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  • Yummy! That is one of my favorites. My mouth is watering! Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • I agree with this, too. My mom is 80 and just can't do a lot. She beats herself up about it enough as it is, comparing herself to Dr. Fauci who is only a month or two younger than she is, or that 96 year old nurse who just retired. My job is to let her know that it's okay to take it easy and to not feel guilty or compare…
  • Good afternoon all. Did some grocery shopping today and hubby and youngest son went with me to walk around The Oregon Garden. Always a happy place for me. Allie -- I had forgotten about the payments to the OB. I remember with all of mine I did have to pay for everything up front. At one of our first visits, we had to also…
  • Do you cross stich or embroider? My mother made embroidered baby quilts for each of my boys. They are very beautiful, and we used them a lot. Something like this would be nice. And with the kits, I think the fabric comes pre quilted, so you just have to follow the pattern. (The ones my mother made were no where near this…
  • Praying for your son, Rebecca. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • O. M. G. The Neulasta* is finally kicking in. I have no words. Nothing I've ever felt before. Pain, and not exactly pain. But kind of like I am repeatedly being slammed into by a truck, or a very large cow, maybe? But thank God it is working. My neutrophils this afternoon were crazy low. The PA's advice? "Don't hang around…
  • Hanging in there. At work today, and so far feeling great. I will be getting my hair cut in the next day or two in anticipation of losing it. Here is what I will look like. My family likes it -- they say it looks like me 5-6 years ago. Heading out for a walk. Everyone take care. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • I'm sorry Julie. That is frightening. I hope the situation is resolved quickly. Lisa -- that quilt is stunning. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • My mother's doctor has a similar philosophy. My mom is 5'1" and weighs about 125 pounds. Her doctor told her to not go any lower than that. Even though weight charts might say she should weigh less. She still looks pretty frail, even at 125. I can't imagine her lower. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Health Update: Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Health update Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Thankfully, yes. I need my Athena pics every few days! <3 Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • I'm sorry you are struggling with this and that he is struggling, too. Is his father influential in any way? His sister? Your brother? Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • I hear you. Totally. Teenagers suck most of the time. I have a 14, 20, and 25 year old, and I'm afraid to say that the 25 year old isn't a whole lot better than the 14 year old. Oh, and the 20 and 25 year old sons both bombed at college, so no relief there. (In my older son's defense, he is now working on a paramedicine…
  • He doesn't have most of these, but he legitimately does have ADHD, has had it since a child. Couple that with narcissism, and he doesn't have much patience for things that he wasn't initially interested in, and he can even get tired of things that he was interested in! But he can focus on complex technical problems for…
  • I don't know if you are joking or serious, but if I had liquid in my mouth, it would have spewed all over my computer. It is hysterical. But no. No brain damage. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Good for you, Allie. Happy birthday, Beth. I am sorry it is bittersweet, but totally understandable that it would be. Glad your move went well, Penny. Cool that you were able to enjoy fireworks, Katla. Karen -- did you have a wonky mammogram result? I remember someone else just did. Lisa -- I am sorry that you are…
  • Happy July! I missed the whole heat wave. I was at a work conference in Ft. Worth, where it was about 25-30 degrees cooler than in Oregon. Weird. But kind of nice to have missed it. Health update: Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Up at my mom's this weekend on a fishing expedition. I did manage to find my dad's medical records from his breast cancer experience, and I took pictures of, what I believe, are the key pages of information for my doctors. I cannot find his genetic test results, and it is super frustrating. I did find the letter…
  • I like seeing it, Ginger. I don't always post much, but I do cheer for you when you have a binge-free day! Sorry for the insurance woes. My insurance company doesn't want to do the CT scan. I talked to them this morning, and I think they will change their minds. Their argument is that we don't even have pathology reports…
  • Thank you for all of your well wishes and especially to those of you who shared your own experiences.
  • I'm barely hanging on. That sounds more dramatic than it really is! Lol Welcome to everyone new. Brief intro -- I'm 60 years old (!!!), work as a college administrator in a small private college in Oregon. I also teach inside one of the correctional facilities near our campus -- we offer a 4-year degree. I am most proud of…
  • So cute, Rori. I love your hair! And your smile is delightful. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Puppy pic! She is six months old now. We love her to pieces, all 16 pounds of her! <3 Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Sweet Rori. I am sorry for your loss. I hope the memories of the good times together will give you comfort. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • I am sorry, Beth. His situation has been heartbreaking. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Oh, Rori. I am so sorry, but I do appreciate how precious these final hours are and am thankful that you are able to be with him. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Might it be easier on your feet/legs to walk outside on softer surfaces, like grass or dirt? I know when I was running, running on dirt roads was much kinder to my body. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • I'm so sorry, Beth. Flea Willamette Valley, OR