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  • Yes x 3, although exercise was just a 20 minute walk indoors around my house. Sometimes I don't eat any of my exercise calories, sometimes I eat all of them. I let my hunger rule, within limits.
  • No advice, but good luck and have fun!!
  • Pass Day #3 for me, still sick. Hopeful for tomorrow though. @w8goal4life I've only clicked on your first link so far, but I LOVE it! Thank you! As to staying motivated to exercise, I'm most enthusiastic about exercise when I see performance improvements, and least enthusiastic when I've plateaued, or worse, gone…
  • @NovusDies you give good advice generally, and I think this advice is what the "experts" would also say. But I have never understood it. Maybe if I captured my urine in a vial and did a colour check it would be valid. Everyone's toilet bowl has varying levels of water, and we produce varying amounts of urine when we are…
  • Although I agree that thirst and hunger signals can sometimes be confused if you're not being at all mindful, it's not a factor while I'm logging. So for me, not a factor in weight loss. Perhaps a tiny factor in not regaining when I'm no longer logging.
  • Pass Day #2. Sick :pensive:
  • Yes x 3 for me yesterday. Exercise was tennis practice. I’m having déjà vu as I’m typing this, I think because I started to post yesterday, but MFP shut down before I could finish :astonished:
  • I have one egg every day, but I also have low CVD risk generally. My husband, who has a somewhat elevated CVD risk sticks to egg whites almost exclusively. Eggs were the topic of renewed concern again earlier this year after a study by Zhong et al was released in March. "For each additional half of an egg consumed daily,…
  • I'm happy to hear you are getting the cat scan to check for calcium. My husband has a genetic condition (same as Bob Harper of Biggest Loser) such that he has an elevated lipoprotein(a). I mention it because Repatha is one of the drugs they use to treat it (you mentioned it in your first post). I follow a forum for people…
  • Exercise? Yes, 2.5 hours raking and wheelbarrowing Calories? Yes Tracking? Yes Today was my dad's 85th birthday and, as is our tradition, my siblings and their families raked up my dad's large tree filled property as part of his gift. A few years ago we realized it was an overwhelming job for him each year, and we have so…
  • PS, Rick, I love the way you define the activity requirement for this challenge. I’ve been under the weather and still managed some slow purposeful activity (the win cheers me up). Yesterday I forgot to do any purposeful exercise, and I'm happy to take a pass day. I am happy to have help in remembering to take time for my…
  • Pass day #1 for me. I went back to the restaurant with the fabulous tasting menu yesterday, and thought I had a plan to keep it under control. I skipped lunch, I took pics or every dish served so I wouldn’t forget anything, and I only had one small taste of the dessert. Even without logging I could tell I’d be ok…
  • Yes x 3 for me today. Exercise was 25 minutes on the stationary bike.
  • For those suspicious that diet face isn’t a thing, here’s a pic I snapped where my face looks like a deflated balloon.
  • @lalabank what a great photo! You guys look goooood, and your house does too! Congrats again to all those who made it to the Winners Circle! Fantastic job! Yes x 3 for me today. Didn't even bat an eye at those halloween treats. Finishing out October on a great note personally. I had 4 pass days but I'm still down another…
  • I'm logging again right now, but I've gone long periods without logging, and I probably will stop logging again next year sometime. I mostly just have to watch my carbs to maintain. I don't mean Keto, and I'm not even sure you could say low carb, but so long as I eat lots of fruit and vegetables, get my protein in, keep…
  • Yes x 3 for me. Exercise was 90 min of low impact aerobics.
  • Well done Terri! Enjoy your pass day tomorrow!
  • I won’t be in the Winners Circle this month. Congrats to those admirable souls who will be!! Yes x 3 for me. I still have my cold but I managed to play tennis this aft anyway. Made me very happy.
  • Pass Day #4 for me unfortunately. Much cheered up however by all the well wishes on yesterday's thread. Thanks guys.
  • Pass Day #3 for me, and yet another sore throat :disappointed:
  • I made the soup! It was too hot to eat initially so I put a bit of milk in it and I liked it like that. My husband, who doesn't eat dairy, ground up a few raw cashews in his. He uses his "cashew cream" as a substitute for anything that normally requires cream. It was cooler for my second bowl (well, cup actually, I ground…
  • Great group of people, and the gentle accountability I need.
  • Yes x 3 for me. Did my morning workout and then got so busy helping with my grandson's first birthday celebrations that I didn't eat enough! I'm not the kind of person that normally happens to :smile:
  • @w8goal4life Brilliant! I love easy! I’m going to try this recipe. Cauliflower is priced right this time of year.
  • Hi all! I love reading these intros, getting to know new members and learning a little more about existing members. @BonnieHosk85 Welcome back! I was just thinking about you yesterday, hoping you were well :heart: November starts my 7th month in UAC. I think I’ve made it to the Winners Circle about half the time but I’ve…
  • @lalabank Hoping today is a happy day for you :smiley: @jem302 LOVE hearing that your more active lifestyle involves your kids. Congrats on some great healthy changes! Yes x 3 for me, exercise was my morning workout and a row in the aft.
  • Early “Happy Anniversary!”
  • Yes X 3. Went a little over in calories and had to go down to the basement to row it off, but I can go to bed with a clear conscience now :blush:
  • @vhuber Hope today is a better day for you :flowerforyou: @RoxanaDP Wow wow wow! You look amazing. Sorry you lost your first post but this one was still very inspiring. @corriepelc Congrats on another awe inspiring day. I’m quite pleased with myself for getting my 10k steps in everyday but your on another level!…