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  • (Quote) Well that's going to get old fast lol thanks for the pro-tip! I will definitely watch out!
  • (Quote) For the record guys, yes I know to calculate net carbs, in case anyone else asks :) and I also know how to calculate different alcohol sugars.
  • (Quote) Yes I really do like keto, but also my therapist is suggesting it for mood regulation and to help with my depression. I have felt better over the past couple of days but I wanted to give it a couple of weeks to be fair. I do not medicate so…
  • (Quote) I can bake some mean bagels though 😂
  • I like bakers chocolate, the 100% cocoa, but I know not everyone likes that. Also, I've started eating plain Greek yogurt with cucumbers and in a weird way that seemed to help with my sweet tooth. Also, it's hard to over indulge on fruit usually (…
  • Thanks for everyone's responses :)
  • Hey everyone, thanks for replying. Here are some answers to questions: I will definitely lay off the nuts then. I measure with a meaauring cup for them and its probably not as accurate as a food scale. I am a stay at home mome. My other food is e…
  • I know how this works. Before I got pregnant I was at 180 after losing weight. Initially I started at 250. So I've lost before and this worked for me before.
  • I read this book and I just returned it to the library so dammit I don't remember the name but it was about overeating. It laid out a plan about how to eat and it was weeks long and it encourages you to not diet until you do this plan. I'll get my n…
  • (Quote) I'm going to be honest, I have compromised as much as I can. I have another daughters health to worry about and I can't compromise so much that I'm feeding them both healthy every once in awhile. She will eat no vegetable. Not a single one.…
  • (Quote) Thats ridiculous lol. It's one thing to say that on occasion its fine to let your kids have junk food, its entirely another thing to say that its healthy for them to eat it. Maybe its my location then. I live in Indiana and a lot of my fami…
  • (Quote) That's exactly my issue. I have the girls from 6pm Sunday until the next Sunday and they will starve themselves until about Wednesday (absolutely gorge themselves) and then they'll starve again for the rest of the time until they go back. I…
  • I eat sandwiches on lettuce, but regardless of the vehicle, I don't think anything can beat a traditional ham and cheese. For less caloric sandwiches load up on veggies and throw it on there with hummus or mustard.