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  • Always happy to have more friends here to share tips and motivation. Add away
  • Not doing keto but lost weight following low carb lifestyle. Have sort of morphed to a Mediterranean type of healthy eating. Trying to be more active by swimming and other cardio stuff. So far so good. Jose (or anyone) ..... Feel free to add me as friend and/or message and share motivation and hints and tips
  • Am far from the league that all you swimmers are in but trying. After being at pool several times I think I've figured out that its my kicks (legs) that need the work ..... will do kickboard laps to try and build up leg strength to generate more forward motion and keep my butt from sinking
  • Thanks @ioneda As Dory says, “just keep swimming” :)
  • Great workouts everyone, am envious. My swimming stlye etc leaves a lot to be desired. Just getting the stamina to do multiple laps seems daunting. Was never comfortable with my face in the water, head roll to breathe every so often. Taking a lot of getting used to for sure but am keeping trying. Wondering if better to…
  • Went to the pool and did about 45 minutes perfecting (or at least trying to) my freestyle stroke. I’ll never make the Olympics :) but hope to at least be able to do a number of laps without gasping for breath LOL. Never been a great swimmer but am having fun and at least keeping active.
  • Just joined the group, thanks. Looks like a lot of threads to read through for ideas and tips. @lorrpb Search Swimmers and its on second page, the last group listed
  • Ok so it sounds like I should ditch the shorts (and go with jammers or a speedo) and get a pull buoy and work more on my upper body stroke
  • Had a pair of jammers once but didn’t find them comfortable .... but i guess be better than regular swim shorts for sure
  • Many thanks again for all the helpful responses. I am going to get out and get a better pair of goggles than the ones I have. I will check out some You Tube videos on improving my stroke and go from there with a good beginner structure. Maybe a pull bouy might be a help as well though I have enough “drag” already from my…
  • Started in March and by end of May was down 30 pounds
  • Thanks for the advice. Will definitely check out the links/google some stuff. @BrianSharpe .... so maybe I should start with a lap of the Rideau Canal :)
  • @mimc66 sounds familiar with the “floundering” stroke. I took a group lesson last winter/spring and now I think I just need to swim more. Like you have found I actually like it as a way to keep active. I will keep at it and not worry about the perfect stroke, just enjoy and have fun and keep active. Add me as friend if…
  • A lot of pictures of nice bikes. Am new into cycling and hope to start recreational rides for fun and fitness, but they will have to wait until spring. I picked up a basic Giant Escape. Looking for friends here on MFP also looking at basic cycling and swimming to keep active
  • Hi all. Lots of great tips, glad I checked out the thread. New to swimming as cardio exercise. Like enyagoboom I took some swim lessons back in Spring at local pool. They helped my stroke but am still far from a strong swimmer. Just trying to do what I can to get in any kind of cardio over the winter. Hopefully by end of…
  • Bought a new hybrid bike to do some more biking, mostly for fun but also to keep active, but will have to wait for that until Spring. Am going to start going to lane swims (during “senior swim times”) so it’s less intimidating than being with the serious lap swimmers :) Noel_57 add me as a friend if want and lets compare…
  • All about finding balance I think. I don't eat "clean" all the time nor do I want to. A lot of socialization revolves around food and meals. Finding the balance that works can be a struggle but better than the "food police" approach.
  • Feel free to add me as a friend. Trying to get more active (swimming, cycling, etc) and would like to share tips and encouragement
  • Am 60 and have got serious (again) and dropped some weight over the past 6 months. Still a few more to go and some toning up to do. Not much of a gym guy so looking at alternatives like cycling along path/rail trails and lane swimming to keep me active (along with softball, skiing, and golf that already do). Like to share…
  • Am starting lane swimming as a activity for the winter and am struggling with same issues. Am short so board shorts look stupid on me with their longer legs and low hanging crotch LOL. That and the idea of dragging all that garment along doesn’t seem to make sense. Am somewhat undecided on what style of lap suit to get but…
  • Whitby, ON here ....... Add me as a friend
  • Am a "shuffler" when it comes to my iPod. Have a huge variety from 70's & 80's rock to World music to Jazz to even some current stuff. Am always looking to find music that just sounds good regardless of the genre.