting a baby brother and my husband is…
  • Hi! My name is Melissa and I am so sorry for your loss. We can all tag team this syndrome and win. I look forward to losing this weight and look and feel healthy. I have been taking green coffee bean extract which helps and fiber pills. This is all natural and I can tell a difference as far as my metabolism kicking it up a…
  • The only thing I have noticed is that my stretch marks have faded some but I still have the tummy issue. I am hoping when I jump start my weight loss; I can get my stomach a little flatter. Can't wait, if i get to that point I will post a picture! :)
  • Hi once again, I also wanted to mention what I have been taking which has helped me some. I have been taking Green Coffee Bean Extract, fiber pills. I keep my weight balanced and it also helps me kick it up a notch as far as metabolism goes and it is natural.
  • Hi everyone!!!! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond, I have been extremely busy these past few days with the kids and a birthday party and working overtime. I also just moved into my new home and we have been here for three weeks now and I have been looking around for some inspirational posters for my office since I…