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  • I second the suggestion for juices. When my GI issues are particularly bad, I often turn to cold-pressed green juices just to get some kind of calories and nutrition in my system.
  • Count me in as another example of healthy life with only limited amounts of vegetables. With a history of gastroparesis, I can only eat limited amounts of fat and fiber. I eat vegetables, but only a few times a week and only particular vegetables that either aren't too fibrous or are cooked to mush. I drink a glass of…
  • At least it wasn’t a cinnamon roll AND a black bear. That sounds like a losing proposition for sure!
  • Check out Y-bells. They have a variety of grips that let them function as a double grip medicine ball, kettlebell, dumbbell and push up stand. I have two pairs of them and have been able to add a lot of variety to my small space workouts.
  • I think sleep is too important to take even the slightest chance of not being able to get a full night's rest in. I take meds every night and make sure I have a bare minimum of 7 hours to sleep. I alternate between hydroxyzine, which is an old-school antihistamine and temazepam, which is a very mild benzodiazepine that I…
  • I do something similar, but not as a salad/side dish. I slice cucumber and put it in a dish to marinate with some rice wine vinegar and some sweet and spicy chile flakes. I drain most of the vinegar off after a day or two. I keep these as a cold snack in the fridge. If you slice the cucumbers more on the thick and chunky…
  • I take a medication that blunts my appetite and have similar problems. My solution has been to eat "by the clock". I eat a large breakfast before I take my meds, have a substantial snack between 3 and 4, and eat dinner usually between 7:30 and 8:30. That way I don't ever get so hungry that I'm snarfing up everything in…
  • Smack dab in the middle of the 80's, like most of my friends, I was a latch key kid snacking on frozen burritos and mini-pizzas after school. Playing outside wasn't really a thing because busy streets and stranger danger. One of my chores was cooking dinner for our family of 4. I wasn't a very creative cook at that age…
  • I keep most things frozen, then I can just take out what I want, pour some kind of sauce on it and dinner is done. My go-tos are frozen grilled chicken, whatever frozen veg looks good or is on sale, some kind of Asian or Italian sauce and frozen rice or pasta in a pouch. I also keep a lot of cheese and cracker type stuff…
  • Nothing really changed for me except ordering in instead of eating out. I still don’t enjoy cooking so I probably order in 2-4 times a week. I actually am really enjoying how many more places deliver now, I hope that keeps up once things open again.
  • My Fitbit once gave me a bunch of “steps” for driving on a twisty road. My arm was moving up and down as I turned the steering wheel and I was covering distance. It was also an unexpectedly unpaved road with a lot of switchbacks, so my HR may have been a *little* elevated as well. Aahhh technology!
  • And allergies! Usually by this time of year I'm on 4-6 pills, sprays, and inhalers just to breathe inside, never mind venturing outdoors for any length of time. With masks, I'm walking my dog outside two hours or so a day and still just on my regular 2-3 maintenance meds.
  • I'm a freezer girl. Bag o' meat, bag o' veg, bag o' starch, bottle of sauce and microwave. You can get frozen chicken, shrimp and fish pretty commonly. Tons of veg choices in the freezer section. Rice, potatoes, or even the "riced" vegetables are all in freezer bags now or sometimes I buy those pre-cooked on the shelf.…
  • Or any of the other 47 they've resurrected and spammed this morning....
  • Air fryer, tiny crockpot, and a microwave. If it can't go into one of those things, it doesn't even make it onto my grocery list.
  • My boss had COVID last March, just when everything closed down and still has no sense of taste or smell. He says he misses the smell of coffee most.
  • 1500 is the minimum for males. For females the bottom limit is 1200. But yes, it does seem like you don't hear as much about food guilt from people getting sufficient calories.
  • I have zero optimism about this. It has been the most protracted miserable experience of my life. I'm working on firming up my estate plans and just holding on with teeth and nails. The logistics of doing those things in a landscape of utter desolation has been a distraction, at least. I try to reach out and talk to people…
  • I take long walks (60-90 minutes) fairly often and do (did?) different kinds of cardio when I could go to the gym. I think I've made 4 or 5 attempts to take up running in the last several years and have never been able to work through the pain I get after I try. And I'm very used to muscle soreness. I lift pretty heavy and…
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  • See there? What could possibly go wrong??? CLEARLY I'm an expert already B)
  • I can think of very few things that are as filling and long-lasting as potato. Whether it's hash browns for breakfast or stuffed potatoes or green-chile potato chowder for dinner, I can eat a smaller than fist sized potato and be good for hours. Fat just makes me queasy and gives me heartburn. Which I guess creates a…
  • Okay, that gives me a moment of gratitude. I could be quarantined with children. I can't think of a child I liked being around for 20 minutes, much less 20+ days of lockdown....although at this point, I'd probably be willing to give it a shot. I mean, I've kept a couple of plants alive for a few years now, that's pretty…
  • It's probably too late for your friend, but my allergies are already horrible this year and what I've been doing is tracking my temperature. I've started a pandemic journal just to get thoughts out of my head and every day's entry starts with my recorded temperature. I take it mid-morning after I've been working (and…
  • Your poor daughter! My birthday was this weekend. I had a takeout feast on Saturday that I shared with me, myself and I. I was going to splurge and rent a movie, but couldn't find anything appealing. Luckily, my sister and I have opted not to social distance, so I was able to spend part of the day with her on Sunday. She…
  • How sore did it make you? I've tried C25K a couple of times and just can't get past the soreness--I end up hurting from my feet all the way up to my shoulders and face and can't power through more than the first week or two before it just isn't worth it.
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  • I'm reasonably sure that "joy shopping" can't be stopped. I seriously spent probably fifteen or twenty minutes looking at baby/kid clothes at Target last week, just to have something to do. I don't have kids. I don't even know anyone who has kids. But it was there, it was retail and it wasn't my *kitten* apartment. Today…