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  • Started this latest diet at 164.4 on Jan 18. Currently 135.4 as of yesterday morning. Working to get back down to about 133 before I got back to maintenance.
  • I just eat a package with 1/4 - 1/3 cup pasta sauce that's 45 calories per 1/2 cup serving. I add 1 tbsp of parm and have a filling lunch for about 44 calories. I also found at a local co-op "House Food's Tofu Spaghetti" which is shirataki and tofu. They are better and a bit more pasta-like than miracle noodles and 20…
  • I have dieted hard and lost 100+ pounds and gained it all back multiple times - more times than I can easily remember. My first serious diet was my freshman or sophomore year in high school. I had become a pro at dieting. In fact dieting and losing weight was the easy part - keeping it off was seemingly impossible. I had…
  • Truer words have yet to be spoken.
  • This is your problem - assuming you are accurately measuring/weighing/logging. These "goals" need to be adjusted. Laws of thermodynamics. If you input less energy than you output, you must draw from your energy reserves - your body fat. No way around it. Eat less, exercise, or both. The 15 minutes of walking isn't even…
  • That's it, I'm going out and eating all these things. Thanks, guys..
  • Austin, TX but moving back home to Sacramento, California this summer.
  • Well that's great for you, but OP isn't having the same success so apparently something about her physiology is different and she needs a different strategy. I agree that's a possibility and referenced it in my original comment. I mean, if you choose carefully you can eat a large volume of food for 1,500 calories. I takes…
  • I'm about 5'9" and 145 lbs. at the moment. BMR calculators put me at about ~1,600 calories and with my lightly active lifestyle a TDEE of around 1800 calories. With my actual weight loss based on how many calories I'm currently consuming, I'd estimate my TDEE at around 1,600 calories in actuality. I am not recommending or…
  • The thing here is, and I don't necessarily disagree with you, she's trying (tried?) 1,500 calories and apparently her weight is still increasing for some reason. As far as I see it, she simply has two options - reduce calories further or increase calorie consumption through exercise. This is assuming she's tracking her…
  • I don't know - this all seems too complicated. I'm no nutrition expert, but have decades of real-life personal experience with losing and gaining weight, and personally, I'd find it strange to eat 1,700 calories a day (even 1,500) and still expect to lose weight. It's just seems like a lot of food when I'm in diet mode.…
  • That doesn't sound like 7,000 calories, and certainly not 7,000 calories above your TDEE. I'm guessing most of that 2 lb. bump is sodium-induced water retention/weight.