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  • Yes, it is possible to lose weight by adjusting your eating habits and not counting. "Healthy" food is a relative term and not the best way to look at things. There is nothing inherently wrong with a cheeseburger, fries, or cookies. Eating too much of anything can have adverse effects. The bigger question is whether you…
  • Kinda depends on what the point of your plan is. Generally speaking, there isn't going to be a noticeable difference between 10g's +/- on your macros or 50cals over your budget, but say for the sake of argument you are trying to go ketogenic, those 10g's may be enough to put you outside of it. Everything is personal.
  • Leave x number of calories available either by not eating them earlier or exercising for them. No trick needed.
  • I wouldn't put almonds in the low calorie category, or any nut for that matter. But as was mentioned, depends on your definition.
  • I'm sure it was a woopsy mistype...18:6 is an 18hr fast and a 6 hour window.
  • IF isn't a magical window of free eating. It is simply a way to control intake. You still need to be in a deficit to lose, equal to maintain, and surplus to gain. If counting cals is how you achieve that, then continue to do so.
  • Nutrition facts on the label (use the grams or oz, usually in parenthesis). Then you add up all the ingredients' calories. Done and done. Some people find it easier to work backwords like: "I have 2000 cals for the day, I want 2 eggs so how much is that? 180cals (random number based on variety of egg sizes, use what the…
  • As a former large person, I wish that I had paid more attention macros before starting weight loss. You can lose weight with any breakdown, as mentioned above, but you need to be mindful of where that weightloss is coming from. Having a higher % of your intake be protein will help you retain the most amount of muscle…
  • Piggybacking off the rest of these posts about healthy meals calorie counts. Article that talks about "same meal, different portions" here.
  • Your body is chemistry set. Chemistry is a science. Science is exact. If you want to go on feelings or estimation, then you can't reasonably expect a reliable outcome. Also, plenty of working moms find the time to measure so that is not an excuse. You are choosing not to, which is fine, but again you can't expect reliable…
  • You are trying to so solve an equation without knowing the isn't going to go well. Don't guess, don't estimate. Weigh/measure. You are measuring yourself to determine if you got results. Why would you not measure your food in order to guarantee results?
  • App is telling you to eat more nutrient dense food because you aren't eating enough food. 1500 is the lowest amount a male should consume and 1200 for female. It won't kill you immediately if you go below it, but your body will begin eating away at things you want to keep. Eat more food, and you'll be fine.
  • Greatly depends on macro breakdowns you are going for, but an easy thing to adapt to different flavor profiles is chicken/rice/veg. Chicken, white rice, broccoli and some sriracha and soy and you have "asian". Chicken, brown rice, and peppers with some tabasco and you have "mexican". Chicken, rice, onion/pepper, peanut…
  • Eat back any calories burned. Protein helps retain/build new muscle so that should be prioritized. 80-90g is enough for a 108lb person, but you could go a little higher if you want to. Strength training with a progressive overload plan. Basically, you got it all already, now you just gotta do it.
  • Whole bunch of thread derailing here... Stick to .8g/lb of LBM or more to maintain as much muscle as you can via diet. No harm in increasing that protein intake higher. It does not cause kidney failure. Certainly can have success at different numbers, but that is pretty much the standard recommendation for any body…
  • If you can weigh it, you should weigh it. Cups/eyeballs are estimates. Grams/oz are not.
  • Plants make oxygen. Animals make co2. We breathe oxygen. co2 kills you. Eating plants reduces oxygen. Eating animals reduces co2. Save the planet, eat animals.
  • Easiest way- meal prep the same meals for the entire week and use protein powder where necessary. Best way- meal prep a menu that hits all of your goals and has a variety of foods in it. Not gonna work way- eat random stuff and log after in the hopes it all works out ok.
  • Lots of information on the topic available out there. Basically it'll come down to this: Eat at a surplus and lift weights. Eat at about 250 calories over maintenance. This will "gain you .5 lb/wk". Note that weight fluctuations happen so the graph won't be a straight line. Do a progressively overloaded weight training…
  • I hate mornings, my wife loves them. My morning workouts are *kitten*, hers are amazing. I go to bed at midnight, she goes to bed at 9. There may be some correlation/causation there, but I refuse to see it.
  • Personal #1 tip in the history of tips... Meal prep. I cook/plan out my entire week over the weekend. Hit my target calories (and protein because thats what I'm shooting for) and I'm set. Weigh everything, cook everything, divvy everything, freeze almost everything. Microwave and serve. Delicious? Not so much, but I hit my…
  • You are allowed to be frustrated, but you aren't allowed to impose your desired diet/routine on anyone else. It is a solo journey. Hopefully, after a while of seeing you do better, they will be more inclined to join in. Until then, you do you.
  • Your math doesn't take into account fillers, or the fact that the "449" are approximations themselves. Don't blame MFP.
  • meat, lots of it.
  • Everyone who breathes dies. Therefore, I submit that everyone should stop breathing.
  • Most likely none...unless you are putting back a 6pack a day. Not much wrong with a reasonable dose of caffeine.
  • Chances of you being on the nose about your bmr and the deficit needed off the bat are extremely low. Use MFP as a guide and track for a month or more. If you are honest and accurate and the numbers don't do what the numbers say they should, then adjust them as needed. For easy math... 2000cal a day maintenance. To lose…
  • I'm guessing since you made mention of BG there is a reason for eating what you do, so won't comment on that. How much you are eating, however, is too low as you yourself mentioned. Simple analogy to what you are doing: you are asking your car to drive across the country without putting in enough gas to do so. Your body…
  • MFP has settings to try and take into account your "And lot of walking from running errands and daily stuff." From what I've read in the thread, you are using the site incorrectly. Looks like you are trying to fudge numbers to match an unrealistic/unhealthy goal. Can't really say what is off without more info, but can say…
  • It isn't a bar, it is a shake, but Premier Protein's standard chocolate shake is good. 30g protein, 160 calories. I can understand if you actually want to eat a bar instead though. Drinking my calories doesn't make me feel the same as eating them. Body doesn't care, mind does.