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  • Veggies would cost me $30 to $50 dollars a month where I live. I'm looking to add at least 300 extra calories to my diet since I am on 1200 calories. I used to have an extra $100 dollars for my groceries before I lost weight so I was able to eat more but my rent went up for just that much last June so I have lost that…
  • Here's a link on how to repair a broken metabolism
  • Here's a link on how to repair a broken metabolism
  • I got a new highly rated Taylor scale mid weight loss and it weighed me two pounds higher than my old scale. But my old scale was 20 years old and I could step on it 3 times in a row and it would give me 3 different numbers. My new scale gives me the same number all 3 times. I just mentally adjusted to the new scale. Try…
  • I took the 10,000 steps plus regular exercise as a challenge yesterday and walked 5 miles to get the 10,000 in and then did an hour of circuit training after and found the walking relaxed my muscles and actually fueled my workout and made me stronger. I felt great! But I found I needed to replenish with a banana after when…
  • I'm bipolar as well and it took me a year to wean off the same med you are weaning off of. I also take topomax. But to lose weight I have had to make serious effort. But my appetite is back under control and 100 grams of protein every day really helps with that. I'm at a healthy weight now but recomping and still wanting…
  • Name: IsabeausRose Height: 5'11.5" Total weight lost: 48.2 pounds. Time it took to lose: 7 months How long in maintenance: 1 week Maintenance weight range: 170 to 175 January 221 February 217 March 206 April 197 May 191 June 192 July 188 August 182 September 4th: 175.4 September 11th: 174.4 September 18th: 172.8…
  • I was addicted to the scale too and it made me absolutely miserable and unhappy. I had to decide for myself what was normal, healthy and realistic. So I decided to weigh myself once a week now. It has really freed me emotionally and mentally. I go by measurements and how my stomach feels when I run my hands over it for…
  • I use MapMyWalk offered here at MFP for tracking steps, route, distance, and calories burned. I like it much better and think it's way more accurate than the health app built into the phone. (I have an iPhone).
  • I stopped weighing myself this month as I decided I was happy with my weight and no longer wanted to obsess over a number every day. It has been such a great freeing feeling! I do still take measurements sporadically and even though I am at goal weight I am not mentally ready to increase my calories yet. Which may be the…
  • I stopped weighing myself and it feels so great to not be obsessed with a number. I don't know when I will weigh myself again but I am taking measurements. I should mention I am at my goal weight but haven't increased my calories yet. So most likely I will lose not gain.
  • I just reached maintenance as well and I got the advice to add calories back slowly 50 at a time . I'm on 1200 a day as well. I'm going to keep tracking every day and make it a permanent thing with regular weigh ins. At lot of people once they reach maintenance start to work on strength training and building back muscle…
  • I was two months late on my last depo shot and the only change I noticed was maybe I started losing weight a little faster. But I also took up exercise so maybe not.
  • Wow that's so awesome! What an incredible story xoxo
  • BD and eating disorders go hand in hand quite a lot. And I'm absolutely positive I'm not the only one on this site who has suffered from one. Anorexia and bulimia aren't the only forms eating disorders take. Overweight people can get them too. From emotional eating, to compulsive eating. And the common binge eating. It's…
  • I eat 5 pieces of Dove Dark Chocolate every single day. It's what held me together and kept me going when I was losing weight. It's about eating healthy most of the time but still including the foods you love so you don't feel deprived. If you can't make a real life out of it then you won't live it permanently.
  • Yesterday I added another lap to my daily walks making it 7.5 miles a day now!
  • I reached my goal weight today but I want to lose 3 more pounds just so I can officially say I lost 50 pounds :D
  • I started my diet last January and then quit smoking in April while still on my diet. I was successful at doing both at the same time mainly because keeping track of what I was eating all the time kept me distracted from the withdrawal. And I don't miss smoking one bit!
  • I used to be obsessed with the scale and a bad weigh in would really ruin my day. It was an all or nothing thing with me. Weigh myself daily or not touch the scale for months. I had to decide what was reasonable and healthy and not considered obsessive. So now I weigh once a week on Mondays. I go more now on how my body…
  • My doctor usually does but I don't get offended he knows me. I tend to take weightloss too extreme and he warns me not too lose too much weigh. That there's a happy medium.
  • Eat at maintenance calories, eat more protein, don't get so skinny, and for heaven's sake quit smoking!
  • I took a month off my diet. I needed a break as my mother who has Alzheimer's was living with me and it was too much stress. But I was so happy when I got back to losing weight. I am at the high end of normal now but happy with the way I look. My original goal was lower. If I lose more I lose more.
  • I'm adding a calcium supplement to my diet next month and will be adding it to my daily nutrition tracker.
  • Name: IsabeausRose Height: 5'11.5" Total weight lost: 46.6 lbs Time it took to lose: 7 months How long in maintenance: 1 day Maintenance weight range: 172 to 176 January 221 February 217 March 206 April 197 May 191 June 192 July 190 August 182 September 4th 175.4 September 11th 174.4 Success/struggles of the week: I am at…