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  • I seriously thought that was your boyfriend... and that you were YOUNGER than him!
  • I don’t accept anyone that sends me a friend request without an accompanying message. Like, how did you find me? Why are you sending me this request?
  • If we’re lucky the fall will crack our jaw and we’ll have to get it wired shut. Yay! Enforced super calorie deficit. Lol.
  • Yes. I think almost everyone has had that impression since the bench press thread. And if that’s what he’s looking for he’s seriously out of luck, because what he was doing before was absolute trash. Trash. He’s had the answers to his problem spoon fed to him time and again but he just can’t let go and do what he needs to…
  • I say that my week starts on Sunday because that is the first day of my work week. I call Thurs/Fri/Sat my weekend. Because that is MY weekend. But as most people think of Sat/Sunday as the weekend due to working Mon-Fri I may refer to it as “the” weekend in conversation. I go day by day but also view calorie intake by the…
  • I’m a K-cup bra hourglass figure with a vast and varied wardrobe. Trust me, I’ve got enough real life comparison data. And I know the definition of mitigation.
  • I seriously almost just choked I was laughing so hard. I mean, obviously it’s not “funny” but the sarcasm just killed me.
  • This thread has become unbelievably fascinating! There are so many different people I want to quote or refer to but this post would get out of hand. I totally agree about the back-handed flip side of assuming that No Makeup = Ugly. I actually spend 90% of my time bare faced. Even at work. I have nice skin, nice features,…
  • Oh, gotcha! Never mind then, lol, my bad.
  • This is so true! It’s like you can’t win. I would say that that one could track the “caliber” of treatment based on appearance, but that’s a whole other sociological experiment. Oh, and to the post above about the cute girl approaching the guys. I’m not quite sure how to put this except to say, it’s not the same thing.…
  • I meeean... the whole “no makeup and non-sexy” clothes advice is the step before victim blaming. “Of course you’re going to get hit on, look at what you’re wearing.” “They can’t help it, look at how you dress.” Can we please stop putting the responsibility for men’s behaviors on women and their bodies? We shouldn’t have to…
  • I weight daily, and that really helped me understand my fluctuations and how my body reacts to different things. I tend to drop a little bit consistently every couple of days, BUT I also retain water really easily and LOTS of it. I can bloat up around 10lb and hang onto it for a week to 2 weeks around my TOM. So I’ve…
  • I’m not doing SL, but I DO do progressive overload, which is what adding more weights each session is. But I move up weights every WEEK not every session. So I do a full body workout 3x per week. But I use the same weight those three times Mon/Wed/Fri. Then when the next Monday comes along I add more weight. If moving up…
  • Say on Tuesday you work out and burn 200 calories. You decide you don’t want to eat back the 200 exercise calories on Tuesday and instead eat n extra 200 calories on Saturday. Yes, your Saturday will say -200, but your Tuesday also says +200. That equals 0, it’s all balanced out. You have the ability to look at your…
  • I set my activity at sedentary, link my Fitbit, and then eat back my exercise calories (or bank some) day by day. This just seemed like the easiest way, because some weekends I just spend the entire day in bed watching Netflix, and others I can rack up over 2,000 in burned calories from my workouts. I like having my…
  • Yup! I absolutely love to dance so I work up a LOT of cardio calories that I don’t always eat back. Which means that when I look at my week I can go, “Bake myself a 1,000 calorie serving of chocolate lava cake for dessert? Don’t mind if I do!” and not even blink.
  • Yes, less soreness is normal as your body gets stronger and adapts to the new workout that you’re puting it through. Yes, the program will help shape your body, but right now your main focus is losing the excess fat, keeping the muscle you have while you lose, and having a fairly nice shape when you hit goal. As to…
  • Wooo! In it to support the booty gains!
  • I’m RIGHT there with you. Calories/Macros/Micros/ turns into a math game for me and I go all in, lol. Add in the fun of creating my own personal workout program and OOO BOY, don’t let be get started! But I’m also a fellow over-analyzer, and I train staff, so I think it helps me switch into “simplify” mode for new people.…
  • ^ Guys, the OP is SO confused already. This protein discussion/argument doesn’t even matter and will only confuse him further. 1lb per gram of lean mass? Do we really want him spending the next three days trying to just figure out the math of his lean mass?? OP, just eat lots of protein. And if you need a bit of a guide…
  • How much weight do you have to lose? If you’re trying to get rid of a bunch of fat, that has to do with what you put in your mouth. So eat at a calorie deficit to lose weight. Lift weight to gain strength. Now gaining strength and gaining muscle are two different things even though they TEND to go hand in hand. If you’re…
  • Canadian here. In a wedding or more formal setting we almost always refer to the little finger foods as hors d’œuvres. At a casual setting (house party), or restaurant we call them (or chips and dips and other light things) appetizers or “appies.” Entrée = main dish here when the word is mentioned. But we tend to say…
  • Yummmm! Gummy candies are my absolute weakness.
  • Woooo, what up fellow Runner 5s! Such an amazing app.
  • I loooove meal prepping. I tend to prep my 4 work nights (I work 10 hr graveyards), then freestyle my 3 day weekend. This week I’m doing pineapple and light mozzarella for my breakfasts, and fried chicken, seared asparagus and spinach/cheese ravioli with tomato basil sauce for dinner. It puts me at just under 1,300…
  • I’m currently eating ketchup chips and a Rice Krispie Square. I’m 70lbs down. Just sayin’, lol. If it fits your calories you’ll be just fine.
  • Ho.Lee.Crap! AMAZING job!!! So freaking inspiring.
  • You know, I saw a South Park episode about them but since I’m in Canada I had no clue what they were talking about. NOW I get it. And yeah, I can see how things could quickly get dangerous.