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  • [/quote] I’m just here to find out what you mean by wierd skin [/quote] 🤣🤣 I have extra stretchy skin, so my knees for instance are permanently wrinkly and I can make faces with them. Thought everyone could pull their skin a couple of inches but it turns out it’s not “normal”. It’s no biggy, just a weird thing!
  • Wow I’ve never come across those! They remind me the baskets you used to get chicken in, in pubs in the 80s 🤣 now that was a weird fad!
  • I got a trainer, I had an active shoulder injury and other old injuries that like the flare up so I thought I’d better get some pro advice. I saw a strength and conditioning PT, and he’s now my weightlifting coach as I got totally hooked!
  • I’m not going to chime in on the environmental side or the moral high ground side (great reading though!), but the cost thing is interesting. In the UK water meters are fairly new (as in, last 10-20 yrs in most places) so we used to pay a flat rate for our water. As a kid we would never have had paper or plastic plates or…
  • just a quick caution re tea tree oil - try it on a little patch of skin first and check you’re okay with it. I tried a weak solution for my eczema and it turns out I’m allergic to it and I erupted in pus-filled blisters 😳
  • Taking a slightly different tack, if you’re at uni in the UK, see if they offer free self defence classes. I’m not suggesting you ignore your gut instinct but it could help you to feel more confident when you do have to go out and about (I used to teach teenage girls self defence as a martial arts instructor). Again, I’m…
  • Mine is v minor at the mo but stupidly painful - torn callus! Minor in the scheme of things but wow, when you cut onions for tea and get that acid on raw part 😢😢
  • Which country are you in? What are you using them for? (Ie do you need metal powerlifting plates, rubber weightlifting ones, fractionals or the big ‘uns?)
  • There was one from 2013 the other day - I can’t even get the normal search function to work - how do people find these things?!
  • KG is the standard unit now, but if you’re old enough you still think in stones and pounds, or ounces for cooking. I weigh all food in grams for MFP but still bake using ounces as it’s how I was taught 🤣
  • Ahhh the infamous garlic 😀 yes I discovered it about two years ago when putting together a recipe for bolognaise, and wondered why my meal was so high in calories! Haven’t seen it since, I miss that garlic.
  • I only use premium to get rid of the ads - slow connection made loading anything very slow or even impossible. Getting rid of the annoying flashing ads means I can use the database 🤷‍♂️
  • Uh - please start eating more! I understand the fear of regaining but your body is now telling you need more. On a superficial level, not eating enough means you don’t have energy, your NEAT lowers as your body tries to conserve energy and you feel rubbish. On a serious level, your body starts to use whatever fuel it can…
  • I hate to be sexist here, but I do see a lot of men focusing on upper body and a lot of women focusing on glutes and lower body. So some may be focusing on bench for the bro-gains, but it could also be that they do their other powerlifts on other days (squat day / deadlift day). Having just been sexist, I do Olympic…
  • Wow I need to wear my reading glasses more. I thought this said “exercises for posers” and thought that sounded interesting! Oops.
  • Cream 🤮🤮🤮 it’s disgusting in any form. And I don’t even like semi skimmed milk as it’s too creamy - have to have skimmed. If I’m ever served trifle or a desert with cream, I pass it to my OH who eats all the cream for me then hands it back 🤣
  • I have always had a protruding lower belly. With good posture I have abs, when I’m slumping or bracing for a lift and pushing my belly out, I look like I’ve eaten a football 🤷‍♂️
  • Okay that’s helpful, thanks. (I’m not a doctor but I exercise a lot and I have asthma, so my answer comes from personal experience.) I do weightlifting and if I go straight into weights, particularly breathing deeply and bracing, I will wheeze like a pair of bellows. So I do some gentle cardio to warm up (not much, it only…
  • In a regular gym I totally understand why it’s annoying. But this is part of Olympic lifts. In an ideal world you have enough energy and strength left after a heavy jerk or snatch to drop the bar to your legs, catch it and lower it down. But that takes serious amounts of energy and no one can do that with their 1RM. We…
  • Do you know what type of asthma you have I.e. allergic or exercise induced? That will help to make recommendations!
  • I love Ryvita 😳 okay usually smothered in butter or cream cheese but come on, they’re crunchy and yummy! 🤣
  • Being as healthy and strong as possible to cope with your thyroid cancer is important, and weight loss to a “healthy” weight can indeed be part of that. Steady weight loss is important as it won’t overtax your body and your immune system. Fast weight loss can lead to things like hair loss, depleted energy, lowered immune…
  • So the first question everyone will ask you is whether you’re using a food scale. If not, your calorie intake could be really out. And at your height if you’re not losing weight then it’s unlikely you’re only eating 1600-1800. Get a good scale, record every single morsel of food and drink which passes your lips and see how…
  • I do drink frequently but fairly low volume i.e I usually drink on three nights of the week but stop at one glass of wine or two single gins. Any more than that then I get drunk (no tolerance) and even though it might wear off quickly, it then affects my sleep. On the very rare occasion I drink heavily (for me that’s 4…
  • Yes they’re the ones I like! The metal spring collars are actually better / stronger but good grief they can be a nightmare to get off. Nothing worse than deadlifting 100kg then struggling for 5 mins to get the blasted collars off whilst my friends kill themselves laughing.
  • People that walk over the platform I’m on when I’m about to clean or snatch. Had a guy walk into the bar when I stood with it on my shoulders and knock me flying (I’m quite small). Didn’t think he was looking and I couldn’t actually go anywhere so I just stood still and he still walked into the bar. People that hog the…
  • Okay I just have to come out and say it: coriander (cilantro) is VILE!! But only because I’m allergic to it so it tries to kill me. Otherwise I’d happily scoff it 🤷‍♂️
  • 🤣🤣 @mph323 what did you say about kale to offend someone?!
  • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head @sijomial. People often say metabolism when they actually mean TDEE - maybe we need a thread on the different phrases to help people? There’s so much rubbish out there about slowing metabolisms / thyroid issues / “nothing I can do” and it’s not fair on people who want to make a…
  • Ahh sorry - I work for a university and logged in via work! It was widely reported in the media but obvs not the full study.