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  • I have it. As above, take the other measurements with a pinch of salt but I like that it syncs to the app. I weigh daily as it helps me get over the shock of an increase :) They also do a smart tape measure which looks interesting !
  • Before jumping to medication or supplements, do some research on sleep hygiene :) it's anything from caffeine to room temperature to timing of exercise that can all impact your sleep onset, amount or structure.
  • I'm in Devon. Diary is open. I am vegan but ideas would easily apply eg you'd see the meal was fajitas and you could do a vegan or meat version :p
  • I agree, I think your method of calorie reduction should go with your natural tendency. So for me, I like to eat regularly. So I split up my calories, watch my portions etc. My husband tends towards IF, in that he doesn't often eat breakfast or even lunch but then eats LOADS towards the end of the day. If he wanted to lose…
  • My youngest is nearly 2 but with bf/clingy babies/pandemic, I am just losing my baby weight X 2 now :)
  • Hey, I have a 4yo and nearly 2yo. Tiring times eh ! 😂
  • I went to add you but we are already friends, doh ! 😂
  • That's not an error, just how MFP works. My vague understanding is that calorie burn for strength training can be quite hard to estimate as it's not 'steady state' - it goes up when you lift then down between sets etc. Irritating but you can either log it in cardio, or just think of it as a different benefit rather than a…
  • Maybe you could have a fitness goal? Being able to say 'losing weight has enabled me to walk all the way up that hill for the amazing view' or 'keep up with my friends at a theme park' or something might be more inspiring than just losing a number to be a smaller number.
  • Vegan family and open diary. I haven't logged much this week as I've been on holiday but will be back to it tomorrow. I'm in the UK if that makes a difference :)
  • We have dinner pretty early (5pm) due to the kids so for me I WANT treats but I am also sometimes hungry too. My current fave is a sliced banana briefly microwaved and then mixed with cocoa powder or hot chocolate powder. It looks absolutely repulsive but is quite filling and tastes like a warm brownie or something.
  • Hi Deborah ! We have the same target weight but I am about half a stone above you at the moment.
  • Well done! I completely agree - I lost about 30lb or so before but I was at university with not many lectures, I could focus on meals just for me, gym time and walking everywhere. Now 10 years on it's a lot harder balancing it all with 2 kids ! But I'll get there.
  • Hey - I also used MFP a few years ago but stopped. I am 29, 5'6, SW 199 and UGW 140-150 I think? Like you I have other goals along the way :) My first one is to get to the 'overweight' category not 'obese' - I have about 7lb to go to this!
  • Great gains :D
  • your BMI is 18.9 so you're towards the bottom end of it anyway - maybe focusing on an exercise routine and maintenance calories rather than weight loss. There is a message board for maintenance so maybe post on there ? :)
  • It really varies. I would say that I found it extremely difficult to eat 'healthily' and do regular exercise until my children slept better at night, and for them that was past 18 months. I am down to one feed a day with my 22m old and have only been able to commit to this lifestyle change recently.
  • I'm in Devon, got 3 stone to lose, i am 6lb in.
  • Pretty sure my toddler is on this. She LOVES weetabix 😂 'bix! More!'
  • Be able to get my wedding ring off ! It's comfy but I can't take it past my knuckle! When I can do that, I'll be happy to put my engagement ring back on again too - I didn't want to get them both stuck!
  • I just do main ingredients and then leave a bit of calories at the end of the day for 'things I didn't count' It's vague but logging for me (at the moment) is making me more accountable and making me THINK about what I eat and portion sizes. So I don't have to be bang on. When I get nearer my goal/if loss slows then I can…
  • My 30th birthday at the end of June. I won't be at target but I'd like to be lighter and healthier and fit better in my clothes. 5lb down so far so hopefully a few more by then.
  • I don't do them often but I quite like to make them thick and eat them from a bowl. Slows me down a bit. Like a cold berry soup ?
  • I'm vegan, diary is open :) I don't add all my spices etc in but you'd get the gist of my meals anyway !
  • I read the whole thread with glee then converted a gallon to litres (in the UK we like to dabble in ml, fl oz, pints etc as we feel) 4 AND A HALF LITRES OF WATER?! I reckon I drink 2-3 litres and I already pee about once an hour. I wouldn't have time in the day to pee any more! :D General advice here is 2 litres.
  • I would maybe look at a variety of entries for beef stew, steak stew etc and try to work it out from there.
  • /I had my second Pfizer on Sunday and had no loss on Monday (weigh in day) but that may be unrelated. I had a 11 week gap as dictated in the UK. Side effects were just sore arm and a bit tired. Also to pick up on an earlier mention, I have a few friends who had an early period/breakthrough bleeding after their vaccine.…
  • I'm in Devon. Family of vegans surrounded by chicken and dairy farms ! :D