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  • What's the verdict / opinion on these, please? Unless I missed it. If so, my apologies. I've tried a few substitutes for Doritos and haven't found one I like yet.
  • By reading labels on everything. Sodium is found in so many products that you wouldn't expect. I love my salty foods but I DO try to keep it at a moderate level just for health reasons.
  • Yes, exactly the same for me, too. I've had my belly button pierced 4 times over the span of 20-ish years because it just grows itself out and completely heals within a year or two. It's very odd so I'm glad I'm not the only one this happens to!
  • I felt like this quite a bit when my son was a teenager. He had different reasons than your kids do for lashing out at me, but after a while I finally understood WHY I was the one he lashed out at. It's because he knew that no matter what I'd always be there for him. I wasn't going anywhere (unlike his absent father). He…
  • I was with you 100% until the last line. Nothing wrong with it! To each their own. I like to buy, prepare and cook my own food but I make it special at home. Make a plate, peaceful environment, my own choice of beverage, quiet music, etc. Either way, I too share the unpopular opinion that eating home made food is better…
  • Good for you! I had a mini vacation myself last weekend and walked a LOT. It was tiring but felt good at the same time. Also, it's the best way to explore a new area. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
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  • Funny that this thread was revived today because just 5 minutes ago I was told I need to eat a Whopper. It came from a client whom I truly like and is a good person. No offense taken by my part. I know I'm healthy and I'm comfortable with myself. I think I depends on the intent of the person making the comment but we can…
  • I love the gym and the gym environment, so I can relate somewhat. I tend to neglect lifting regularly sometimes but once I hit the gym and see all the other peeps hitting the weights, it's re-energizing. For now, can you find You Tube videos for weight and/or cardio workouts? There are LOTS of super strong, fit women to…
  • I agree with trying the wife doctor first. She's probably going to inherit a lot of her husband's patients so will probably learn more about sports medicine along the way.
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  • Longer flights are tough but the safety of pets come first. Thank you for the info! I've never flown with pets but it's good that you already have experience with it. I'm sure your kitties will be grateful!
  • How will your kitties handle the international move? You'll be able to have them with you, right? Just curious as an animal lover myself.
  • Yes, (13,000 per day) but I keep in mind that balance is important. I don't let myself get so focused on hitting my step goal every day that I neglect lifting and yoga. It can be tough because I like when I have a several day or week long stretch when I hit my steps but for me, lifting and yoga are just as important.
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  • Very true.
  • It's great that last year you improved your eating habits, took daily walks and started lifting but you don't have to do all of that all at once to lose the weight again. You have a lot going on. Keep it simple. Eat what you've been eating but reduce portions. Walk or lift when you can but when you can't do not consider it…
  • Exactly! Congratulations! If you don't have your head in the game you'll never succeed. This is exactly what @ninerbuff posted about a few days ago on the Motivation and Support board. For some reason the thread got derailed and didn't get the attention it deserved. How you succeeded is by having the right mindset and…
  • You're not alone! I think we all have days like that. Like you said, just keep keeping on and don't let this feeling ruin your day. It will pass.
  • I think you are on the right path. You're asking yourself the right questions, the TOUGH questions and that's the part of long-term weight loss that a lot of people never address. Cut yourself some slack. We all make mistakes. You're learning so be patient and consistent and accept that some days will be better than others…
  • I understand, OP. Being in a bikini or swimsuit all day tends to make you think more about what and how much you're eating, in addition to all the activities you mentioned. How about trying new workout videos on You Tube? I don't mean over do it and work out all weekend but staying home doesn't mean watching TV only. You…
  • Have one roll when it's warm with the good butter and enjoy it. Then send the bread basket to the other end of the table out of reach. Enjoy your dinner and the occasion. Happy birthday to your daughter! Everyone has different techniques for this type of thing but for me personally, the first piece of bread is good but a…
  • I use Strava and it accurately records my walking or hiking route. Odd that it doesn't for you. I use the free version, too, not "premium".
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  • Same, particularly after a recent injury, surgery, and recovery. Now I'm more grateful than ever that I "get" to be active. Still a little limited in what I can and can't do, but I'm happy to be making progress.
  • What type of physical activities do you do now? What do you enjoy (i.e. indoors, outside, etc.)? Do you have access to a gym?
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  • I like to make twice baked sweet potatoes with this: BIRDS EYE C and W Premium Quality Ultimate Southwest Blend Bake the potatoes, cut in half, scoop out the flesh, mix with the above (thawed), re-fill the skins and bake until golden brown and slightly crispy on top. Yum! Butter and/or hot sauce are good with it, too.
  • Definitely inconsiderate and self-centered of her. She should have kindly and sincerely acknowledged your accomplishment and continued on with her own thing on her own time. Don't let it bother you though! Great accomplishment on your part. Enjoy it!
  • Agreed. Photo #2 is just that: a photo. Pic #1 is called living life. Fit, able.
  • I dislike clutter and love living alone but cat toys left everywhere is completely acceptable. And adorable.
  • Keep harassing teaching them. They and everyone else in their future lives will be better off. One person shouldn't do it all when others benefit.
  • Hmmm, the bold is quite concerning to me. Good for you for recognizing that you need to start eating better. How old are you? You mentioned buying some of your own food. Surely you should have the right to eat it whenever you want? I'm sorry if I'm misunderstanding a cultural thing or something.
  • What coping methods have you tried? And why do you think they didn't work? Distraction is generally the first thing to do but I'd be interested to hear what you've already tried so that different ideas can be suggested.