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  • Mine was quite anti-climatic. Always struggled to lose weight, would go on diets that never worked and felt miserable and had a horrible self-esteem. Woke up one day and just decided to gradually eat less and made healthier choices. 8 months later I weighed myself and noticed that I had lost 10kg (22lbs) without much…
  • I am teaching myself how to sew properly and look forward to mastering it and make myself some very cute clothes.
  • My personal opinion is that everything should be weighed in the beginning to help you navigate around portion sizes and calorie content. I weighed everything except for spices for about six months until I felt confident enough to guess my meals. I have lost weight steadily and successfully because I am good at guessing…
  • It sure is! Congratulations on your success.
  • I was getting ready for work this morning when I saw my reflection and realized I can make out some bones on the back of my shoulders as well as my shoulder blades. Back padding is reducing!
  • That the discipline I have learned can be incorporated into various aspects of my life. I don't just watch what I eat and refrain from a second portion: I also manage a good sleeping schedule, I am managing studies and work simultaneously, I have ambitions for my future which I have never had before because it has all…
  • I'm chugging it up to self confidence. I've been through quite a lot as well (facing homelessness is absolutely terrifying!) and yet I managed. Losing the weight made it possible for me to love myself, become confident, and therefore harbour a stronger belief within myself. I suspect the same happened to you. If a person…
  • I have never posted on here before, so not particularly sure what to expect. 24kg lost (53lbs) with about 15kg (33lbs) to go. I'm 1.6m (5'3'').
  • 24 and looking for friends! Add me
  • We had to fit for new lab coats at work yesterday and I was extremely nervous when it was my turn. I struggled for years to find one that fit right and it was unfortunately always an embarrassing size. Imagine my surprise when the man said: "All right, a small for you. Next." I was close to tears and couldn't believe I was…
  • That after a year and three months I am doing this automatically. I realized this morning that I haven't weighed myself in more than two weeks so I got onto the scale and lost a little bit. I don't feel pressured anymore, I have simply adapted a new lifestyle and despite going through a very difficult time, I haven't…
  • I can't wear dresses because my underwear slides off entirely. Will be stocking up on some new ones soon!
  • Username: Feelingalive Weigh in week: 2 Weigh in day: Wednesday PW: 163.7 lbs CW:162.8 lbs
  • Username: Feelingalive Weigh in day: Wednesday PW:163.7lbs CW: 163.7lbs
  • Afternoon everyone! Been involved in this challenge for a few months now and looking forward to seeing everyone's successes and challenges for the next few months to come. To team captain: My usual weigh in days are Mondays but due to a demanding schedule I would like to change it to Wednesdays please.
  • Username: FeelingAlive Weigh in week: 5 Previous weight: 165lbs Current weight: 164.2lbs
  • Username: Feelingalive Week: 4 Weigh in day: Mondays PW: 165lbs CW:165lbs Apologies once again for being late. My work was hectic and I still need to get into a routine. I think from next month onward I would like my weigh in day to be on Wednesdays - would just be more sensible considering my schedule.
  • Username: Feelingalive Weigh in week: 3 Weigh in day: Monday PW: 166.5lbs CW: 165lbs
  • Username: Feelingalive Weigh in week: 2 Weigh in day: Monday PW: 167.4lbs CW: 166.5 lbs
  • That you are more willing to dream big. I always wanted to lose weight but never managed, and that affected how I saw my own capabilities and inner strength. Now that I'm halfway to my goal and finally realizing that I will actually succeed, I am now more confident in myself and find that I am not scared to go for other…
  • Feelingalive Week: 1 Jan PW: 169.4lbs CW: 167.4lbs Apologies for being late, I was babysitting my nieces and had my hands full. Good luck with your first month as captain!
  • I always hated exercising and I still dread it. But I was extremely unfit and it embarrassed me to such an extent that I would avoid activities with friends in case someone noticed how I huffed and puffed and got all red in the face. Exercise to me is a very private ordeal because of how I felt less worthy due to being…
  • Everyone gave amazing advice and took many words out of my mouth. All I can add is that your brain might not be receiving enough oxygen when you exercise, especially during climate, humidity or altitude changes. I suffer from an allergic asthma and require an inhaler during very cold climates. Without it I become very…
  • I was stupid once again, even my mini goals were too large :D But hey, I've lost 10lbs so far with 10lbs to go before I reach my first goal. My visit with my boyfriend is about 5 weeks away so I probably won't make it in time, but I'm not too bothered by it. Will be close enough. And congratulations on reaching your first…
  • I am going through the exact same thing right now. I've been on a contraceptive pill for the last 10 months but since I am switching brands I am a hormonal mess. I'm constantly craving food and having hunger cramps despite loading up on fiber. To be honest I even skipped the vegetables tonight because right now the thought…
  • When I first started I felt discouraged by the amount of weight I had to lose: 37-42kg, but I realized that being scared by that number wouldn't make it go away, I had to take responsibility for my actions and change my lifestyle because no one else could lose weight for me. The longer it takes you to realize that weight…
  • I eat because I love the action of eating - I don't drink my calories to make up for it. I have set meal times because I want to eat even if I am not truly hungry. When I am preoccupied I tend to forget about food and can go hours until I am reminded by hunger, but if my day is boring all I want to do is eat even if I am…
  • I do want to add that one's metabolism does slow down slightly while you sleep (core body temperature can drop one degree Celsius) but it won't affect your diet and therefore the time of your meals is irrelevant in that regard. I eat carbs at every meal.
  • Hey there, hope you're doing well. I'll give a brief overview of myself :) Why have you decided to lose weight? How has weight affected you? In relationships, career and family? I've been overweight/obese since I was about 7 years old. I suffered from high levels of anxiety when I started school and turned to food for…
  • I wouldn't go down that road. There are people on MFP who had to lose a lot more and still managed without surgery. For some it is necessary, for others it isn't. I have to lose a total of 94lbs - not for one second would I consider surgery due to the potential complications during and afterwards. I've lost 34lbs so far…