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  • I tried Tai Chi on Sunday. My Sciatica was starting to feel better, and it was the first class, so I went. It was surprisingly difficult, and the poses torque my bad knee which can dislocate. So I had to be careful. Mostly it felt like wasting the instructor's time, trying to teach me something I wasn't physically capable…
  • Chris, Remember when we used to take long walks in our homes? I had a nice loop in the old house. And my impression is that you passed bookcases? down a hallway? How close is my memory or did it make all that up? Anyway, hope you find some heatproof activity. Maybe pretend you're shopping in an air conditioned market?…
  • I finally figured out what's making my belly sore. I've been dealing with sciatica for a couple weeks and can't sit or recline - it pinches a nerve and is really painful. I can stand and walk a little; but laying prone is the only real relief. And being flat on my back so much makes me fidgety, so I'm tossing around and…
  • Chris, Hope you're chillin! It's cooking here on the coast too, but this house stays cool under the trees. Feeling lucky. Take care. Paula
  • Kathy, Congratulations on the vacation weight management. You look so great, Karen, Yoga sounds wonderful. And control sounds great too. Chris, Too hot! Hope you have A/C. Hope your brain is better. Shell, Hugs to Joey and Libby. Your beautiful little furbabies. I looked up causes of sciatica; and yes weight gain and…
  • Dropped off the stew and covid supplies and was relieved to see SIL on the upswing and hear their daughter's case is extremely mild. So glad you tested neg, Shell. Hope your friend and her baby were okay - it's so scary. I gave my bro all my tests except one. Then my ex was afraid he had it, so he talked me out of my…
  • My SIL came down with Covid and feels awful for cancelling her daughter's 11th bday; but everyone at Chucky Cheeses is grateful without even knowing it. I'm measuring food again. Hit 188#. paula
  • Wow, Kathy. Truly romantic! What kinds of food are on the plate? mashed potatoes, peppers, ...? Looks delish. paula
  • Beautiful pictures, Kathy. You look so in the right place. So wonderful. <3 Paula
  • Shelley, You are a natural warrior, protector, guardian. <3 paula
  • Shell, So pretty! I love your little paths and beds and stepping stones. And it seems to me you have some artistic painted pavers and statuary hidden around too. It's like a miniature estate garden! Paula
  • I did a bunch of (weightless) arm workouts while lying in a dentist's chair between teeth drillings. It's been a decade so not surprising it was so bad. The workout was the best distraction. He saved the tooth though. <3 Paula
  • Karen, What a beautiful picture of you and your DH. So nice to see people in love. <3 <3 paula
  • I car camped at a music & art event Fri & Sat. Magic. Walk, dance, view, visit and be amazed. Everyone shared. I gave away glow sticks and thumb stones. So fun. Had to come home a day early from exhaustion, but it felt amazing. My yard's a mess after septic tank repairs; so I bought a pound of crimson clover seed to cover…
  • And may you have a wonderful special birthday this month, Kathy!
  • BTW, the reason it has been so hard for me to switch to keto this year, is because I keep giving in to the cravings, or the alcohol before my body has completely readjusted to fat-burning mode. And that completely undermines all the hard work and kicks me back to square one. I just don't have the will-power when I'm in…
  • May have been able to get back on Keto. It's so hard! Been trying for months and gaining weight the whole time. It's only been a few days, but the craving seem reduced and I've lost 3 pounds. Fingers crossed. Shelley, You asked about keto clues. I'm not a nutritionist but here's what seems to work for me: Best of luck to…
  • I'm over 182 pounds now. It's physically limiting, but mentally okay. Feels like biding my time and waiting for it to turn around. And learning to be comfortable in my own skin and appreciative of good health as is. Must go off and TRX now. Love to you'all. paula Shelley, so sorry about migraine, wish we could wave a wand…
  • Chris, I get the Ultra (soft) brand of Kleenex - otherwise my nose gets chapped cuz it leaks a lot. paula
  • Chris, Coffee does that to me too, but the buzz is worth it. :p Paula My weights are only 3# (not 5# as reported above) but I did 2dozen curls today and the burn felt good. :D
  • Busy week. Derek has moved out and the cats & I are staying at his house while our septic tank is being repaired. It's also helping him and his Wampi (sweet little demon kitty) transition to have the rest of the family there with them in the new space. It's been stressful for the cats though; and that stresses me, so it's…
  • Hiya Shell, Yeppitty-yep-yep, what Chris feels, Paula feels, so it did get a little warm here yesterday. T'was exquisite. I'm feeling inspired by all of y'all's postings and am gonna go pick up a couple dumbbells and lean into the TRX a bit. Need to jostle those muscles. (muscles? what muscles?) Kathy, Your mom's news…
  • @cpanus Hey Chris, I'm off-topic again. But a friend posted this scholastic strategy and it struck me as stunningly brilliant. If you're willing to share, I'd be curious if your DDD has heard of it, and what, as a professional, she thinks. Makes my heart warm. <3 paula
  • Highest weight: 317 Ultimate Goal Weight: 138 April 30 goal weight: 174 03/27: 178.0 04/01: 176.0 04/07: 175.8 04/12: 04/19: 04/26: 04/30: paula
  • It feels odd to hear you folks welcome me back when it doesn't feel like I leave. Sometimes I drop in but don't say anything but I'm here. And the "time passes faster when you're older" thing is so true. It feels like a week goes past in a day. So, I haven't left! Just squeezed in a little corner... appreciating you all.…
  • What a cutie! paula
  • Highest weight: 317 Ultimate Goal Weight: 138 March 31 goal weight: 165 Weight gain started so fast. Hoped it was starting over. But nope, still an upward trend. (alcohol's all gone though!) 10/15/22: 146.8 02/28/22: 172- 03/04/22: 169- 03/23/22: 174- Paula
  • I keep feeling positive and eating well for a day and then backslide. Not sure what it's gonna take for keto to kick in again. Brain knows it's easy, once I get on program. It's just how to get on the program that's tough. Derek's finally actually moving out. Already staying at his house 75% of the time. Will probably…
  • Hey Chris, Hope you're feeling better. Paula
  • Karen, Some of our old workouts here had leg lifts; but when I tried to do them; my legs stayed on the floor and my head went up in the air. The top half isn't heavy enough to counterbalance the legs. It was hilarious. paula