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  • I watch her parents have coitus through their bedroom window every night at 11 pm EST. Spoiler: Mom has a strap-on and Dad loves it.
  • ^Hell yeah, I creep on her all the time. She vacationed in Portland last summer and her sister's name is Kaylee.
  • I'm 5'8" and my GW is 130, and the rule of thumb for women is 5 lbs per inch, so if I was 5'6" goal would be 120. But everyone has different bone structure, different build, and different muscle mass. Some 5'6" chicks may look best at 145 and some may look best at 115. My own structure looks best at the lower end of…
  • Lucky her. Yes that's statistically true and I wish I was her.
  • Girl, I have gone from tight to slightly jiggly to tight so many times I can't even count. 25% is so manageable. You could be tight again in a month or three. Handle that shiz. 25% is nothing. I have faith in you.
  • Generally yeah, the smaller you get, the smaller your BP gets. I've never actually been clinically overweight but I have really high BP and it drops the smaller I get, so that truth seems to apply to everyone.
  • Endo, ecto, meso are silly oversimplifications and that's clear to see. But yes, everyone packs weight in different places in different proportions. Two people of the same height who weigh the same could be at different risk because one has the more benign thigh fat and the other has the more problematic visceral fat.
  • Confession #1: I eat butter patties by themselves. I fkn love butter. Confession #2: After so many years of chronically low-carbing, I cannot stand pastries or anything else sugar-based. The thought of it makes me want to hurl. Whenever I stay at a hotel, I go into the continental breakfast hoping there will be sausage and…
  • On the other hand, though, what does it really matter if we discover our maintenance is 200 cals under this or 300 cals over that. There are bigger fish to fry, aren't there. One of my exes is 6'3" and weighs 145 lbs (!!) and by my calculations he eats almost 3000 calories a day... metabolism varies widely. If I have to…
  • I'm on lisinopril-HCTZ as well. I have stage II hypertension when I'm untreated. My doc and I have not noticed any linear correlation between my diet plans and my blood pressure medication reaction. Only the fact that when I weigh less, my blood pressure gets lower, no matter what diet/exercise plan I used. Low-carb is my…
  • I admit that I jumped in mid-thread, and if there's astral projection or narwhal physiognomy informing it then I better just jump back out. You guys are clearly in the middle of something and I'm out of my element. :-)
  • Okay then we're not talking about the same thing. I wasn't talking about whether eating 300 calories of this will make you hungry so you eat 300 more calories of that. I'm talking about a closely-monitored diet where you're restricting yourself to, say, 1500 calories of garbage food, versus 1500 calories of reasonable…
  • The concept of CICO implies that all that matters is calories in, calories out, and all calories are the same and calories are all that matters. Or am I reading the meaning of this thread wrong? Please explain to me. I'm receptive.
  • TBH - and I don't claim to be a food scientist, but I've done a lot of long-term dieting over the last 12 years: For me, minding your CICO works better than total disregard of calories (of course and by far), but in my experience it's not the whole picture, because for sure I lose more weight when taking in less of those…
  • Wow. Just wow. I'm actually crying right now. This is the best thing I've ever read on MFP.
  • I fear that I eat depressingly few calories just to maintain. I haven't logged in a while and prefer not to, I just know by instinct what I can and can't eat in order to stay at maintenance... but for the last few years I've wondered if I don't have a very bad metabolism. I just re-dropped 15 lbs (which I'd accidentally…
  • I haven't steadily logged in over a decade, but that's because I'm a career dieter, so I just instinctively keep a mental log of what I ate that day and I'm aware of the nutritional data on most of the things I eat. And who has time for logging. Obsessing and documenting food would just make me think about food all the…
  • I did take it for a while and the only effect it had on me was to make my asthma worse.
  • Take it from this birch right here who's been around the block, fallen desperately in love and gotten her heart broken mercilessly several times to the point where I thought I would die... Life goes on the minute you replace the old flame. And the best part is you can still be friends because you didn't actually wrong him.
  • No one said it had to be a random. Just find someone you like enough to sleep with and hang out with, then start a thing with him, and bing bang boom, your ex will be a fond memory.
  • Either you're moving on or you're not moving on. Pick one.
  • Celery, celery, celery! And Walden Farms makes pretty good no-cal dressings to dip it in. That's what I used to do if I went over, is just stuff myself with negligible-calorie vegetables until my tum was full. Or stick them in broth for a near-no-cal soup. Eat as much as you want of it.
  • The original post seems very judgy. Considering studies have shown (at least in lab rats) that IF promotes longevity, I think some people should reserve their judgment until they graduate from nutrition school. IF has worked well for me for maintenance, and I do take a daily multivitamin so it's not like I'm depriving…
  • I don't care about the tiny chance of getting cancer from saccharine. I like to gamble. It's just that saccharine tastes fkn disgusting. I'd rather drink Windex. Stevia also has a nasty aftertaste. Equal is better but still not perfect, but Splenda is the only one that actually tastes like sugar.…
  • My mistake. I have never heard someone talk about glycogen on MFP unless they were controlling carbs, so I guess I just assumed. Usually people who run on carbs have a big old glycogen store in their bodies, and they just deal with it, because they can still lose weight when they create a calorie deficit.
  • I don't count calories in maintenance. I developed good habits during loss and now I just kind of eyeball my food and use common sense, and it works well. I hope I never have to go back to counting calories. What an OCD-type consumer of my time.
  • As a fellow longtime low-carber, here is my experience. Replenishing glycogen will add a few pounds in your muscles and liver. Nothing too extreme, but plan for it. It's not infinite. I do not like the way I feel when I'm in the state of being a primary carb-burner instead of a fat-burner. Ketosis gives me focus,…