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  • The digestive system and metabolism isn't an attribute of gender. It varies from person to person. If you're trying to figure out what works best for you, just listen to your body. If you're feeling nauseous or drained during or after working out on an empty stomach, try eating something and gage your body's reaction.
  • I've had to change doctors because my doctor always liked to attribute my health concerns to my weight, even if they weren't related. Despite my body fat I'm fit af. I can climb mountains, I can hike a canoe through a forest and paddle for hours- and I do all those things! . So yeah lady, thanks for your *kitten* diagnoses…
  • Queer lady here! Always down to support fellow LGBT+ friends in their goals!
  • I think I still am the fat kid haha. I've genetically got a bigger build (I'm tall, wide hips, sturdy frame etc etc) so even since I was a kid I was always just larger than everyone else. Not necessarily fatter but bigger for sure. All the bullying and self-esteem issues probably contributed to weight gain in additional…
  • Yaas hello people. This place feels way too serious sometimes. Adding you guys to lighten things up a bit
  • Fellow salt addict here... The way I justify my sodium intake is simply drinking enough water to offset it. If you're eating a lot of salt, fine, just be mindful to drink plenty of water to compensate! :)
  • I love them in eggs, pasta, or tossed into a bowl of ramen or soup! You can even add it to your Mac and cheese to make it a bit more nutritious! It holds up fairly well to heat, so be adventurous!
  • I've salvaged a couple cast irons from the thrift store and they've been fantastic! Thrifting them is also a great lesson in learning proper maintenance, and gives new life to basically a potentially better product! It's worth the extra bit of time and effort!
  • I go to the Bulk Barn and buy the Chocolate Whey Protein Isolate! It's very tasty and has good macros. They also have vanilla and hemp protein there. If you're new to the powder world it might also be a good place to start, as you can try different kinds in small amounts without dropping $40-60 on a type you might hate!
  • Do you eat crackers? I like toasting them up then having goat cheese and bruschetta as a light but fancy-feeling meal! Also making foil-pack campfire popcorn is fun and tasty (look up a tutorial online). You could also make a filling hash with grated sweet potatoes, onion, red pepper, and eggs all in a pan or skillet. You…
  • Honestly cereal is so fortified the ratio of calories to nutritive qualities makes it worth having 2+ servings in one sitting. Even having 2 servings at once isn't that many calories IMO. Totally worth it. Cereal forever!
  • As lame as it may sound, I buy the Chocolate Whey Protein Islate from the Bulk Barn. It actually tastes delicious and is a lot less expensive than many other brands because bulk! Per 3tbsp serving (35g): Calories: 116, Protein: 25g, Carbs: 3g, Fat: <1g
  • I'm in the same boat as you! Whenever I wake up (where it's 7am or noon) I usually just sip on two coffees, then eventually make myself some brunch. Yes, brunch every day! Getting into that routine, whether intentional or not, has helped me stay away from overeating! If I'm only eating in a 6 or 8 hour window of time every…
  • Depending on how much dairy your body can tolerate, certain cheeses like feta are a lot less hard on your system than soft cheeses like cheddar etc.. Also I've read that sheep and camel milk are better for people with dairy intolerances. Camel milk is actually the closest milk to human breast milk... Now you know!
  • Awesome thread! This is an underdiscussed topic in my opinion! I live in Southern Ontario, and I live alone but feed my boyfriend on weekends. I spend on average about $60 a week on good-quality groceries (yes to fancy cheese, no to ramen!), which typically consists of fresh produce/dairy, and meat. I cook every meal for…
  • I usually go for a big serving of fruit. It feels like a treat and is filling. If you want something more substantial still with lower calories, try unsweetened yogurt with fruit, chia seeds, and granola! It'll fill you right up!
  • I drink 2 cups of coffee, one right after the other, every morning when I wake up. I'm not a super intense intermittent faster, but I find taking the time to drink two hot drinks kind of tides me over for a couple hours after waking up so I'm not overeating throughout my day. It lets me time my meals nicely. Also, a super…
  • If you drink very cold water your body has to work harder (ie slight calorie burn) to warm it to body temp before it can digest it so maybe that's a way it can 'boost your metabolism'.
  • I read somewhere that once a month is "safest" but I eat it about once a week.
  • 800 ish probably? But worth it
  • I love veggie chips (Kale or sweet potato-always hokemade) and I LOVE apple chips. If you're looking for something more substantial/indulgent and less Snacky, I always go for a baked apple/light apple crisp.
  • Make sure you're eating fibrous foods, and a good macro balance. And drinking enough water?
  • Hello! Wild rice ("manoomin" or "the good seed" in the Anishnaabe first nations language) is an AMAZING rice for diabetics. It actually helps regulate insulin levels which makes it kind of a superfood! I would suggest mixing it in with a different rice/grain because of its harder texture. Look for exciting ways to prepare…
  • Zero calories means your food isn't food. It's a concoction of chemicals. And if it's zero calories, then it's probably got a low level of nutrients. So what's the point if not to just fill your belly temporarily? NOURISH your body. Don't fear calories! It's tempting but empty foods are not the way to go for so many reasons
  • If it's sugar free you should look at the ingredients that replace the sugar. Sometimes artificial sweeteners or added chemicals don't agree with people's bodies, almost like an intolerance(it's a buzz word I know but it's true) that could have different effects on different people. It could also be fattier or carbier than…
  • I'm not sure if this will aggravate your back but maybe an elliptical? I know it's low impact on knees for sure so maybe the fact that you're not hitting the ground with each stride can alleviate some stress off your back too? But I agree you should discuss this with a doctor and physiotherapist! They're highly specialized…
  • You can add it as an exercise here! Also keep in mind that the calorie counts are really exaggerated for stuff like that, especially if you've got a self-propelled mower! :) It usually tells me that "gardening" burns twice as much as I think I actually do. Do your research if you're wary!
  • To your point about MFP canceling out your connected app calorie adjustments, it does the same for me when I use Google Fit but add exercises through MFP. BUT it comes back when the app resyncs, you just have to wait a bit. I always thought that was silly but that's how she goes!
  • Yes! I was totally thinking about this today! I think it's totally doable as long as you're working in a hard and diverse way so your body keeps up with your level of fitness from when you were lifting. And as someone who can't afford a gym membership, I'm hoping so hard I can reach my goals using my own bodyweight.