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  • I like the frozen brown rice, the frozen Indian meals, tarte d’alsace (eat the whole thing as a pizza substitute for dinner lol), Chile relleno, everything but the bagel seasoning, reduced guilt spinach stuffed shells. Yum
  • I don’t see them as a fad but more of an advancement of technology.... people wore pedometers for years before trackers came out. Note: Been using a Fitbit for 4 years, and it has definitely encouraged me to move more.
  • You mention that on days you don’t log you are sure you go over 1500, and that your goal is TDEE less 100 Cals. With a small deficit goal you are very likely wiping that out on your non-logging days. You may want to consider increasing your deficit a few days a week so you can use those calories on other days, if you like…
  • I used to take Rainbow Light Women’s One.... while I don’t have this problem I see lots of reviews on Amazon that people with intolerance to other multis are able to take them. They are a plant based multi, others like Garden of Life, etc may work also. Some people have issues with synthetics.
  • Almonds are calorie dense and definitely should be weighed. Milk/liquids can be measured with measuring cup... I often skip weighing eggs when using commercial eggs since they are pretty consistent but I do weigh farm eggs since they vary in size. You would also likely benefit by logging your weight into a trending app…
  • Hot pork rinds are awesome, a few of them go a long way on satisfaction.... But I'm buying a bag of plain and throwing them in my salad stat, can't believe I never thought of that!
  • While a different organ, my brother went through this with fatty deposits in his pancreas and ended up with severe pancreatitis. He had to eat a very low fat diet for months under supervision. He ate lots of fruit/veg/lean meats and reduced dairy. He also limited snacks like chips and replaced with edamame, potatoes, grape…
  • Also, meant to say that as part of Fitbit’s calculations it factors more for intensity (the active minutes). This is why even though you got less steps, the intensity of the classes were higher than on the day you took more steps.
  • The exercise calories earned by your Fitbit are not just the ones from your purposeful exercise. What the number means is that on those days you earned X calories more that day than your activity setting in MFP. Meaning if your setting is sedentary, MFP thinks that you actually burned 503 calories more that day than a…
  • Frozen meal (Lean Cuisine, Amy’s, Indian, etc) Light string cheese or hard boiled egg Piece of fruit (melon, cutie, small apple, etc) Sugar free Jello cup (10 calorie dessert) I like to have several things and varied items to be satisfied, the above gives me that for under 400-500 calories (depending on the frozen entree I…
  • Same here.... I don’t want to get likes on my feed for losing the same ounce I lost a few days ago. It makes the new lows feel special to me.
  • Agreed on wedding dress sizing.... when I got married I wore size 6/8 jeans but I ended up buying a size 12 wedding dress. I do remember that putting me in a bad mood! It did need to be altered of course, but the fitted bodice was not forgiving
  • I can gain several pounds first morning weight to afternoon on the same day, even without TOM.. once you eat/drink anything the variability starts. If it concerns you, please don’t weigh at different times. I am a Daily weigher but do it first thing in the AM after using the bathroom, nude, before showering. I also log…
  • I get what you are saying, but sometimes this isn’t obvious.... the “recipe” for some varieties of black beans (for instance) are different due to the different preparations. I was specifically responding to the person I quoted (not the OP), who was noting different information for different brands, and thus relevant to…
  • Yeah, I assume the variations are due to the seasonings, etc in each variety (some have some pork, etc in them for flavor)
  • OP, what is your expectation of a reasonable loss rate? I think that is really the root of this, when you don't get these astronomical losses you throw up your hands? I'm thrilled if I lose 1 pound a week!
  • Check out the Strong Curves program by Bret Contreras, eat at a not-to-aggressive deficit and get enough protein. Lots of time and patience!
  • I would keep in mind that some of the initial loss would have been water weight or less waste in her system. I’d play around with eating more fat, fiber, and protein. Personally I’d also be hungry after an apple or banana too, but if I added a hard-boiled egg, cottage cheese, or string cheese that would help.
  • I took it along with Topamax from a local quack diet center a several years ago.... long before I got wise to MFP. It was the most miserable month of my life, I had dry mouth so bad I could barely stand it, which also gave me bad breath. I remember trying to do a Zumba class and I could not quench my thirst. I did lose…
  • Malibu in cherry Coke Zero is bomb
  • The OP is trying to increase her protein intake on a much lower calorie goal. Protein is important to maintain muscle mass while in a deficit. This post doesn’t really address the OP’s situation.
  • Saying this as a Boss/Manager to many direct reports, there is NOTHING that the boss can or should do to get your coworker to eat. If it ever reaches the point that it is directly affecting performance, etc at that time your mutual boss will address it directly with the employee, typically with the guidance of HR so as to…
  • Is this an app you are using to track your gym visits?
  • That’s what I thought.... if you had 10k steps today you were not sedentary hence the large adjustment. I’d start by eating at least half of the calories and see where you stand in 3-4 weeks. I also set mine to sedentary so that on my office days that I don’t move much my allowance is lower, but on days I’m not sedentary I…
  • What is your activity level set at in MFP? The 1,000 calorie adjustment doesn’t mean that you burned that much in your workout, but that you exceeded your set activity level by that amount. In your case it would mean that you exceeded what MFP has for whatever your selected activity is. The lower your activity level, the…
  • 726 today.... however I have my settings as Sedentary, but I wasn’t today ;-)
  • I eat my Fitbit calories and still lose/maintain right on schedule.... getting calories from my Fitbit just means I've exceeded the activity level I selected in MFP.
  • To gain 3 pounds of fat you'd have to eat 10,500 calories over maintenance. Most likely you have some water weight... I see you mention soy sauce, even the low sodium is sky high.
  • I like Premium and I do use some of the options... but MFP is completely usable without it. I’d look at the features and decide if they are worth it to you.
  • I’ve heard good things about the Withings WiFi scales.... I currently have a cheap one I bought at Aldi and it’s reliable, but when it dies I’m going to get a Withings