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  • Covid fatigue is real . I feel for those without access to Vaccine or have medical conditions preventing get vaccinated. There's some that I avoid like the plague. I have not been in places like churches, movie etc since March 2020. Saw a church friend recently outside his shop working on a car so I stopped to say hello.…
  • After dealing with blood clots for 6 months and general weakness still Covid-19 is worse than anything I have experienced. Organ and brain damage can be expected.
  • It seems like the UK is going for herd immunity the old fashion way by removing restrictions. Locally I see more anti vaccine types going the self vaccination route as well and some already are in a world of hurt. I think most in the UK and USA that want the two shot option have acted so…
  • Positive trend!
  • Plus I have seen a few get pushed to get vaccinated due to the Delta news
  • Locally I am still being told things like Covid-19 is fake news and death comes due to fear from the fake news and/or lack of Faith. After 18 months of reading I have observed only one thing that systematically…
  • @Gisel2015 Don't count on it because that would require the use of logic.
  • After dealing with 5 months of serious blood clots first in the left leg then the right plus spending Easter weekend in ICU to clear their fragments from both lungs yet doctors could find no known causes I found this article helpful.
  • With both Moderna shots I have a 12% risk if exposed the Delta variant that has raised cane in India.
  • News like this seems to be motivating some but a high level of protection would still be 6 weeks away. Being twice as transmissible the case numbers can double ever 7-10 days and this is one reason it zapped India so hard and fast. One case…
  • Photos work well because human vision is psychological not physiological like photos are. Most people can start seeing their weight loss when it hits the 20% mark I would think based on my personal experience but when it comes to the mind everything gets a fuzzy from individual to individual.
  • This Delta (former India??) variant is shaping up to make for a long winter in the USA the way it is popping up in states with low vaccination rates.
  • Based on local and international news a new Covid-19 wave may be forming. The 4th of July holiday may be additive to the Memorial Day Holiday activities as more and more burn their masks to celebrate vaccines ending the Covid-19 era.
  • I was down to 30 days when I put my left brain in charge and cold turkey stopped eating foods containing added sugars and any form of any grains. I held my carbs down to 50 grams daily but my calories remained around 3000 since weight loss was NOT an objective. Going keto was not on my mind. I was trying to slow a hard and…
  • Thanks for your simple and straight forward informational Keto post. Like many I failed to understand my controlling attachment to sugar wasn't a weakness of my mind but it came from some of my then gut microbiome communicating with my brain by way of my Vagus nerve dictating their cavings. I was to start on Enbrel…
  • Sounds like bullying is being addressed.
  • This is from the Commander of all USA agencies. If you read the article you will see it was not an emphatic no.
  • Last year we learned a lot about Covid-19 from cruise ship data. Looks like 2021 may be a good year to learn more about Covid-19 vaccination effectiveness in these controlled environments At a quick glance this story…
  • Hair loss and Fatigue were two that jumped out in my experience.
  • This sounds similar to my post Covid-19 vaccination experience.
  • No. The doctor said he expects the cause most likely will never be known. After the day they pulled 16 vials of blood for testing and got the dye contrast CT scans approval by insurance carrier and all was negative that was as far as the Carrier wanted to go. I never did have a sense that cancer was involved but they…
  • I had Moderna #2 shot 46 hours ago and think most of my side effects to this side may be behind me which was mainly feeling tired. After first shot the side effects may have been more Covid-19 like but had passed after 22 hours leaving me stronger than any time in 2021. Ever if my sinus infection the first week of Jan 2021…
  • Dr. Campbell weekend up date for US and UK and beyond. Good to hear about PACVAC. Good to see US pushing 80 million dosages to other countries. We got our 2nd Moderna shot yesterday. I had some symptoms but not like the butt kicking of 4 weeks ago. Our health care providers now only vax on…
  • Sounds like some in Australia are stressed as the end of the pandemic is not in sight. Seems like USA lockdowns are over because of fear of the outcome. Mask usage by store employees and shoppers is approaching Zero locally but high temp and humidity is a factor as well.
  • @Fuzzipeg it sounds like the Indian variety is more serious. I have appreciated Dr. Campbell's input over a year now. He is a voice of reason in the mist of this pandemic. Looks like Israel plans to fight…
  • This UK healthcare professional has helped me better Covid-19 immunity questions.
  • I hope the USA is not over relaxing. This thing is still a world wide concern.
  • Well maybe I got vaccinated too soon. :)
  • Nerve hearing loss had turned me into a lip reader without me realizing it. Today WalMart had the pandemic door barricaded for remodeling but because I walk starring at my feet I didn't see that fact and decided to walk to the other door only realize my mask was far away in the car. I said screw it and went on in. 10% of…
  • @missysippy930 I had to be shipped to a larger hospital with a heart ICU to get my lungs cleared quickly using tPS directly into each lung for 12 hours. They put a port like opening in my groin and fed 2 lines up through my heart so I had a line feeding tPA directly into each lung. I never had any pain and was still…