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  • Update 4: Tested 1RMs today and results were 415/335/250 = 1000 lbs total. Used a hook grip on deadlift to avoid stressing my finger.. worked great. Bodyweight is 224, age 52, height 6'-2"- if any of that matters. (Ideally I'd like to have gotten lower on my squat so depth was without question... that'll be a future goal).
  • Thank you. I think "knee's out" is the cue? Any other advice? I did follow some posts above and invested in some better shoes!
  • Hi Chieflrg- would this deep enough for competition? Thank you!
  • Update 3: Tested 1RMs this week and currently stand at 410/330/255 or 995 lbs total. Only 5 lbs to go. Failed my planned 415 lb deadlift due to injured ring finger- actually felt it "pop" on my failed attempt. :disappointed:
  • I think deadlifting once a week for the past few years has been the best thing for my grip strength. Oddly, I can't remember the last time I failed a deadlift PR due to an over/under grip fail.
  • I keep my warmup short and sweet because I can't spare the time. First, I hurry on the way to the gym just to get my heart pumping (change my clothes and hustle around getting ready). If I'm deadlifting my warmup is typically: 135 x 5, 135 x 5, 225 x 5, 275 x 3, 325 x 1, and then my working sets (usually in the 360 range…
  • Update: Tested 1RMs in deadlift/squat/bench and currently stand at 410/295/245 or 950 lbs total. Only 50 lbs to go. Note: my squat went down after I started becoming obsessed with depth (hip crease below knee cap). So, I've been slowly trying to get deeper which lowered my 1RM as a result.
  • I think that's a great choice. My rack was inexpensive like this one and I love it and it's all I ever needed. I don't have a basement but sure love having my rack in the garage so I can let in the fresh air and have my kids playing outside while I lift. Plus, I always have some work in the garage I can slowly advance…
  • I'd agree with you. Bulking never really made any of my 1 rep maximums explode or anything at age 52. After I cut back down I'll probably go with a more steady approach to eating.
  • I bought a pretty cheap low end power rack a year or two ago and even though low end- best purchase I ever made. I can squat, bench, press, chin-up, and all safely in my garage at home. I'm still using my old non-olympic bar and about 300 lbs of non-olympic 25s/10s/5s plates. I've found I can always get a few sets in while…
  • U Update: In the past three weeks my best deadlift, squat, and bench are 405, 305, 235 lbs or 945 lbs total. Only 55 lbs to go! Bodyweight is 225 lbs (fattest I've even been) but seem to be hiding it pretty well because I'm tall (6'-2"). Looking forward to my next cut after hitting 1000.
  • Here's my 2020 bests with goals for 2021 (in kg): Bench - 98 to 🎯113 Deadlift - 170 to 🎯 181 Squat - 134 to 🎯 159 I see the benefit of tracking in kilograms- it makes you feel like a weakling. Now I'm mad to get into the gym and throw more weight on the bar. :D
  • Did everyone reach their Goals for 2020? I hit my strength peak in May (above) and went through a downward spiral which I'll attribute to new job, life stress, and Covid recovery this month. I haven't been tracking my macros. I know, excuses, excuses. Here's where I'm at with estimated 1RM's: Bench 217, Squat 273, Deadlift…
  • My poorly run, amateur, not-so-sure-I-gained-much-muscle bulk is about to come to an end after months and gaining 40 lbs. I'm fatter than I've ever been and perhaps slightly stronger. Well, it's been fun but I'm back to monitoring my macros more closely and after testing some 1 rep maxes should be back to cutting in the…
  • I was never able to stay motivated on bodybuilder programs. However, once I learned the thrill of 1-rep max type goals in squat, deadlift, and bench I found this exciting and motivational. This also started to encourage me to learn how to eat better too because I soon started hitting walls with my 1RM goals and wanted to…
  • The book Starting Strength, Rippetoe is a great resource when starting out.
  • How's everyone doing on their goals for 2020? I'm hoping Coronavirus hasn't stopped you but understand if you had to make some adjustments. I think I'm about halfway towards the 1000 lb club. I believed myself 123 lbs short at the beginning of the year and I think I'm now only about 60 lbs away. This breaks down to only…
  • I hate my impending cut too.... I like being "big" and knowing my lifts are going up.
  • Best wishes. I'm 50, 6'2" and also weighed 185 fairly recently. Bulking up to hopefully join the 1000 lb club at age 51 this year. I'm a fan of Starting Strength and Barbell Medicine if you are interested in finding a program. The noob gains are the best. I improved my squat and deadlift quickly on the Starting Strength…
  • Fwiw, Arnie and Franco used lots of dumbbells but were both accomplished powerlifters. Arnie's recommended routines always tend to start with a compound lift followed by dumbbells/isolation stuff. They started their careers with a focus on compound barbell lifts. I'm not saying dumbbells aren't good- just that most serious…
  • I like what heybales said and I'll echo it a bit. As an older guy (50) I'm now leery of heavy dumbbell bench pressing. Might be ok if you have a spotter. I'm suspicious that my past routine of heavy dumbbell bench pressing (no spotter) is what led to shoulder pain that took me about a year to heal from. It could have been…
  • I'm a fan of Starting Strength and this is pretty much the routine at the start. Keep adding weight to your main compound lifts until you can't anymore- at which time you will have to get more serious about eating, resting, lifting, etc.
  • What a journey... overweight to underweight to jacked. In my experience, putting on any muscle does come at cost of adding a little fat- no big deal. You could trim that off for summer if you want but why not see how strong you can get first? Got any deadlift, squat or press goals?
  • Congratulations. I'm sure you're doing great. I remember when you posted this I thought your goals were a little vague for an expert like yourself- now I understand why! You're 2019 goals seem perfect for someone preparing for a baby. Babies bring some wonderful chaos.
  • How'd everybody do on the 2019 goals? I went backwards a bit. I backed off my heavy squats/deadlifts and went on an extended cut to let my illiac crest/pain heal and I haven't gotten back to the weights I was using routinely back in 2017/2018. My shoulder is completely healed so my bench press is ok. I've also been working…
  • I guess I must be a drastic cutter. I'm 6'-2", age 50, 200 lbs and cut best at 1600 calories per day. I only workout two days per week though and sit at a desk all day. Admittedly, I probably have too many cheat days but found that by shooting for 1600 calories (and not always hitting it) I can lose weight steadily. My…
  • Pick a reputable strength training program and stick to it. I recommend Starting Strength. You'll also have count calories/macros via MFP.
  • You go girl! My jogging stroller was very valuable when my wife and I had little kids. I'd load little kiddos up (with coats and blankets in the winter) and take them jogging. They enjoyed it as much as I did. I'd also take frequent jogs (some kids on bikes) to nearby playgrounds. Several rounds of freeze tag with kids is…
  • I got back on the horse at age 48. The program/book "Starting Strength" got me motivated and within a year I could squat and deadlift more than when I was in my twenties. Going for the 1000 lb club.... might hit it next year at age 51.
  • Is this a measurement taken while flexing? I haven't checked for a decade and don't really train arms anymore but been thinking I'd like to again.. they just need some work and I probably need some motivation.