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  • July 2019 vs June 2020. 320lbs-ish vs 205lbs. Just started a new push to 185lbs or so for a scheduled competitive trail run in September. I'm very happy with my current weight but this is kind of an experiment to go all-in on getting lean for an event. We will see how that turns out. I am definitely having to make daily…
  • Thanks again for the great comments this morning. Very much appreciated. Don't hesitate to ask me anything about what I found to work and not work, etc. I am happy to share anything I picked up along the way.
  • I held off on this for a little over a week just to be sure I was really there... I am positive that some of you can relate. This is officially making my goal of 100lbs. SW is 315lbs (although I always think/say that I was likely a bit higher as that was the first weigh in after a couple weeks....I was just too scared to…
  • SW 315 in pics 1&2 (although I believe it was very likely higher, as I dieted pretty hard for about two weeks before I had the nerve to weigh in) CW 224 on the right. GW is 215 so less than 10lb to go. I am actually pretty sure I’m going to continue on to 195 now mainly to lean up further for 50mi Ultra that I’m tackling…
  • Started July 27th, 2019 @ 315+lbs (didn't get on a scale for the first week and a half or so) and hit 260lbs this last weekend (10/12/19) in time to host my annual charity event. So, down 55lbs in a little under 12 weeks and thinking this is about halfway. On the left I'm a 42in waist and 54ish jacket and on the right 38in…