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  • So, how is everyone going? Still working away at it I hope. Have a day that makes you happy and healthier!
  • Good morning ladies and gentleman! Hi to the new faces, good to hear from you. :) I must say when we all achieve our our goals there are going to be some happy, healthier faces around. But without trying to put a downer on it, keeping in that state will be an ongoing task. Like mowing the lawn, there is always upkeep. The…
  • Good afternoon all! Nothing like a visit from grandchildren to burn some energy! Interesting question about the thirty pounds, 13.6 kg in my part of the world. A thought for today.....
  • Hi another new face! you must be a northern Hemisphere person. Currently the sun is not setting till after 8pm here but going outside has been a no no due to heat and smoke! At present, the idea of a long winter sounds great! Must be great to be so close to GW! The dreaded munchies and it is so tempting not to log them! ;)…
  • Wow nice to see some chat on this site, we all have things to overcome as well as our goal to reduce weight. Welcome to the new 'faces'. Bookmarking this page: at the top of the page on the right hand side there are three icons, a bell (notifications), a star (hit this to bookmark the page) and a wheel/cog (to mess around…
  • How about the rest of you?
  • Good morning! All quiet on the western front again I see. The end of week 1 and the scales (who are very fickle) say my weight has dropped 1.4 KG. I weigh daily so that I am familiar with the way my body can fluctuate from day to day. So, while happy that it is less than when I started, I am aware that this number is…
  • Very true!
  • Good morning, at least it is here in Eastern Australia, though somewhat smokey skies but hey only 33C today (almost 92F). All aboard, the more the merrier, we are all here for the same purpose. This morning while prepping brekky, I was thinking that I had been doing this for months and should be seeing better results and…
  • Hello to the new faces and welcome. I will do my best to keep this active. I need the encouragement. As far as I am concerned I am happy to have anyone in this group regardless of gender, our mission is the same. I had a little snack this afternoon that turned out to not be so little KJ wise. Never eat with a hungry three…
  • PS, don't forget to bookmark this page or it will take you forever, like it did me, to find it again!
  • Hello everyone, I have been tracking and mostly keeping to my plan. I am using the CSIRO diet and it is interesting to compare what they say to eat and the figures that appear in the tables when the quantities are entered. Need to give that some thought. How is everyone going? Positive I hope. I think my favourite part of…
  • Hi, am 67 (an Aussie) and the heaviest I have ever been:( I would love to, NEED TO, put 20 kgs somewhere else other than on me. I try to avoid saying lose weight because in my mind something that is lost needs to be found again and over the years I have been winning (losing) that game every round. So, I want to dispose of…
  • Count me in , just joined - day 4 - from Riverina NSW - Still finding may around all this. No pic uploaded yet. Cheers