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  • The women's book - Lyle McDonald
  • On average I eat around 1800kcal. Some days lower, some days higher. If you are a volume eater, more nutrient dense food (various sources of protein, fibrous vegetables and fruit) can be eaten for less calories. If you are a palate eater, meaning t…
  • No and no to both questions. Keto is just restricting carbs low enough to produce ketones. That's it. You don't need to test and you don't need to check if you're in ketosis. Focus on protein, don't gorge on fat, and eat low carb fruit and vegetable…
  • Intermittent fasting is just a time eating tool used to restrict calories. Bingeing during an eating window negates any positive attributes that intermittent fasting has. You can't ever get away from calories determining fat gain/loss/equilibrium. …
  • Diet and health are relatively the same as it is in recovery: one day at a time. Manage your stress and recognize your triggers. Don't set lofty goals. Start off with something specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based (SMART). Such…
  • Perhaps your plan A needs to be revised. To clarify, it's very easy to set objective goals on paper: hit calories, hit protein, hit fiber, hit activity, etc. However, in practice, it does not take deviation (like life) into account. If we were robot…
  • Things to know about keto: Ketosis is not necessary for fat loss. It's still a calorie controlled diet. Protein will always be the primary macro to focus on in any diet, more so on keto. Don't fall for simple phrases such as fruit causing obesit…
  • Cat 3 dieters just need to increase calories to maintenance. Protein is more or less constant (~1g/lbm in maintenance), and carbs/fat are where you would like them to be, though increasing them as already stated would be more beneficial than increas…
  • If you have no medical reason to check for ketones, then you don't need to worry if you're in ketosis. You just need to be sure you are consistently in a caloric deficit. You've lost 25 lbs, so congrats, but that would also mean your deficit may nee…
  • Don't get myopic on calories burned that your fitbit gives you. It's not going to be accurate, but as everyone stated, you will burn less at a lower body weight, that's just the way the body works. Do note that you are burning calories, but exactly …
  • Maybe not refeed/diet break related, but I think I've achieved a Lyle outlook on the whole arena of diet and fat loss, in general.
  • Supplementing creatine and CoQ10 wouldn't generally cause any water fluctuations at those dosages, which leads to what is likely with you. Fluid fluctuation. If you've caused muscle tissue injury to the point of pain for several days, your body will…
  • Water itself is important regardless of fat loss or otherwise. Just drink enough of it. One of the fundamentally important things for fat loss is a calorie deficit.