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  • Yes! I cannot find an entry that matches my tuna in a can so I have to just have an inaccurate recipe and it drives me insane. I had to play with numbers to make it right.
  • Are you counting your calories?
  • Yes, weight loss isn't linear and you'll go up and down depending on time of month (if you're a girl), new exercise causing water retention, extra salt one day, more carbs one day, etc. There are weigh trend apps to track all the fluctuations and average what your weigh probably is and smooths out those dramatic spikes.
  • I need more information because I want this haha.
  • The skeletal elements that make up the shoulder are they way that they are so that we can lift over our head or move like that so I don't know why anyone would say this.
  • I love reading your posts because they are so funny and enthusiastic. They motivate me to continue to eat well and stay on course. I'm so excited to keep reading about your journey. Water weight and other fluctuations often mask losses and you never know when it'll strike. I'm glad you're staying positive and a loss is a…
  • Weird, mine said at 5'4 and 131 that I'm healthy but could go as low as 105.7 all the way to 142. 105.7 is way too low for me though. I'd look like a skeleton. I initially got obese but didn't click on the lbs. and inches bubble so had to redo it.
  • I have a twin who is a boy. I am not a boy. People know I am not a boy and that my brother is one...yet they will still ask if we are identical whole life.
  • You burn calories just by being alive daily and then you get more when you walk around a grocery store or do housework. I burn around 1600-1700 calories just doing my normal routine, without exercise. If I burn 1700 calories that day and only eat 1200 calories, then I will lose weight because I am in a deficit of 500…
  • I'm 5'4. I started out at 153 lbs. and I'm down to 123lbs. I currently eat 1500 calories a day for .5 lb. loss at lightly active and my goal is 120 and then i'll recomp or try and add muscle. Early on I had lower calories for a 1 lb. loss but as you get closer to goal .5 lb. is best. You are about 5 lbs. outside the high…
  • I did the walk but didn't have the app just the print outs. The app would have made it easier. I didn't have a fitbit for almost half of it so I just tracked all my exercise walks. Once I got my fitbit it went faster. I did the whole journey in exactly 2 years. It was fun!
  • NPR did a good article with helpful links and info I know cross over crunches and bicycles are a big no no.
  • No a dentist would not. It's like brushing your teeth with acid if you do it after. They recommend the opposite, which is waiting to brush your teeth. That is why I commented. Brushing and flossing helps most with acid by ridding it of bacteria on your teeth that creates acid. We are talking about acid from outside sources…
  • Brushing and flossing can rid your mouth of bacteria that creates acid, but we are talking about acid from food and drink sources that can also erode your teeth. With these they recommend cutting back on the substance, using a straw, rinsing your mouth with water after consuming something highly acidic, and waiting to…
  • 50% my response was also about bone issues actually. And the reason I explained teeth issues was that he acted like flossing and brushing would negate the issues it causes to teeth, and it doesn't.
  • Well the acid in the soda eats away at enamel and once that is gone there is no getting it back. No amount of brushing and flossing will help that tooth. They also know that soda is bad for bone density but they have yet to figure out what about it causes bone loss. Most doctors say stick to 1 to 2 a day and you should be…
  • All solids should be weighed in grams on the scale and liquids you can use a measuring cup. That is the most accurate as cups and spoons are known to be off with solids.
  • How are you calculating your calories burned? Are you eating those back? How are you calculating your 1200 calories you eat a day? You're at a healthy weight so losing 10 lbs. is going to be a slow process. You don't have a lot of wiggle room so you have to be as accurate as possible.
  • You're right in the middle of a normal healthy weight range for your height. So getting down to the lower end of a healthy weight takes time, being precise, and losses can be masked easily. I'd give it more time. You should probably aim for .5 lb a week.
  • My fitness pal has built in the calorie deficit into your calories already and doesn't take into account exercise. So if you set it to lose 2 lbs. a week, the most recommended by health professionals, then you need to eat back some exercise calories. Otherwise you are under eating and not fueling your body which can lead…
  • First congrats on the weight lost already and on your wedding. If you only have about 38lbs. to go to a healthy weight range for your height then 1.7 might not be doable the whole time and may be a bit aggressive. Usually under 25lbs. to lose is about a .5 loss a week. Just, unfortunately, the closer you get to a healthy…
  • Better training. Making sure police have access to counselors. Make those that have a conceal and carry go through training with police so they know how to let police know without it escalating. Make police go through training about profiling. Make it clear that shooting someone in the back is not ok because there is no…
  • It's actually not. There are more blacks involved in crimes because officers arrest black people or stop them at a higher rate than white people. Many departments have taught to profile so if they are looking out for black people to commit a crime they are going to miss out and ignore the white people or let them off with…
  • First you have to make sure you are figuring out how many calories you are consuming a day. Unless you weigh your food on a food scale and choose accurate entries you won't lose what you expect. That is why you didn't lose the 2 lbs. a week because you were not calculating your calories in accurately. I worked retail and…
  • Your first wrist bone does not start to grow until about 2.5 months on average and the last one doesn't start to grow until 12 years old. For the first 6 years of your life you only have half your wrist bones and they aren't complete.