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  • I would ask your doctor if he is suggesting a low carb or a keto diet. That may not only prompt him to give more spacific information but also give you an idea of what "low" means.
  • I don't count calories and limit my eating to meals only without snacking. I try to keep my fats high and carbs below 50g. After the new year I plan on mixing some fasting in. Be patient and just let a stall happen for a while before making radical changes. As you tinker with macros and calories it is important to be able…
  • I have looked at some videos but haven't needed to pay for any although some authors do pan handle a bit for a donation. I wouldn't do any weight loss strategy that involves me paying someone for me to loss weight. Any WOE or calorie restriction is free. My father in law always said "you can get anything in this world for…
  • I have heard pro keto doctors say "Calorie restriction does not work" however it was not related to marketing something other than maybe a book. The thought process is along the lines of as you restrict calories your metabolism slows to reduce your deficit. Than when the restriction stops you gain back all you lost. So…
  • I don't track or count anything. I try to limit carbs to <50g but that is only by choosing low or no carb foods. I do eat vegetables on the lower side of the carb scale. Even though I bought them I have never used the pee strips. I just wasn't into it and over time it is not very reliable. I speculate that I drift in and…
  • I have never bought any so I had no idea of the cost. Nothing fancy about what type we used but I think I interacted more with vinegar when dying Easter eggs years ago. So it is possible that it cured me then of what I didn't know I had in the first place. B)
  • I think the snake oil salesman had a better profit margin on his product.
  • I have read some of these doctor's books and found them informative. Don't don't waste your time searching MFP for any meaningful information on any of them. Many on MFP have a knee jerk reaction to these names because they are in conflict with they way they see the world. Any conversation with their names in it will…
  • The fat is my favorite part of keto!
  • It's always a good feeling when you move into a lower weight class! Congrats!
  • For me it was taking my eye off the ball. I was okay with monitoring my calories but when my running decreased from my 30+ weekly the scale began moving up. I really didn't want to go back to counting everything I ate calorie by calorie. I never thought about LCHF WOE but stumbled across it and thought I would research it.…
  • I can eat veggies daily but I must admit I do miss the potatoes, tubers and fruit. The bread not as much as I thought I would.
  • That's just it, this WOE is like the non-diet diet. I eat as much as I feel like eating. I don't count calories or weigh anything and I feel full without the hunger sensation. Not implying keto/LCHF is magic or the only path to weight loss. It clearly works for me on many levels. Beyond the first water weight loss I had…
  • Nothing wrong with that.
  • I started in July and have lost 24 pounds of water so far. So much it has deceased my waist and belly size. :D What the scale doesn't show is how great I feel.
  • I know to alcohol level is high if they serve it in a glass smaller than a pint too.
  • The OP asked "I'm debating whether or not to do low carb, Vs keto for my health." So that is the topic. Taking the word health to extrapolate it relating to blue zones is a stretch. IMO
  • I don't stress over am I actually in ketosis or not. I aim to be about 50g of carbs but don't log macros or calories. I tend to drift in and out of ketosis and have been getting good results with this WOE.
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  • You may want to look into the keto groups area. Some are public and others are private and they will respond to a request to join. If you are on day nine you should start feeling pretty good by now.
  • I love IPA's, Stouts and porter but unless its a special occasion, like when I visit my son this weekend, it is Corona light. Makes me think of water. Corona Premier is only 2.6g carb but it is more like nasty water.
  • I don't feel that all carbs are bad which is why I have a vegetable serving with my protein. There are carbs I consider bad like highly processed grains which I doubt people living in blue zones buy by box load. I choose to not be a vegetarian because I like meat. Blue zones don't interest me because there are so many…
  • Blue zones don't interest me but I am aware of them.
  • In my younger days I got my snow skis on and my buddy tied a water ski rope on the back of his four wheel drive truck. After about a foot of snow he was pulling me through the center of town. I am right on the snow ice line so it too nasty to run but it is an excuse to test out the four wheel drive. My truck is a year old…
  • I hear the type with "mother" is supposed to be good for you but I can't recall why.
  • The comment by the author of that documentary, not study, that really suck with me is "why is it that the only animals that cannot regulate their body weight is man and any animal cared for by man". I have been LCHF ever since watching the Magic Pill.
  • I had to switch to light beer and I hate light beer. It was most to lose the carbs.
  • I tend to speak in round or general numbers but it is usually a half bottle and a light beer afterwards so I guess that to be about 20g to 25g.
  • I am sorry if someone in this thread said they are extremely allergic to honey, if they did I missed that. I would never suggest someone with a honey allergy to ingest honey. I was only commenting that I know several people that feel that eating local bee honey helps them with pollen allergies only. I also have no idea if…