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  • She is 20 now. These were taken two years ago when she was 18 and a senior in HS. Not a minor even when the photos were taken. Nothing wrong with beauty. Tom
  • Thanks! Worked :-)
  • My daughter's senior photos were pretty revealing, but we liked them because she is a beautiful girl and though this was one of our favorites, we obviously didn't submit it to the yearbook. From an artistic perspective, we loved the wet look, the b&w, and her tattoo being as focal as her eyes. Granted, some people will…
  • I was a yearbook adviser at one point in my life and insisted that the only images that would make the book were simple head and shoulders photos. No posing with your dog, shotgun, or car. In retrospect, I wish I had allowed those kids to do the more personal shots because it told a story about them.
  • 1/1 = 0 1/2 = 0 1/3 = 90 1/4 = 30 Total = 120 / 1000
  • Well done! I've been there done that! Remember looking at pictures of me in Cancun with an extra large t-shirt on, beer belly, and a double chin. Glad those are gone, but still have a ways to go to be the picture of health. Always open to more friends.
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  • Personal FAV is Stuff You Should Know.
  • Understand. My wife and I were just talking about this very topic the other day. Seems like when the weather changes here in Ohio from warm to cold, our bodies kick in and start taking over our common sense by some ancient cerebral code that tells us it is time to store up for winter!
  • Never thought of injecting pregnant pee! Good idea :-) Everything in moderation and you can't go wrong. Moderate, smart eating. Moderate, smart exercise. I'd rather be in shape than be skinny. If I wanted to be skinny, I'd take up heroin - seems to work for them. Diets are fails. Lifestyle changes are wins.
  • I use MapMyRun. Started out using this app to map our hikes (there are several websites, MapMyHike, MapMyRun, MapMyBike,, etc. that are all tied into the same database). Use the GPS on my Droid with MapMyRun app to get accurate readings on routes, elevations, times, MPH, et al. Easy to use and seems to be a…
  • Oops. Guess I'm doing something wrong here. Anyone want to give a little advice? Thanks! Tom
  • Bump! I'm in, even if starting late. I can paste the running ticker in, but is there a more automated way of doing it? <a href=""> <img border="0" src=""></a>
  • Sweet success. I agree with the donation plan. Not getting rid or throwing away, but helping others.
  • I get it - Time of Month - here I thought it had something to do with my name. No bloating here. Perhaps because my name is Tom. Man, that puts a whole new spin on my name. Perhaps I'll start going by Thomas. Here's to hoping your TOM goes away and leaves you back to normal soon. Tom
  • Never been a junk food junkie, but when I do occasionally indulge, I enjoy it for what it was, put it behind me and go on. If I deny myself, I just end up wanting it more. Best to give in on occasion (and by that I men have some ice cream once a month, or pizza on a Friday). Outside of some really nasty processed foods, I…
  • Good luck! Will be curious to see how you do and what the results are in 21 days (given the extra 14 days of Turbo Charge). No criticism from me. Whatever you think you need to do, do it. I do like the idea of detox and have a friend in Arizona who does one day a week (Sundays) with a liquid diet to detox. She says it is…
  • I love hummus but didn't realize it was good for a diet. Great news and thanks for sharing! Will have to look it up to see how it fits in my diet plan. What brand did you purchase out of curiosity? Thanks! Tom
  • Challenge accepted! One pound per week.:noway:
  • When is the deadline? I love black bean soup, but have not made it from scratch in years. When I was in Costa Rica, the family I stayed with gave me a recipe book that had authentic Tico homemade recipes to include a black bean soup that was absolutely delicious. Need to dig out that recipe book, see if I can made it, and…
  • I've used and (which do basically the same thing as this one) but always thought it would be nice to have a Facebook-type of sharing community where you can hook up with friends at distant locations to encourage one another instead of complete strangers. On the one hand, it is nice to be…